Thursday, July 31, 2014

Schwarzlose 1908 Blow-Forward in slo-mo

After successful crowd funding campaign, Forgotten Weapons is brining out some very intersting videos. Here's the lates, Schwarzlose 1908 Blow-Forward.

The barrel of the gun moves forward instead of slide moving back and loads the next round.

and if you want to see this man shooting a competition with another set of classic weapons, here it is!

From: Forgotten Weapons

Iraqveteran8888 and Miculeks

A nice video of getting to know Miculeks. The video covers quite a few serious topics.

From: Iraqveteran8888


Military Arms Channel visited IWI facility in Harrisburg, VA

From: Military Arms Channel

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Ruger LC9S announced

Ruger is introducing all new LC9S. This is a striker-fired version of LC9 pistol.

It can have 7+1 rounds total, with width of the gun less than 1"

Barrel is 3/12" long, overall legth is 6", height is 4.5"

Price(MSRP): $449

From: Ruger

Blade-Tech holster sale

Blade-Tech is holding Fan appreciation sale. 21% off the entire website.

Use code: LUCKY21DEAL

Deal ends on Aug. 9, 2014

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Colorado shows private transaction claim to be false

In 2013 Colorado implemented background check law claiming as much as 40% of gun sales were private transactions. The new background check shows that it is actually around 7%



M9 function check sequence

After you disassembled your Beretta 92FS/M9, here's a sequence of function checks you can do.

From: AiirSource

Monday, July 28, 2014

FBI heading towards 9mm

Soldier Systems Daily is reporting that FBI put out and Pre-Solicitation for Commercial Off the Shelf pistols. It specifies 9mm pistols and has requirement for Compact and Full-size handgun. Minimum of 13 rounds for compact(Class One Pistol) and minimum of 15 rounds for full size(Class Two Pistol)

They are also looking for red(deactivated but has all moving parts) and blue guns(simunition/marking cartridge).

The contract is to last 12 months with nine possible additional 1 year options, all not exceeding $100 million.

From: Soldier Systems

Washington DC carry law found unconstitutional

Palmer vs DC ruled that District of Columbia's ban on carrying guns outside of homes is unconstitutional. Following the ruling, the news came out that DC police has been instructed to grant full reciprocity for all open and concealed carry from other states.

DC is planning to apeal the ruling with a stay.

From:, Washington Post

Sunday, July 27, 2014

S&W Governor review

Hickok45 reviews this revolver shotgun

From: Hickok45

G-Code holster deal

G-Code Holsters is having great chance to save 15% off.

Use coupon code: BUYUSA
This coupon is one time use per customer.

Offer Expires: July 31st 2014 midnight

From: G-Code Holster

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Remington R51 update

Remington is asking buyers to return their R51 pistol. In exchange, Remington will send a new R51(updated version) with two additional magazines and a custom Pelican case. You can call Remington at (800) 243-9700.

GearScout has some extra inside information on what went down during the development and inside the company.

From:, The Firearm Blog, GearScout

Haley Strategic Carbine Training

Tactical-Life has video excerpts from Travis Haley's carbine class.

From Tactical-Life

SilencerCo Salvo 12 suppressor video

SilencerCo posted more technical video of their Salvo 12 shotgun suppressor.

From: SilencerCo

SIG Sauer factory tour

The Firearm Blog has photos from their tour of the new SIG Sauer factory

From: The Firearm Blog

Friday, July 25, 2014

Surefire M600P and M620P

GearScout has an article on the new Scout Light M600P. It utilizes features from the Fury series of lights such as wider beam pattern while maintaining scout light body.

M600P uses thumbscrew, M620P uses swing-lever clamp.

From: GearScout

Kalashnikov promotion video

Kalashnikov has promotional video of AK series on their Youtube Channel. It is ironic that a lot of improvements to AK has been coming from the US. You can see some US originated influence in their training method including use of IPSC targets - and 24 theme song.

