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Sunday, June 25, 2017

Gemtech Integra 5.56 upper

MAC runs this integrally suppressed upper. This came out as Gemtech's answer to SURG project from USSOCOM

From: Military Arms Channel

Steyr Scout Rifle

Ian goes over the brainchild of Jeff Cooper's concepts on a Scout rifle

The second video deals with Ching sling

From: Forgotten Weapons

Arisaka Optic Leveler Kit

MrGunsnGear shows how to use this kit to check how level your scope mount is.

It may not be as precise as using a level but it should work really well for the most part.

Form: MrGunsnGear

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Model SS41 anti-tank rifle

This anti-tank rifle was made by Czechs under Nazi occupation, then used by SS

From: Forgotten Weapons

Ruger 5-shot SP101 Match Champion

Ruger released SP101 using a full-lug barrel, chamfered cylinder, polished and optimized internals with centering shims on the trigger and hammer.

It shoots .357 magnum

MSRP $859

LAPD bans Serpa holster

Soldier Systesms Daily is reporting that LAPD banned Serpa holster. Considering the LAPD's size and position in the LE field, this is a severe implication. This decision is supposedly regarding off-duty CCW carry. The on duty holster is Safariland.

From: Soldier Systems Daily

Friday, June 23, 2017

Frank Proctor on Stability

Frank Proctor talks about how to get stability when you shoot.

From: Trigger Time TV

French HK 416F training

French Army posted this video of soldiers getting familiar with the new HK 416F.

You can see blank firing adapter in the beginning

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Colt Pythons

Chris Bartocci goes over this famous revolver.

From: Chris Bartocci


Master Ken shows an excercise routine shooters can do to improve body

From: Enter The Dojo Show

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

VEPR banned from importation

The Firearm Blog is reporting that in the most recent updated sanction list included VEPR's maker Molot-Oruzhie. The sanction was instituted since Russian-Ukranian conflict and Kalashnikov Concern was one of companies that were originally on the list as well.

A few months ago AK-OU 47-74's Robski made this humorous video.

From: The Firearm Blog

NRA Carry Guard course banning 1911s and revolvers?

In last few days, there were a lot of talk about NRA banning 1911s and revolvers from Carry Guard course. looked at the issue and the issue seems to revolve around uniformity.

The course is asking the students to bring Glock-type guns or DA/SA handguns. This could be for various reasons, but uniformity doesn't seem to be too far from it.

What is also interesting is the content of the class.

The class is $850 for 3 days, which is not too far from some instructions available from other recognized instructors.

The content

Includes: Safety and Weapons Awareness; Pistol Ready Positions; Fundamentals (stance, grip, holster draw, sight alignment, trigger press, recoil management, follow through, economy of motion, self-critique); Treating a Malfunction; Live Fire Progression Drills; Combat and Tactical Reloads; Drawing from a Holster; Low Light/No Light Shooting; Combat Reload while holding a Light; Key Components to Carrying a Concealed Weapon; Carry Location Options (i.e. waist, ankle, purse, etc.); Real World Scenario Based Training (Airsoft scenarios) 

The course seems to include some topics that are generally not offered in one package such as using hand-held light. Furthermore, there will be a force-on-force as well. This is a part of training that is really hard to find for a lot of people. IT is also difficult to set one up.

Overall, the course seems to be geared towards teaching some variety of basic skills and uniformity was imposed. At the bottom of the description,

We will not allow revolvers or 1911s as your primary firearm in this class.
You should bring a secondary firearm that you carry concealed, as well as a holster for such. We will run the course with a primary carry weapon and then run a course of fire with a secondary or back-up gun to evaluate the differences. Please bring at least 40 rounds of ammo appropriate for your carry firearm for this portion of the class. Revolvers, 1911s and/or subcompacts can be used for this portion of the class.

So primary firearm will be limited, but there is not for the secondary firearm.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Chris Bartocci on MK12

Chris bartocci goes over what went in to SPR rifles.

From: Chris Bartocci

S&W M&P 2.0

MrGunsnGear goes over this gun. He goes over some minute changes that improved from the first version.

From: MrGunsnGear

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Vickers Guide AR-15 Vol. 2

The pre-order for Vickers Guide AR-15 is now up.

The books has 352 pages and features M4 carbines and its variants since M4's adoption.

Standard  - $95
Signature - $125
Limited - $250

Top 5 Combat Shotguns

Eric and Chad goes over their choice for combat shotguns. The video is good and a lot of good information is in the video for beginners

From: Iraqveteran8888

Friday, June 16, 2017

Soviet AC, ACM series

More videos were uploaded by Kalashinikov Museum, this time about AC series

You can see the mechamnism that lead to AN-94

First Rifle World Shoot results

The First Rifle Shoot was held in Russia with 30 stages

Winners from each of categories were

Junior - Andrei Kalinlin
Senior - JoJo Vidanes
Super Senior - Jerry Miculek
Lady - Lena Miculek

You can also see photos from

Nikon Black Force 1000 1-4x scope

MrGunsnGear looks at the budget friendly scope that has interesting scope reticle design

From: MrGunsnGear

Thursday, June 15, 2017

AKB-1 and AKB

Kalashnikov Museum and Exhibition Complex of Small Arms shows rifles that competed in the AN-94 trials.

You can read more from the Firearm Blog

From: Kalashnikov Museum and Exhibition Complex of Small Arms via TFB

Warner Infallible

This pistol was made around 1920s.

