Monday, January 29, 2018

Armalite AR-17

Armalite tried their shot at shotgun manufacturing with some AR concepts applied to it.

From: Forgotten Weapons

Friday, January 26, 2018

SHOT Show round up 3

Aimpoint has Comp M5 which uses AA battery.

HK 433 is still in development and things may change but here is the gun itself.

SMGLee has some close up photos

Chris Bartocci covers Beretta ARX 200, one piece bolt carrier group from LWRCi(10:20)

From: Vickers Tactical, Chris Bartocci

Thursday, January 25, 2018

SHOT Show round up 2


This rifle is only for LE/MIL, but hopefuly there will be civilian/pistol version as well

Chris Bartocci goes over some new parts from Seekins Precision (6:04), Kalashnikov (8:40), Core Rifle Systems(16:03), PTR (17:00), and M+M Industries(18:08)

Core Rifle Systems also came out with a 9mm PCC rifle with ambi magazine release called CORE15 9mm PCC

Colt Night Cobra .38

Colt is getting back in to revolver game and this time it's with a .38 revolver. It is DAO(Double Action Only) with 2 inch barrel. MSRP is $899

Crimson Trace

Crimson Trace is now part of a conglomerate that holds S&W but they manufacture products for other firearms as well.

FB Radom's BOR rifle is not ready for civilian sale, but hopefully will be

Franchi Momentum

Franchi is movig in to bolt rifle field

Ghost Gunner 2.0

This machine is expanding its inventory with Polymer 80 lowers and 9mm AR jigs

Recover Tactical is known for their grip picatinny rail extension for 1911s and Beretta 92s. This year, they came out with slide charging handles and magazine extension for Glock 43


Serbu is updating their really inexpensive single shot .22 pistol to something more marketable. It will be around $100 according to the video in the article

SureFire Stiletto

This light looks like a knife. But it emits 700 lumens at price just over $100

ZRODelta Genesis Z9

Here is another metal Glock copy that is hitting the market. It offers more modularity than the most Glock copy frames on market

From: Soldier Systems Daily, Vickers Tactical, The Firearm Blog, Chris Bartocci,

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

SHOT Show round up 1


CZ USA is now making suppressors as well as integrated versions. You can also see the new smaller Scorpion called  Scorpion EVO III S2 Micro

Dasan Glock lower

This Glock lower was worked by Paul Kim who is more known for his works with SureFire lights. It uses simlar design as a STI 2011, where grips can be replaced easily. Dasan has been making Glock barrels and slides(through Lone Wolf Distributors) so they seem to be the chosen manufacturer.

Palmetto State Armory 9mm AK and MP5 clone

PSA came out with AK a few years ago and this year introduced AK in 9mm. It currently takes H&K MP5 magazines, but Glock magazine version is in the works. PSA also showed off their MP5 clone, although it is some time away before it hits the shelves.

SureFire X55G

SureFire came up with 1000 lumen weapon light that has green lasers as well.

Wilcox Industries

SMGLee posted new red dot sight from the Wilcox Industries that has ballistics, laser designation as well. (and internal sights in case?)

Chris Bartocci covered the first day with Brownell's Retro guns, SIG pistols (2:12), Troy(8:23), Caracal (10:18), YHM(11:07) and Geissele's URG(12:37) that is actually going to be equivalent to SOPMOD Block 3.

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allow="autoplay; encrypted-media" allowfullscreen></iframe>

From: Soldier Systems Daily, The Firearm Blog, SMGLee, Chris Bartocci

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Pre-show articles and videos

Today is the Media day and Chris Bartocci already has the coverage up

1:17 CMMG Guard in 9mm using Glock magazine and has bolt lock feature
7:00 Zenith Firearms rifle in 5.56
7:40 IWI TS20 shotgun

SIG Sauer has its own range day

P365 (with laser)

300URG Integrally Suppressed upper

Archon Firearms (formerly Arsenal Firearms USA) Type B (formerly know as Stryk B)

Monday, January 22, 2018

Welp...not this year

SHOT Show is the industry show and it is the place to be.

Unfortunately, there were some unexpected issues preventing our attendance.

So this year, the coverage will rely on other sources.

Being on the floor and actually seeing new products is definitely something to aim for, but there are times when things don't go the way you want them to go. So just need to adapt and roll with the situation.

Currently, the plan is to cover the show through here and Twitter (

Some SureFire 2018 lights impressions

GNB got a quick chance to see some of new products.


This is an ultra compact weapon light that improves over its predecessor XC1. One of major changes is the ability to use momentary on as well as constant on. Predecessor could only use constant on. To use constant mode, quickly tab the momentary switch. To use momentary mode, just press the tab and hold. Some people might remember Inforce APL's interface, and it feels similar.

The green laser turns on automatically along with the white light


This light emits 500 lumens using one CR123A battery. It uses tailcap switch that emits low light(5 lumens) when pressed slightly, and high output(500 Lumens) when fully pressed. This feature is a nice feature that makes it easy for user in non-threatening situation to quickly up the light output if things go bad.

It also has a clip that allows it to be carried with bezel up or down in your pocket.

If someone wants a light for casual use, but can be used for more dangerous situation, this should be a serious contender.


This light has 5/800 Lumen output. Bezel can be rotated to have 800 Lumen or 5 Lumen. The tailcap switch is momentary, and can have constant on mode by twisting it.