From: Kalashnikov Concern

Hollywood's AKs

Tactical Life has an article from late John Fasano covering use of AKs in films. It's a bit long but fascinating look in to different AKs used in films and shows.

From: Tactical Life

Thursday, July 24, 2014

LAV's H&K VP9 Review

Larry Vickers reviews the H&K VP9. He manages to pack more information in this video then any other online reviews.

From: Vickers Tactical

Building a $2 Camera Laser Trigger

The Firearm Blog has a cheap DIY guide to making a camera laser trigger for photography.

From: The Firearm Blog

Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Jerry Miculek fires a few rounds from this rare 5.56 rifle from FN


SilencerCo Shotgun suppressor

SilencerCo is coming up with a shotgun suppressor named Salvo 12. This suppressor is 12 inches long, but can be reduced to 10, 8, and 6 inch as needed using a Removable choke system. 12 inch is 132 dB(at ear), while 6 inch is 140 dB. Shotguns usually emit 160 dB.


From: SilencerCo

Preparing for the start signal

Powerfactor show has some tips on how to prep yourself for the buzzer

From: Powerfactor Show

Palestinian Weapons in Nablus

IDF posted photos and video of weapons seized from Nablus raid. You can see some interesting guns

From: IDF Blog via The Firearm Blog

Monday, July 21, 2014

GNB: Bore-tips

Bore-tips are foam swabs designed for bore cleaning. It comes in various calibers from .22 to 12 ga. Maker SWAB-ITS market this as improved alternative over traditional patches or jags.

The package comes with swabs you can detach individually and use with cleaning rod. Once you screw the swab in to the rod, you can apply cleaning solution and run it through barrel of the gun. The shape allows more uniform application inside a barrel compared to traditional method.

This swab can be used for applying lubricants to other parts as well. lubricating barrel, rails and other places can be done.

Each swab can be reused many times, so for users who clean multiple firearms this would be something to consider. Price for .357/9mm was around $5 and comes with 6 swabs.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Magnum Research MLR Ultra 22LR rimfire rifle

Magnum Research announced their new rimfire rifle. MLR rifles use a high-tech modular tensioned-type barrel which is attached to stainless steel creech and muzzle caps inside a thin-walled aluminum construction.

They come in two models - MLR22ATU and MLRATUT. Latter has muzzle thread so you can use suppressor.



Price(MSRP) : $544 - $571

From: Magnum Research

Frank Proctor DVD deleted scenes

SuperSet Media Group posted deleted scenes from Proctor Performance Carbine DVD

Low light

From: SMG

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Remington R51 disappears from website

Remington quietly took down information pertaining to R51 pistol. The pistol has been plagued with problems, some of which were documented in Military Arms Channel's video. (jump to 7:11 for malfunctions)

There has been some chatters about the pistol being taken out from the list of guns offered and Remington took down most of, if not all, information.

What is a Smart Gun?

Samson Manufacturing looks at smart guns.

From: Samson Manufacturing

Friday, July 18, 2014

Trijicon ACOG reticle options for M193

Trijicon came up with new reticle options for ACOGS made for M193(Military Surplus). It is available for 4x32 and 3.5x35 models. Chevrons come in red, green, and amber

Announcement link:

From: Trijicon

Viva Noveske

Viva contemporary art?

From:  Noveske

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Izhmash & Kalashnikov importation prohibited

US Department of Treasury is prohibiting importation of Izhmash & Kalashnikov rifles from Izhmash & Kalashnikov Concern as part of sanction against Russia for Ukraine situation. There will be no more imports of Saiga, Izhmash rifles unless the contract was signed and paid before July 16, 2014.

From: The Firearm Blog

LANTAC 762 Dragon and 762 Drakon Muzzle Brake

LANTAC posted this promo video of 7.62 / .308 caliber Muzzle Brake and Drakon Brake for AK47. If you want to know more about the rifles and configurations used in the video, check out the Youtube description

Price seems to be around $160


Egyptian Police to buy 130,000 CZ guns

The Firearm Blog posted that Egyptian police are going to purchase 130,000 CZ rifles and pistols to arm their force. This is roughly equivalent to 60% of CZ factory's yearly overall production.