From: Forgotten Weapons

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Florida reforms 'stand your ground law'

Florida Governor Rick Scott signed SB 128 which shifts burden of proof from the accused to the prosecutor. The change is in effect immediately


Before and end of war Arisaka comparison

The Firearm Blog has a comparison of Arisaka rifles built before the war and near the end. You can see some stark differences just like German rifles

From: The Firearm Blog

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Olympic changes shooting events for 2020

International Olympic Committee decided to replace 3 events with 3 new ones in shooting for 2020 Tokyo Olympic

Dropped: Men's 50m Rifle Prone, Men's 50m Pistol, Men's Double Trap

Added: Trap Mixed Gender Team, 10m Air Rifle Mixed Gender Team, 10m Air Pistol Mixed Gender Team

The move is to make the game attractive for younger, urban, and female audience.

The total number of competitive shoots also got shrunk from 390 in Rio to 360

50m Pistol was part of Olympic games since 1896, 50m Rifle Prone since 1912, while Men's Double Trap started in 1996


X Products .308 Multi Use Launcher

X Products made the fun can launcher, now you can add more power.

X Products released .308 Multi Use Launcher that fits with any .308 lowers.

MSRP is $499.95

From: X Products

Monday, June 12, 2017

Importance of commercial market for guns

US Military is currently pursuing various small arms programs with great enthusiasm, and there is a common element in all the programs. Most, if not all, programs are looking for something that can be found in commercial market, COTS(Commercial Off The Shelf) items as they are referred as.

Some parts of the program involve the military working on specific things, but overall, the Department of Defense is soliciting what firearm industry can provide.

Looking for a new caliber? Try using wildcat rounds available in commercial market and see if it can be adjusted to fit the need.

Looking for an upgrade? Take a look at commercially available upgrade parts and see if they can be fit to the need. It can be an AR upper setup, accessory, or something else.

Compare that to some nations's loss of small arms manufacturing capability.

  • France is now adopting H&K 416 as their national arsenal has been closed for many years.
  • Spain has no decent firearms manufacturing company
  • United Kingdom sold off it's big manufacturers and can't expect to have a domestic manufacturer any time soon.

All these are result of downsizing. A factory cannot run unless there is a cashflow available. Large government contracts are great, but when that runs out, it becomes difficult for a company to survive.

Luckily, in US, there is a big commercial market which can help with improving designs and come up with new ideas. Magpul, BCM are some of many examples of companies that pushed the innovation leading to better issued rifles. This is possible because there is a commercial market which can sustain the innovation.

The drive for money from the commercial market keeps a lot of companies float, and that in turn gives more options for government purchasing.

Government can show which directions things can change, but there is need for commercial market to support it. Manufacturers can see what the market wants and use the data and feedback from the market. In a sense, market becomes the largest tester. If something survives in a commercial market, it has better chance of providing better value for the government as well.

FN FNX Series

LAV goes over FNX series. There are some tips about using DA and SA.

6:25 how to place thumb if you shoot like a 1911
8:07 DA/SA transition drill

From: Vickers Tactical

Rogak P18

This pistol seems to be a really poor copy of Steyr GB that lost Austrian military contract to Glock.

From: Forgotten Weapons

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Glock 19 mud test

Ian and Karl decided to do their mud test with Glock 19

From: InRangeTV

CMMG Mk3 6.5 Creedmoor

Iraqveteran8888 looks at the new rifle from CMMG. One thing that really stands out is that SMMG doesn't shy from trying different combinations.

From: Iraqveteran8888

Surefire Backup MaxVision EDC light

MrGunsnGear looks at the new EDC light from SureFire

From: MrGunsnGear

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Friday, June 9, 2017

Haley Strategic WML and WMLX

Travis Haley worked with Inforce to come up with weapon light that is tailored to his taste.

From: Haley Strategic

Ruger Mk 4 recall

Ruger is recalling the new Mark IV .22 lr pistol manufactured prior to June 1st, 2017.

The problem the pistol has is

the potential to discharge unintentionally if the safety is not utilized correctly. In particular, if the trigger is pulled while the safety lever is midway between the "safe" and "fire" positions (that is, the safety is not fully engaged or fully disengaged), then the pistol may not fire when the trigger is pulled. However, if the trigger is released and the safety lever is then moved from the mid position to the "fire" position, the pistol may fire at that time.

The affected pistols are
models bearing serial numbers beginning with "401" (2017 models) or "WBR" (2016 models).

You can read more from their website linked above.

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Winchester Lever Action Development

Ian goes over how the lever action guns were developed in Winchester, starting with 1860 Henry

Winchester Model 1866

From: Forgotten Weapons


Hickok45 looks at the new subcompact from H&K

From: Hickok45

New M80A1 ammunition

US Army developed an improved version of the 7.62mm round that can penetrate body armors at certain distances.

From: Soldier Systems Daily

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Cooking bacon with suppressor

Chief Warrant Officer Christian P. Wade continues with his series, this time, cooking bacon with suppressor

From: Marines

Trijicon RMR Type 2

Trijicon RMR Type 2 is now available

Improvements made are,

  • better battery contacts
  • button lockout mode
  • battery conservation mode(turns off after 16.5 hours of inactivity)
  • 8 settings including 2 night vision and one super bright settings

It uses 3.5 MOA dot.

MSRP is $708

From: Trijicon

GAO drops Glock's MHS protest

Glock files protest over M17 Modular Handgun System decision. Government Accoutability Office officially denied the protest.

