Friday, January 27, 2012

New Grip Force Adapter

During SHOT show I obtained another Grip Force Adapter for my Glock 19. To my surprise, it was a new updated version. I'm not sure if Grip Force Products sell this on their website, but this seemed to be a legitimate product from them.

Grip Force Adapter(GFA) is a part that allows shooter to have beavertail for their Glocks. It works much like Glock Gen4's interchanglable grips in its installation. There has been conflicting rumors on whether Glock will produce Gen4 beavertail, but for those of us using the third genration Glocks, this is the best way to go.

Here's the comparison photo between the two versions. Updated version has 4 different changes that seem to reflect customer's feedback.
New on the left, old on the right

First the ridge that was present in earlier version is gone. It was one of features that were discussed on various boards, and I tend to be less happy about it than others. While it gave some supprt for the beavertail and GFA itself, I really didn't see its usefulness outside of that.
(old on the left, new on right)

Second, the height of GFA was reduced. I had no problem with the original height, but the new height also seems to cut just where it needs to be cut.
(new on the left, old on the right)

Third, the edge of GFA seems to be smoothed out. Original version was a bit rough to some shooter's hand, but it seems like when I first grabbed it, it was already taken care of.
(old on the left, new on right)

Fourth, the tang of GFA was redesigned. The original version was just a plain flat surface, but the updated version has more material that is slightly elevated than the first generation as well as leaving smaller cracks for dirt to fall between the grip and GFA.
(old on the left, new on right)

Overall, as soon as these photos were taken, I replaced my old one with new one and I definitely like it better. I haven't had chance to take it out and shoot it, but I think it will work great.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

SHOT show afterthoughts pt 2

And some other photos.

guys who made a Youtube video I saw some months ago dressed as Snake and ghost(?)
 handcuffs in various colors

SHOT show afterthoughts

Here's a small thought after attending the 2012 SHOT show.

Small innovations: Sometimes, SHOT show is the place to showcase new innovative or revolutionary products many didn't expect. Unfortunately, this year, it doesn't seem to be the case. However, there were a lot of small innovations. Sometimes such small innovations would lead to bigger innovations, so I can't complain much.

Rise of .30 caliber AR :It's not a secret that AR platform chambered in .308 has been gaining momentum. Currently there are various offerings from various manufacturers, like Armalite, H&K, Sig, and so forth. This year a few more companies entered the fray.

However a new cartridge has been gaining momentum. .300 AAC Blackout, developed by AAC and Remington, has been gaining traction. It is not just that Freedom Group has been pushing it via DPMS and Bushmster, there are other manufacturers such as S&W, CMMG producing rifles in that caliber.

Considering that the only change that a manufacturer has to make is replacement of the barrel(other components from .223 will still work), the caliber probably will gain more momentum in next few years. It will be interesting how this development will continue.

...and more ARs and 1911s: AR rifles were predominant, and you couldn't swing a dead cat without hitting an AR rifle. Aside from obvious manufacturers like Colt, S&W and so forth, there were many others who made their rifles in this platform.

Since 2011 was the 100th year of 1911 pistol, there were abundance of 1911 makers too. It is more likely that the 1911 is now easier to build since there are more people who knows how to build one. I wonder how happy John Browning would be if he sees this.

Zombie marketing: Zombie related products are out in full force this year, as the trend has been spreading around in both mainstream and firearms world. There is no shortage of products to fill the bandwagon.

EOTech has sights that have biohazard reticles,
there are targets from various manufacturers,
(last one is not zombie related but decided to throw in)
grips from Hogue


and various weapons manufacturers

I do not know if the trend has jumped the shark or not, but it does seem to be a bit too prevalent.

Monday, January 23, 2012


Multitasker is a tool designed for AR platform. All the tools you need on the field is there.


CZ Dan Wesson introduced Echo, an officer size 1911. It comes in either 9mm or .45ACP version. DW also had Specialist, but I forgot to get the pictures for both. According to CZ-USA website, MSRP will be $1870

2 new versions of P-07 duty is available, one with OD frame and another that is suppressor ready. OD frame will be availalbe in April.