From: The Firearm Blog

Primary Arms 1-6X ACSS Gen 2 review

SuperSet posted this straight-to-point review of PA's ACSS Gen2 scope.

From: SMG

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Scunion drill

Mike Pannone has a new drill out.

From 25 yard line, shoot 2 on the plate rack, run, reset with hands
Run back to the shootine line, shoot 4 plates, run, reset with hands
Run back to the shootine line, shoot 6 plates.

Description says the point is to develope stress inoculation. The goal is to have heart beat at around 160 BPM.

Mike Pannone did the drill in 54.05 with Beretta M9.

From: Mike Pannone

NSSF IDPA report

NSSF conducted a survey on IDPA members.

  • Annually, IDPA members spend $30 million on shooting equipment for the sport. On average it is about $1580.83 per year on equipments.
  • 90% have concealed carry permit
  • On average members spend $1580.83 per years on equipments

From: IDPA

New M&P Bodyguard guns

A few days ago Smith & Wesson had a teaser trailer on upcoming guns. It turns out to be M&P Bodyguard 380 with Crimson Trace and 38 hammerless revolver with Crimson Trace.

MSRP for Bodyguard 380 is $449, 38 is $539




From: Smith & Wesson

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Ken Hackathorn and LAV shooting WC Beretta

Wilson Combat recently jumped in to Beretta gunsmithing market and here the two doing a little competition. The interaction between the two is always awesome.

From: Vickers Tactical

Jerry Miculek SIG brace akimbo

That's right. shit just got real


Beretta ARX100 review

FateofDestinee has an excellent review of this rifle

From: FateofDestinee

Czech shooting range and guns

Nicholas C visited a Czech republic shooting range and shot some Czech guns. Czech out the videos and articles. He also visited CZUB store


CZ Bren PPSh-41

From: The Firearm Blog

Monday, July 14, 2014

How far will a 9mm kill?

Iraqveteran8888 takes a look at how lethal a 9mm can be.

From: Iraqveteran8888

Cash cannon

The cannon for those who like to spend.


Price is $59.99 and it comes with fake bills but you can also use real money.

From: The Cash Cannon

Smith & Wesson ad

S&W has an teaser ad for upcoming guns. Some eagle-eyed viewers are speculating it's something new in Bodyguard line and a revolver.

From: Smith & Wesson

Saturday, July 12, 2014

The First guided .50cal bullet

DARPA's EXACTO(Extreme Accuracy Tasked Ordnance) successfully guided a .50 cal bullet during its flight. The rifle was aimed at one place, and the bullet flew to another area where it was guided.

This may remind some people of Sandia National Laboratory's guided bullet project. Sandia Lab are the one who are working with EXACTO program. It seems like in this case the projectile is closer to conventional size.

From: DARPA via The Firearm Blog

Russian AEK-971

Larry Vickers looks at the second Russian rifle he got to shoot while he was in Russia

From: Vickers Tactical

SIG Sauer factory tour has a nice video of SIG Sauer factory tour


Thursday, July 10, 2014

Semi-auto Springfield 1903

Jerry Miculek and Reed Knight show a very rare interesting rifle.


H&K VP9 review by MAC

MAC reviews this new item from H&K. There is a nice slo-mo video in the beginning.

From: Military Arms Channel

Tips for modifying polymer guns

Modern Service Weapons has a nice post on some recommendations on what to update if you are modifying a polymer gun.

From: Modern Service Weapons

GoPro Sportsman Mount

GoPro is finally introducing a mount for shooters. Sportsman Mount can be mounted on a cylindrical shaped part such as a barrel or fishing rod with a diameter of 0.4" to 0.9"(10mm to 23mm)

Price is $69.99

From: GoPro

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Aimpoint distance challenge

LAV shows how far one can shoot with 4MOA Aimpoint T1. The rule of thumb is that magnification X 100m is the distance the RDS is effective at. Of course shooter's ability can change that like here.