There will be no foreseeable legal hurdles for SIG to manufacture the M17

You can read more from:

From: Soldier Systems Daily

Monday, June 5, 2017

C-clamp and Sling wrap C-clamp

Frank Proctor shows how to use C-clamp and using slings to make it even more sturdy

From: TriggerTime TV

Why German Double Date Stamps existed

Ian goes over why some German guns from earlier part of 20th century has double date stamps. It's a nice historical lesson

From: Forgotten Weapons

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Shooting Under Canopy

Is SilencerCo giving some ideas for next 3-Gun match?

From: SilencerCo

M3A1 Grease Gun

Iraqveteran8888 goes over this classic SMG.

Unlike M3, there were some cost cutting measures such as cahrging handle getting replaced by the finger hole on bolt.

From: Iraqveteran8888

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Mike Pannone's sight selection

Mike Pannone goes over why he prefers fiber optic sights instead of tritium sights

From: SureFire

Olympic Arms OA-98 AR Pistol

This pistol was probably one of the first AR pistols commercially available but the Assault Weapon Ban of 1994 made things more difficult.

From: Forgotten Weapons

Glock 19M photos

A reader of Soldier Systems Daily sent in photos of his Glock 19M including inside, which is same as Glock 17M

From: Soldier Systems Daily

Friday, June 2, 2017

TGO on Competition vs Tactical

TGO - "The Great One", Rob Leatham talks about competition vs tactical shooters.

Many years ago Rob Leatham taught pistol shooting to many special forces. During that time there were discussion regarding the same topic. The chasm between competition and tactical shooters have been narrower but is still there. Hopefully it will get smaller.

From: Funker Tactical

Shooting a fidget spinner

Kirsten Joy Weiss shoots a fidget spinner, not to kill it but to start it.

From: Kirsten Joy Weiss

Thursday, June 1, 2017

SuppressED: The Audiologist

SilencerCo posted an educational video regarding hearing loss and how to reduce the chances.

From: SilencerCo

DPMS Oracle A3

MrGunsnGear looks at the budget oriented AR. He goes over some points a buyer should be think about.

From: MrGunsnGear

Aaron Barruga on shooting fast

Aaron Barruga shares his wisdom on how fast shooting is not the end-all be-all

From: Soldier Systems Daily

Lithgow Arms USA ATRAX pre-order starts

Lithgow Arms USA opened up the pre-order for ATRAX/F90 rifle

This is the updated Steyr AUG that Australian forces are using. However, the company has not shown the price.

From: Lithgow ARms via The Firearm Blog

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Modello 1928 Tromboncino Grenade Launcher

Italians came up with some interesting configuration to shoot grenades from a rifle.

From: Forgotten Weapons

Team MultiCam: Kyle Defoor

Team MultiCam is making a video series and this time they did one for Kyle Defoor.

To take Kyle Defoor's class go to his website. All 2017 civilian classes are sold out right now, though

From: Team MultiCam

Daniel Defense recall

Daniel Defense is recalling some firearms made between April 1, 2016 and March 3, 2017

Users should check if their guns fall under the recall by checking with their serial number in the provided website.

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Grand Power P1 Mk12

MAC decided to do a shooting video of this compact pistol. He ran into several shortcomings.

From: Military Arms Channel

Kalashnikov AK modernization/upgrade kit

Kalashnikov Concern discussed their modernization kit

From: Kalashnikov Concern

Monday, May 29, 2017

Kyle Defoor Team MultiCam Profile

Kyle Defoor shares his experience and thought on being a shooter.

From: Team MultiCam

Sunday, May 28, 2017

SilencerCo Radius Rail Mounted Rangefinder

MrGunsnGear looks at this rangefinder.

From: MrGunsnGear

US Small Arms Renaissance

Soldier Systems Daily posted their opinion on all the recent developments in adopting new cartridge for the military.

While it doesn't immediately look like it will benefit average people, big changes such as this will ultimately influence civilian market as well. There are a lot of interesting things available right now so it would be wise to consider improvements that can be made

From: Soldier Systems Daily

Saturday, May 27, 2017

DA/SA trigger tip

LAV shares his tip on how to deal with DA/SA trigger pull

One of things that were taught was to prep the trigger as the gun is drawn when in DA mode. Unfortunately, those who transition to non-DA pistols end up having some issues if they are not up to the task.

From: Vickers Tactical

Webley 1913

Ian goes over British military's sidearm during WW1

From: Forgotten Weapons

Thursday, May 25, 2017

FDE Vickers Glock

Lipsey's and LAV came up with a new set of Glocks in Flat Dark Earth. 2,000 G17s and 3,000 G19s are made.

You can read more from

Streamlight Rail Mount HL-X

MrGunsnGear goes over the new weapon mount light from STreamlight that packs 1000 lumens.

From: MrGunsnGear

Barnes Ammunition recall

Barnes Ammunitio is recalling Barnes 300 Weatherby 180 grain TTSX VOR-TX Ammunition with following Lot Numbers

Z08SA15L, Z08SB15L, Z09SA15L, Z09SB15L, Z11SB15L, Z11SC15L, Z12SA15L, Z12SB15L, Z12SC15L, Z08SA15R, Z08SB15R, Z09SA15R, Z09SB15R, Z11SB15R, Z11SC15R, Z12SA15R, Z12SB15R, Z12SC15R

The recall states that there is a possiblity of different caliber in package.

If you are affected, don't use the ammunition and contact the Barnes Consumer Service Department at (435)856-1115

You can read more from

From: Barnes Ammunition

Wednesday, May 24, 2017


This SMG features rotary recoil system which is unique but practicality wasn't any better than traditional system.

From: Forgotten Weapons

Accidental discharge

MrGunsnGear had his accidental discharge recorded. His trigger seems to have some problems. Skip to 1:47 and you can see the incident. This is another example that it is important to point the gun at the safest direction.