Some other info

  • MASTERFIRE holsters come with screw holes compatible with Safariland mounts. Earlier productions didn't have that.
  • Some light models were going to be dropped, but that has been postponed for now.
  • SureFire tends to take conservative approach with adopting new batteries. But that doesn't mean they are not going to ignore them.
  • Some countries have law prohibiting use of weapon lights. So wristlight was the solution that SureFire came up with.

Saturday, January 20, 2018

Gen5 Glock 22 in Brazil

The Firearm Blog has photo of Gen5 Glock 22 with safety. Glock will make some interesting variants if a large enough agency requests it.

From: The Firearm Blog

New Streamlight products

Streamlight listed new products they have for 2018

Streamlight is coming up with 3500 lumen PROTAC HL 5-X. Yowza!


MrGunsnGear reviewed TLR-7

From: Streamlight. MrGunsnGear

Friday, January 19, 2018

SureFire Field Notes Ep. 18

Scott Reitz talks about the importance of having a good fundamental.

The setup you see in the video is something Uncle Scotty came up with years ago. It is controlled by a person pulling the string and can be random.

From: SureFire

US Army to introduce new rifle qualification

Soldier Systems reports that US Army is looking at changing the rifle qualification with a new course of fire as well as new standards.

You can read more from

Thursday, January 18, 2018

MAT 49

Ian goes over the SMG used by French after WW2 before FAMAS came in

From: Forgotten Weapons


IWI came up with a bullpup shotgun.

It has 3 magazine tubes, each carrying 4 three-inch shot shells or 5 two-inch shot shells.

MSRP is expected to be at $1399

Here are specs

  • Gas regulated
  • 15+1 max capacity
  • Right or left ejection
  • Automatically feed a round into the chamber
  • Four sling mounts
  • MLOK compatible rail
  • Picantinny optics rail
  • Benelli/Beretta choke tube compatibility
  • 18.5” Barrel
  • OAL 28.35”
  • 3.5kg (8lbs) unloaded
  • Cross bolt safety
  • “Bullhead” Bolt locking system

SS80 - 80% GLOCK 43 Frame

Glock Store unveiled their own 80% Glock 43 frame called SS80. This is not made by Polymer 80, the guys who brought the 80% Glock frame.

Glock Store is taking pre-order for $129.99

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Ruger PCC 9 Take Down 9mm Carbine

MAC goes over the new pistol caliber carbine Ruger brought back with improvements

From: Military Arms Channel

Zastava M70

MrGunsnGear looks at the Yugoslavian 32acp pistol.


Monday, January 15, 2018

Top 5 WW2 small arms

LAV looks at 5 firearms a collector should have for WW2 collection.

From: Vickers Tactical

MAS-38 Shooting Fail

Ian tries to shoot his carbine. It doesn't go well. But the video as more than just compilation of failed attempts.

From: Forgotten Weapons

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Machine Gun Terminology Part 2

Ian goes over more terminologies for small arms

From: Forgotten Weapons

How an AK-47 works

Matt Rittman made this great animation showing how an AK-47 works

From: Matt Rittman via The Firearm Blog

Friday, January 12, 2018

Marlin UD-42

This SMG was procured by Netherlands, but didn't get to the battle it was intended. But it did serve as the firearm supplied to resistance during WW2

From: Forgotten Weapons

Gun safety book for kids

Julie Golob wrote a book to teach kids about gun safety. There really hasn't been that many books other than NRA's Eddie Eagle, and this would be a nice book of its own


Price: $7.99(e-book) or $9.99(paperback)

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

SIG P365

SIG Sauer announced a new sub-compact pistol geared for EDC/CCW market

It's a striker fired pistol with 10 round magazine(12 rounds with extended magazine), while retaining 1" width and being smaller than it s competitors such as Glock 43, S&W SHIELD, Ruger LCP. It also comes with night sights as standard.

However, it has its proprietary rail system, which might be a downside for some potential buyers

Soldier Systems:

The Firearm Blog:

RECOIL Magazine:

MSRP is $599

From: SIG Sauer, Soldier Systems Daily, The Firearm Blog. RECOIL Magazine

Streamlight TLR7

There is rumor of Streamlight coming up with a really small weaponlight.

Sunday, January 7, 2018

Rhodesian FN FAL

LAV and Ian goes over this rare FAL version that made its way from Rhodesia(current Zimbabwe)

Here is longer version done with Ian and LAV

From: Vickers Tactical, Forgotten Weapons

The Stoner Machinegun: A Navy Seal Remembers

Z Bub posted this 1990s video going over how SEALs used the Stoner 63.

Larry Vickers did a segment on this a few years ago

From: Z Bub via The Firearm Blog, Vickers Tactical

Arcus 98DA

MAC goes over this FN Hi-power look-a-like but is different for sure

From: Military Arms Channel

Olight PL-MINI Valkyrie

MrGunsnGear looks at the one of the smaller weaponlight with its rechargeable battery

From: MrGunsnGear

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

50 cal slo-mo

The Slow Mo Guys decided to do another gun video, but this time with a .50 BMG rifle

From: The Slow Mo Guys

Monday, January 1, 2018

H&K MR762A1

Chris Bartocci reviews this civilian version of 7.62 rifle in AR platform made by Heckler & Koch

From: Chris Bartocci

Glock 19X

Glock announced they are coming up with a new pistol that seems to be very similar to one of their entry for MHS trial. Safety lever is missing, and it looks like Glock 19 length slide mated with Glock 17 frame.

Machine Gun Terminology

If you are confused by different classification of machine guns, Ian explains the difference

From: Forgotten Weapons