CZ 805 BREN rifles are CZ's newest design of carbines, and it has been gaining some momentum in Czech army. CZ USA had A1 and A2 on display. I asked about civilian version and it seems like there is conflicting answer depending who you asked.

CZ Scorpion Evo 3 A1 is a 9mm carbine. It has folding and collapsible stock.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Parabellum Armament

Parabellum Armament had rail system for AK. It will be priced around $130.

They also have ambidexterous AR charging handle, as well as left hand charging handle for an AK.

Small updates

Some previous posting has been updated.
Surefire: P2X
LaRue: Costa rifles
Trijicon: SRS, RMR and HD nightsights

Raven Concealment VanGuard 2

Raven Concealment system introduced their latest holster, Vanguard 2. This is update of their Vanguard holster replacing the string with a soft loop/strap and using slightly different material and production method(injection molding).

The idea of Vanguard holster is that it could be used in a cinch when having a regular holster is not a viable option. Instead of carrying a pistol in a bag, pocket or inside your belt without any protection for the trigger, VanGuard blocks the tigger from unwanted intrusions by shielding the trigger guard. It is a very minimalistic holster, and is not a complete substitution for a good traditional holster. But it does have its use, like for people who would carry their guns in a backpack or a purse.

The strap can be used to adjust the height. There are 3 heights available which can be adjusted. It can also cant as user wants to. The strap can also adjust to size of belt. My guess is 1.25 inches, 1.5 inches and 1.75 inches for each of the holes. It can also be adjusted for left-hand use.


I first tried to use the holster at 3 o'clock position, and drawing was not that difficult but I did feel as if I got a split-second hindrance since the loop tend to touch the web between index and middle finger. Holstering was not that easy for heavy set person like me.

Using this in AIWB(Appendix Inside Waist Band) proved to be much better. I was able to draw and holster much easier, despite my fat belly.

This is certainly not a replacement for a traditional holster, and even though no gun fights were won by fast holstering, it is something to be aware of.

For bags with MOLLE type setting it shouldn't be a problem, and for those who do not have such setting, there is a hole at the end of the holster where you can attach a string like the original VanGuard.

According to this link, price will be $35.99 - 40, and will be available in Spring 2012

Additional pics will show up later

There are some more photos, but I will upload them later. Most of them are not new, just addition to existing products already covered in previous parts.


Aimpoint released 2 MOA T-1. MSRP will be around $700


Umarex has been making a lot of .22lr firearms and their latest is reincarnation of Uzi and Micro Uzi (pistol). Uzi rifle will come with 20 round magazine and will go for $645. Uzi pistol will also come with 20 round magazine, and will sell for $480. Both will be available early April.


Magpul came up with new stock and handguard for shotgun. These will be for Remington 870 and Mossberg 500.


Geissele is famous for making great trigger system, but they are now jumping into AR handguard market. They have two handguards, one for M4 variants and another for HK516 variants. M4 handguard will be sold for about $320, HK516 handguard will go above $460


Heizer pistol has been the topic of coversation for sometime. It has been a while since a pistol like this came out. This pistol comes in .45ACP, but there is a conversion available for 9mm. Currently the trigger pull is about 10 pounds, but the makers hope to reduce it a bit more. Price will be somewhere north of $500

Gun Storage Soltions

Gun Storage Solutions have a new pistol rack that can hang from boards that are horizontal.


Coonan firearms were famous for chambering in .357 magnum round, and now they are making a comeback. MSRP will be around $1249 for basic model, and can go up depending on configuration.


Caracal was designed by the same person who designed Steyr M1 with the investment from United Arab Emirates. It is a very interesting pistol that I'll discuss some time later. Pistol comes with 2 magazines and accessories kit for LEOs will be $137. The accessories kit contains shoulder stock for pistols, so it will not be available for civilians.

Both the full size and compact size comes with two different sight system. First system places the rear sight flush with rear of slide. It has a white dot in the center that will align like Heinie straight 8 sight. Second system places the rear sight right in front of ejection port.

Price will be around $500