The old saying is that there are two types of people - those who had a ND and those who will. It is not about accusing shooters, but lapse in judgement can lead to NDs.

From: MrGunsnGear

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

New clayshooting record set

Winchester's shooter Raniero Testa set a new record by shooting 13 clays in 1.6 seconds.

You can see from 1:20 mark for the actual moment

From: Winchester International

Schonberger-Laumann pistols

Schonberger-Laumann 1892 pistol is also referred as the first semi auto pistol, but lost the position by a small margin.

From: Forgotten Weapons

Monday, May 22, 2017

.500 Magnum & .458 SOCOM vs. Level IIIa body armor

MrGunsnGear looks at how LEvel IIIa body armor performs against .500 S&W Magnum and .458 SOCOM. This video is for entertainment purpose only. It would be interesting to see if the vest was placed on a torso shaped medium

From: MrGunsnGear

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Suppressor and velocity

USMC Youtube posted video of how suppressors affect bullet

This was to counter the notion that the suppressors would weaken the velocity and range of the round. Given same ammunition suppressors can help increasing velocity by a small amount.

It's when subsonic ammunitions are used then they lose velocity and range due to lesser propellant to keep the ammunition flying at subsonic speed.

Saturday, May 20, 2017

SIG KE-7 Light Machine Gun

This was made in 1920s and has some interesting features within its fine demonstration of craftsmanship(and very complex design)

From: Forgotten Weapons

Trip to CMP took a trip to CMP and shared some things they saw. As of right now there is no idea on 1911s, and M1 Garands from Phillipines.


Friday, May 19, 2017

Scalarworks On Point sights

Scalar works released fixed front sights they designed with Larry Vickers. It was built on 15 inch sight radius.

Rear sight features windage adjustment and front sight has elevation adjustment(both 0.5 MOA). Rear apertures are flat towards shooter.

Front or rear: $109 each
Set: $199

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Geissele products at SOFIC

Soldier Systems Daily posted some interesting news from SOFIC

Mk13 Trigger

Geissele made trigger system for Accuracy International rifles with Stiller action. This is the first bolt action trigger design that passed the drop test.

M4/M16 High Speed Selector

This selector systems was developed so that the shooter can depress the selector to shoot full-auto and revert to semi-auto by releasing the thumb. The reason for such design is mentioned in article

Kit Badger's Profile Anatomy Targets

Kit Badger made anatomical targets anyone can print out on Letter size paper. It has either blue or black outline with lighter line depicting anatomy.

The difference is that the target is facing side, usable for targets moving sideways.

You can download it from here

From: Kit Badger via Soldier Systems Daily

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

22 Plinkster back again

22 Plinkster filmed with The Chive to make this video full of various trick shot

From: 22 Plinkster

Video Game Misconceptions

SilencerCo made a video that shows if the representation of suppressors in games are accurate.

From: SilencerCo

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

USSOCOM and USMC looking at .338NM

Soldier Systems Daily posted that USSOCOM and USMC are looking to see who can make LWMMG(Lightweight Medium Machine Guns). It will be chambered in .338 Norma Magnum using polymer case, with interchangable barrel that has suppressor capability. The effective range is 2000m.

The hope is to have something that can shoot as far as M2, but light enough to be M240.

General Dynamics has something similar.

You can read more detail from

From: Soldier Systems Daily

Salvator-Dormus, The first semi-auto pistol

Ian shows a pistol that was patened in 1891. This would beat Schönberger-Laumann 1892 as the first semi-auto pistol. The commercial sales(regardless of success) would make this the first non-prototype pistol.

The first commercial success goes to Borchardt C-93.(1894)

From: Forgotten Weapons

HPA and its implications

John Hollister goes over what HPA is and how it might affect the market

From: Sig Sauer

Monday, May 15, 2017

History of SA80/L85

Ian is uploading a series of videos covering development of SA80/L85

In the first video he goes over mock ups

Armament Research (part 1):

It's interesting to hear that Brits selected 4.85mm caliber and considered bull pups to be a good choice with straight stocks.

There always has been attempts to design rifles so that it can act as both infantry issue weapon and support weapon.

Then came the firable XL60 series

Armament Research(part 2):

It's interesting to note that none of 26 engineers had shooting experience. It does take user feedback to make good product.

Armament Research(part 3):

Tales of problems are abundant which was later fixed by H&K and issued as L85A2

From: Forgotten Weapons

New Beretta SMG

The Firearm Blog has pics from Kalashnikov magazine of the new Beretta SMG that really looks like updated version of the M12

From: The Firearm Blog

Sunday, May 14, 2017

AK-47 User guide

Robski from AK Operators Union 47-74's made a 27 minute video for those new to AK platform

Edit: Part 2 is available

Part 3:

From: AKOU 47-74

Arsenal SLR-107R

MrGunsnGear shares his opinion on this rifle.

From: MrGunsnGear

Saturday, May 13, 2017

French M1950

LAV shows us this old pistol by French to update their side arm after the WW2

From: Vickers Tactical

Nordic Components NCT4 Suppressor Shield Handguard

This can be an interesting item or it can be the laughing stock of the internet.

The rail allows longer rail system for rifles using suppressors. It's priced at $350 and Nordic Components is taking pre-orders. It is expected to be out by summer.

Kiraly 43M

Ian goes over this SMG that may be aesthetically inferior but seemes to have worked fine with its interesting folding mechanism

From: Forgotten Weapons

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Dreyse 1910

Ian goes over the Dreyse pistol. It was not really a good success.

From: Forgotten Weapons

Collector section from NRAAM

NRAAM brings out many interesting items and it includes some really old collector grade guns. has some photos


Monday, May 8, 2017

Haley Strategic TH1RTE3N handgun sights

Travis Haley explans considerations that went into his pistol sight

From: Haley Strategic

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Viability of 9mm carbine for home defense

Iraqveteran8888 looks at whether a 9mm carbine makes sense for home defense.

From: Iraqveteran8888

Video Game Silencer myths

SilencerCo goes over some of myths you see in video games

From: SilencerCo

Saturday, May 6, 2017

USSOCOM on KeyMod vs M-LOK

USSOCOM tested KeyMod and M-LOK some time ago and the results are now available for public consumption. The second to last presentation slide is the summary which showed that given proper mounting, M-LOK does better in drop test and failure load

Soldier Systems Daily article

The file from briefing can be found at the bottom of the artivle.

From: soldier Systems Daily

The First L85 Mockups

Ian goes over the history that gave birth to British SA80

From: Forgotten Weapons

VanGuard Basic Kit for Glock 42/43

Raven Concleament Gear released Vanguard 2 Basic Kit for Glock 42/43. Price is $29.99

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Beretta AR70

This rifle was a product of collaboration between SIG and Beretta in 60s.

From: Forgotten Weapons

US Army trying to field more 7.62 rifles

Soldier Systems Daily posted that the US Army is trying to field 7.62 rifles in next 24 months. The rifles will be of a semi-auto variant similar to CSASS design. It will be used as SDMR(Squad Designated Marksmanship Rifle)

While most of setup will be close to that of H&K's CSASS, scope might be from some other source.

You can read more details from


From: Soldier Systems Daily

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

New Geissele products

Geissele introduced some new products at NRA Annual Meeting.

Maritime Bolt Catch($29)

Airborne Tab for Geissele Super Charging Handle($89)

This is a lower profile version of their Super Charging Handle.

For comparison with standard version, you can see the photo from Soldier Systems Daily

Shattuck "Unique" Hideout Squeeze Pistol

Here is more of some interesting designs from the past

From: Forgotten Weapons

Monday, May 1, 2017

Most of Cleveland's new gun laws found unconstitutional

On Thursday, Ohio 8th District Court of Appeals found most of new Cleveland's gun laws enacted in 2015 to be unconstitutional. State law prohibits gun laws more strict than the state law.

The two laws that survived are ones regarding transfer of firearms to intoxicated person, and prohibition on leaving a gun where it can be accessed by minors.


Magazine capacity ban challenged in California

The Calguns Foundation, the Firearms Policy Coalition, the Firearms Policy Foundation and the Second Amendment Foundation teamed up to file a lawsuit against California over the current 10 round limit. The most current law prohibits grandfathered magazines, and that is the law challenged.


CMMG Guard

CMMG is coming out with a .45 ACP rifle and pistol. The pistol comes with 8-inch barrel, rifle with 16-inch barrel. Both use Glock 21 magazines

Price: MSRP $1299.95 - $1599.95

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Springfield Armory XD-E series

Springfield Armory came out with a single stack 9mm, hammer-fired pistol

It carries 8 rounds or 9 rounds with Mag X-Tension.

Price is $519

Magpul Hunter American stock

Magpul came out with stocks for Ruger American short action rifle. It's a drop-in stock. It comes with PMAG 5 7.62 AC

It will be on shelves in Fall.

Price: $299.95

Ruger Integrally Suppressed Barrel for 10/22 Takedown

Ruger came out with integrally suppressed barrel for 10/22 Takedown rifle. Silent-SR ISB supposedly can be as quiet as 113.2 dB with standard velocity ammunition. Barrel length is 16.12"

Price: $629 has some photos of internals

Glock's 2017 Summer Special

Glock announced 2017 Summer Special. The 17Gen4 and 19Gen4 will be available beginning in June and will offer enhanced features like front serrations, nights sights and an OD Green color option

Inforce APLc GLOCK

Inforce came out with compact version of their pistol light. Currently, it is only available for Glocks, but more offerings are in the future. Uses CR2 battery and has run time of 90 minutes.

From: Soldier Systems Daily

Other pics from NRAAM has more pics from the NRA Annual meeting

Friday, April 28, 2017

Magpul GL Enhanced Magazine Well

Magpul is coming out with a mag well for Glock that is really competitively priced at $24.95. This mag well works with most aftermarket magazine floor plates and extensions.

Here are models available for different Glocks






Here is the Magpul's commercial

From: Magpul

Le Petit Protector Ring Pistol

There are some interesting designs of firearms and this ring is an example of one.

From: Forgotten Weapons

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Brazilian Uru SMG

This is a very simple SMG made in Brazil and actually adopted by some agencies.

From: Forgotten Weapons

King Abdullah of Jordan taking a part in excercise

King Abdullah of Jordan, a graduate of Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, is shown in the video taking a part in a live fire excercise. The firearm seems to be a SIG MCX

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Lawsuit filed against CA AWB ban

NRA and CRPA(California Rifle and Pistol Association) filed a lawsuit challenging California's Assault Weapons Control Act (AWCA). This lawsuit is in response to law signed in by Governor Jerry Brown in 2016. It also challenges 4 other laws in California including 10 round ban.

Here is the filing provided by Michell & Associates

SIG Suppressors video

SIG goes over what is used in their suppressors

From: SIG Sauer

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

ATF clarifies stance on arm brace again

According to SB tactical, ATF announced clarification of the shouldering interpretation that was made in 2015.

SB Tactical makes the SIG Arm Brace and the letter covers what SB Tactical makes. At this point, it doesn't cover other companys' similar product.

Military Arms Channel discusses the issue

And you can read more from The Firearm Blog

From: Military Arms Channel, The Firearm Blog

Ahoy on P90

Ahoy made a video about FN P90

Ahoy has been making videos like this for some time. While there might be small inaccuracies, he makes generally good simple videos incorporating game scenes.

From: Ahoy

Used gun buying tips

Iraqveteran8888 shares some of advice you can use to get a good deal.

Just like cars, deals on used guns can be found. But the buyer has to look for it.

From: Iraqveteran8888

Monday, April 24, 2017

Remington RP9 torture test

MAC decided to restart the pistol turture test, starting with Remington RP9

From: Military Arms Channel

Lugers on RIA auction covers some of Lugers coming up for Auction in May.

There are quite a few interesting ones available. The lowest expected price is $900 but most are in several thousand dollar range.


German military looking for new service rifle?

The Firearm Blog reports that Polish gun magazine MilMag reported this news. Apparently, the requirements are,

Either in 5.56x45mm or 7.62x51mm caliber
Ambidestrous controls
Standard NATO rails
Two barrel lengths
No heavier than 3.6kg
15,000 barrel life, 30,000 firearm life

The speculation started when H&K 433 hit the news. Supposedly, the two contenders are H&K 433 and Steyr-Rheinmetall RS 556

The submissions are to be submitted by May 22, 2017. Selection will be in 2018, with production to run from April 1, 2019 to March 31, 2026. The budget is 245 million Euros.

From: The Firearm Blog

Sunday, April 23, 2017

North Korean OICW/K11 update

According to South Korean military, they were aware of this system about 3 years ago and they believe it is an actual usable system. However, they think the optic on the top is not a fire control mechanism, but rather a simple laser designator. It most likely is a grenade launcher than a OCIW level weapon.

South Korean military also looked in to whether their K11 information was leaked, but did not find any evidence of such.

Carl Gustav m/42

This is a recoiless rifle made to deal with tanks, although their utility would have been very limited.

From: Forgotten Weapons

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Dragunov variations

Ian shows us SVD Dragunov and its variations on RIA auction. The auction features
Military SVD, Izhmash Tiger and Chinese NDM-86.

Interestingly, Iraqveteran8888 had a fun day on range with his Romanian PSL which is not a variant of Dragunov, but looks very similar

From: Forgotten Weapons, Iraqveteren8888

Kalashnikov KSZ-223 pump action rifle

Kalashnikov has been looking in to competition rifles and this seems to be one of their new product. Their is no conclusive date on when mass production will begin as the video states it will consider after World Rifle Championship

Here is the article from The Firearm Blog

From: The Firearm Blog

Friday, April 21, 2017

AR-15 full auto meltdown

The season for testing guns with full-auto is now upon us again and MrGunsnGear takes a slightly different path by testing chrome lined barrel and nitride treated barrel.

Chrome lined

Nitride treated barrel

Edit: Closing thoughts

And Iraqvetran8888 decided to take another turn and try out the test with CMMG 22 lr

From: MrGunsnGear, Iraqveteran8888

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

The Ljutic Space Gun

Here is a firearm that is really out of this world. It has some interesting features fit for its use.

From: Forgotten Weapons

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Beretta APX

MrGunsnGear reviews this pistol.

You can see the inner design from his B channel

From: MrGunsnGear

Bern Prototype Carbine

This is an interesting carbine using experimental Swiss 7.65x27mm that has semi-auto action working with tubular magazine.

From: Forgotten Weapons

Beginner's guide to M-LOK

For those who want to know about M-LOK, Mil-spec monkey has a video for you

From: Mil-spec Monkey

Monday, April 17, 2017

Russian Terminator FEDOR

Russians are trying to let AI learn how to do various things including shooting.

Guns of Vatican's Swiss guard

While the subject has been discussed various times over years, in observance of Easter, brought back the photos of their armory showing various guns used over years


FN 509

This is the improved version of pistol FN submitted for MHS trial. The internals are very similar to FNS.

According to the brochure, it takes in 17 rounds for full-size, 10 rounds for compact.

Barrel length is 4 inches, and MSRP is $649

Vickers Tactical

Practically Tactical

From: The Firearm Blog, Vickers Tactical, Practically Tactical

Origins of the EDC X9

Mike Seeklander and Bill Wilson go over what went in to building the new pistol from Wilsom Combat, EDC X9

The gun goes for about $2900.

From: Wilson Combat

Sunday, April 16, 2017

North Korean OCIW? K11?

This new photo from the recent North Korean parade shows something that looks like North Korea's version of OICW.
Interestingly it has similar look as South Korea's K11. South Korea. Grenades are fed from rear of grip using bolt action.

The rifle part seems like Type 88.

It is unclear if this is actually a usable model or just a mock up.

Edit: More high res close-up photo.

M16 magazine's history

Chris Bartocci goes over how M16 magazine changed over the years. The newest interation has new lip and design as well.

From: Chris Bartocci

AR-15 Full-Auto Meltdown

MrGunsnGear decided to do his own version of full-auto melt down test. He used some Geissele parts as well and managed to shoot 1075 rounds.

From: MrGunsnGear

Barley candy slug

TAOFLEDERMAUS got some interesting candy from a candy connoseuir made with barley and sugar


Saturday, April 15, 2017

M3 and M3A1 Grease Gun

Ian looks at the famous Grease Guns

From: Forgotten Weapons

North Korean helical AK magazine

There was a photo from years ago with some North Korean guards carrying AKs with helical magazine. North Korea just had a parade and it was prominently featured in the parade, carried by special forces.

Edit: Some more photos

 Seems like the helical magazine is wired to the barrel. You can also see Baekdoosan pistol(CZ 75 copy) in the chest holster. Holster seems to be made of some hardened material, possibly a Bakelite.

Edit: Upon closer inspection, it looks like leather holster.


This is a 9mm pistol with integrated suppressor. It is used for veterinary purpose. You can see some heritage from Welrods

From: B&T

Patents incorrectly attributed to Mauser

The Firearm Blog goes over inventions that are incorrectly attributed to Mauser

Short list:
Charger loading
Rimless ammunition
Controlled feed
Gas system
Double opposed forward locking lugs

From: The Firearm Blog

Friday, April 14, 2017


MAC visits Leupold and goes over history some of its latest products

There are some interesting technical difficulties a scope is subjected to.

From: Military Arms Channel

High Speed Gear's Laser Slotted Belt

Soldier Systems Daily has photos of the new belt from the High Speed Gear

From: Soldier Systems Daily

Pat Mac's new drill

Pat McNamara shows Waypoint Shooting infused with his twist.

From: Pat Mac

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Devel S&W 59

Ian shows this conversion pistol that had some interesting features. Some of the features survived and it is a nice snap shot of the time

From: Forgotten Weapons

Q's Honey Badger pre-order

Q is offering Honey Badger pre-order. Price is $1,899.


3 models are
16" 5.56
16" 300BLK
7" SBR 300BLK

For $2499, purchaser can get 7" SBR in 300BLK with Honey Badger Silencer(not sold separately)

From: Soldier Systems Daily

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Internals of AN-94

Ian got chance to look at the details of AN-94 internals

The mechanism is really complicated compared to other contemporary firearms.

The actual shooting can be seen from LAV's visit to Russia

From: The Forgotten Weapons, Vickers Tactical

US Secret Service looking for a new carbine

Soldier Systems Daily is reporting that US Secret Service posted a pre-soliticiation for a new rifle. It will be a 5 year contract.

Some interesting points
-Magpul PMAG only
-Testing will be done with Mechanix Wear Vent gloves
-Minimum barrel service life should be 15,000 rounds

You can read more from

From: Soldier Systems Daily

Monday, April 10, 2017

IAR trial part 2

joglee from posted second part of IAR test done in 2009. This eventually lead to USMC adopting H&K's proposal. The new documents are the last two images in the first post.

Take a look at the Estimated Barrel Life


Bushmaster ACR

MrGunsnGear looks at the rifle that brought a big enthusiasm when it appeared.

The rifle eventually ended up going to Bushmaster as Magpul decided to focus on their core product instead of making firearms. This was seen as a good move until Freedom Group/Cerebus investment bought up Bushmaster.

From: MrGunsnGear

Sunday, April 9, 2017

CZ ZK-420S

This rifle saw rebirth after the WW2 with improvements coming from various firearms.

From: Forgotten Weapons

SKS mud test

InRange TV decided to test SKS.

From: InRange TV

Pmag 10 year anniversary T-shirt

Magpul released the 10 year anniversary t-shirt.

Price: $23.95

Youtube and gun videos

The most recent talk of firearms community not related to firearms is Youtube putting Restricted label on gun related videos. This was a part of change implemented by Youtube over monetization policy. Now, any channel that wants to monetize needs to get 10,000 views total before doing so.

Along with that came the labeling. Youtube (owned by Google, which owns Blogger which this blog is running on) decided to unilaterally cover anything remotely considered controversial as Restricted. The word is that gun related videos are not the only one impacted by this decision.

This is not the first time Youtube decided to put restriction on gun related video. Hickok45 had his account shutdown twice for some reason. Royal Nonesuch lost his monetization after South Korea government complained that his DIY gun building video contributed to a lunatic building one and killing a police officer.

So what can be done?

Saturday, April 8, 2017

SVW45 P38 Pistol

LAV shows this end-of-war production pistol that had a great influence later.

From: Vickers Tactical

Vickers Tactical Grip Plug for Glock Gen4

Vickers Tactical released Grip Plug for Gen4 Glocks. Unlike Gen3 versions, the Gen 4 versions have detachable tool part. There are 2 tools and a base. One tool is for those who use backstrap, the other for those who don't.

Price: $17.95

CMP getting more M1 Garands

CMP announced that 86,000 M1 Garands are returning from Phillipines. It is unclear when they will be available at the CMP store, but it is a good news.

From: The Firearm Blog

Remington makes profit in 2016

Remington Outdoor Company made $18.9 million in profit for 2016. This is a turn around from 2015's #135.2 million loss.

You can read more about the fiscal status from


Friday, April 7, 2017

High Standard T3 Prototype

This pistol was intended for 1947 US Army Corps(US Air Force was part of Army back then) survival as well as issue pistol.

You can see some similar features of modern semi-auto pistols

From: Forgotten Weapons

2016 was the best selling year looked at numbers from NICS check and with 27.4 million checks, it is very likely the best selling year. Of course some checks are not sales related, but with increasing number of checks, it is reasonable to assume the number of sales increase as well.

Here is the full article


Thursday, April 6, 2017

US Army looking for Intermediate caliber cartridge

Soldier Systems Daily posted that US Army is in early stages of looking for an intermediate caliber(.260, .264 USA and .277 USA) for general issue. Nothing is set in stone and even if the adoption happens it could be decades away.

In the meantime, an option is to use 7.62mm/.308 WIN, which are plenty in inventory.

There is more to this than just the ammo and firearm, so read the article to get a good feel for complexity this change could bring

You can also read commentary from The Firearm Blog

From: Soldier Systems Daily, The Firearm Blog

North Dakota passes Constitutional carry

North Dakota passed the constitutional carry law. As long as a person holds North Dakota drivers license or ID card for over a year and be eligible for Class 2 firearms license

You can read more from The Firearm Blog

From: The Firearm Blog

White Experimental .38 Caliber Automatic Pistols

This was the predecessor to the White-Merrill 1907 pistol that entered 1907 US Army pistol competition

From: Forgotten Weapons

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Grey Ghost Precision Glock Slides

Soldier Systems Daily gives us a sneak peek of the new slide design from Grey Ghost Precision.

From: Soldier Systems Daily

Arsenal SLR 107-11

MAC goes over this rifle made by Arsenal.

From: Military Arms Channel

French RSC 1917 Semiauto WW1 Rifle

This semi-auto rifle actually saw some field time unlike some other models that didn't get chance to do so.

From: Forgotten Weapons

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Mitigating recoil

Frank Proctor gives tips on how to control recoil

From: Trigger Time TV

Arsenal SLR-106FR

MrGunsnGear looks at the Bulgarian AK's accuracy. It is chambered from 5.56 NATO

From: MrGunsnGear

Monday, April 3, 2017

Subgun Sling Assist Method

Travis Haley shows how to utilize sling as a way to stabilize subguns. This method went away as various stocks were made, but cam still be used.

From: Haley Strategic

SureFire Field Notes

SureFire uploaded the 9th episode of their series. This time it is with Robert Vogel on trigger control

From: SureFire

DIY Low Profile Gas Block

Chad goes over how to make a low profile gas block by cutting off the standard gas block.

Probably better to just buy a new one.

From: Iraqveteran8888

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Trejo Model 1 Machine Pistol

This is a rare machine pistol from Mexico that unfortunately got canned due to changing law

From: Forgotten Weapons

Quad loading

Taran Butler uploaded a video showing how Brian Nelson loads 4 shells in his shotgun.

From: Taran Tactical

Glock ads

Glock put out two ads aimed at female demographics

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Gould Brothers Turkey Hunting Practice

Gould Brothers decided to take sibling rivalry in to another competition, this time, with Turkey shooting. For baloon shooting, start at 1:32. For RC Turkey action, 2:18

From: Gould Brothers

Shooting NERF beyond speed of sound

Giaco Whatever decided to see if he can shoot NERF darts past the speed of sound.

According to the calculation, it managed to fly at Mach 2.

From: Giaco Whatever

Friday, March 31, 2017

USSOCOM goes with M-LOK

Soldier Systems Daily got the report of study by NSWC-Crane regarding the various modular rail systems. It basically states that M-LOK outperformed other modular rail system, sometimes by a wide margin.

The test was done for repeatability, endurance, rough handling, drop testing, and static failure load.

From: Soldier Systems Daily

1907 White-Merrill .45 Pistol

This was one of competitors in US Army's 1907 handgun trial. This didn't do well despite in interesting mechanism to rack the slide with one hand

From: Forgotten Weapons

YHM Turbo 5.56 Silencer

Yankee Hill Machine is getting in to suppressor business and here is their offering

From: Military Arms Channel

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Mossberg Shockwave overview by Clint Smith

Thunder Ranch's Clint Smith looks at Mossberg Shockwave shotgun. It is a small shotgun that doesn't require tax stamps

Clint Smith shares some tips on how to use it as well as some tips applicable to any shotgun use.

From: Thunder Ranch

M1915 Howell Automatic Rifle Enfield Conversion

There were several attempts to get a semiauto rifle during WW2 and this was a conversion kit for Enfield

Unfortunately it was not reliable enough.

From: Forgotten Weapons

6 suppressors combined for .308

Rebel Silencers decided to see what happens when you have 6 suppressors connected together.

The loudness goes down to 125 decibels at the shooter's ear.

From: Rebel Suppressors

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Christensen Arms CA-15 and CA-10 Gen 2

Christensen Arms is offering these rifles with either stainless steel or carbon fiber barrels.

CA-15 shoots .223 Wylde, CA-10 shoots .308 win or 6.5 Creedmoor.



$1749(stainless barrel) or $2295(carbon fiber barrel) for CA-15 G2,
$2595(stainless barrel) or $2995(carbon fiber barrel) for CA-10 G2

From: Christen Arms via Soldier Systems Daily

Surefire X400V

MrGunsnGear looks at this NV capable light

From: MrGunsnGear

Hans Larsen's Falling Block rifle

This rifle was designed by Norweigian designer Hans Larsen who was also an accomplished shooter. It uses unique action.

From: Forgotten Weapons

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

EOTech class action lawsuit claim form

L-3 Communications was sued for EOTech problems and Andrew Tyler decided to bring a class action lawsuit instead of utilizing the refund program. The lawsuit resulted in a propsed settlement.

Those who already got the refund from EOTech may be entitled to a $22.50 voucher towards the purchase of a new EOTech product.

Those who submitted theirs for refund but has not received a refund gets the purchase price up to the MSRP, plus shipping, $22.50 voucher like above

Those who wants to keep their EOTech will get $25-50 cash benefit or a $100 voucher for EOTech product.

You can read more from the website


The American 180 .22LR Submachine Gun

This is a .22 lr that was marketed as a safer choice for preventing over-penetration.

From: Forgotten Weapons