From: Vickers Tactical

Bullseye: Marine Combat Shooting Team

Army has AMU(Army Marksmanship Unit) and Marines are going for it too. They are training for a 3-gun competition.

From: Marines


Beltfed AR style rifle? Why yes!

From: GY6vids via

CA compliant Tavor coming

IWI will be making California-compliant Tavors. A rifle has to be at least 30 inches long and have a magazine lock instead of release. Most ARs in California use magazine lock part, but for Tavor it required different part due to its design.


Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Travis Haley doing 22422 speed drill

Travis Haley shows what you can do with this drill for both carbine and handguns and apply to improving shooter's skillset.



From: Haley Strategic

Frank Proctor Carbine course video AAR

Jerry Grim posted awesome video of Frank Proctor's carbine course AAR

From: Jerry Grim

Surefire M600P Fury Scout Light

This model is replacing previous Scout Light models. Emits 600 Lumens and has runtime of about 1.5 hrs. It comes with two switches, a pushbutton tailcap switch(momentary and click constant-on) and momentary-on tape switch with 7-inch cable with velcro backing.

Price: $349

From: SureFire

Monday, July 7, 2014

Dave Harrington - Shooting on the Move

Super Dave shows his skills with treadmill. If you are able to, take his class. It is an eye opener.

From: Pacific Pistol

Sig Sauer P227

Hickok45 looked at this new double stack .45 pistol from SIG

From: Hickok45

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Celebrating the 4th of July

Iraqveteran8888, Jerry Miculek, and FPS Russia does it with fun

From: Iraqveteran8888

Friday, July 4, 2014

Prototype full auto AR-10 from 1957

Jerry Miculel shoots AR-10 prototype from 1957.


US Army looking for new handgun

Fox News is reporting that US Army will hold an industry day on July 29 and talk to gun makers about the joint, Modular Handgun System(MHS).

This is to replace M9 as well as everything else. Gun, ammunition, holster. Expected purchase amount is 400,000 pistols. The idea is to have a platform that can use different calibers. The MHS will be an open-caliber competition that will also evaluate different calibers.

From: Fox News

New Zeland to replace Steyr Aug

According to the Janes(via Soldier Systems) New Zealand Defence Force got approval from the government to replace up to 8800 rifles. They cited difficulty in identifying enemy, lack of effectiveness outside of 200m.

They will have a competitive tender to purchase off the shelf replacement which should meet the requirement fo consistency from CQB distance to 500m.

From: Soldier Systems

HSP Incog Rifle Bag

This is a discreet carry bag developed by Travis Haley. Comes in Disruptive Grey, and you can store a 16-inch carbine without breaking it down.

Price: $170


From: Gear Scout

4th of July deals


Tactical Distributors

Thursday, July 3, 2014

G36 controversy continues

It seems like the G36 controversy has some fallouts. Zhukov from posted that

While he was reading

The German equivalent of the House Ways and Means Committee is now requiring that all contracts between industry and the defense ministry have to be reviewed and OKd by the committee. This includes contracts in low value (less than 25M Euros)

The problem continues to be the perceived massive inaccuracy afflicting the G36 when it gets hot - up to 7x the allowable deviation. There's a confidential report that basically questions investing 34M Euros in a rifle that "isn't sufficient to meet the requirement of the troops." There was a report that blamed certain lots of ammo, and it is not currently clear if it's the rifle or the ammo. 



The Firearm Blog dug up an old promotion video of KRISS Vector featuring Chris Costa.

From: LiveLeak via The Firearm Blog

Tips on modifying polymer guns

Tim Lau shares advice on how far he modifies his Glocks and M&Ps. Interenals are generally fitted with factory parts.

From: Modern Service Weapons

Texas Tech cheerleader hunts in Africa

...and you can guess it is causing an uproar in certain part of conservationist groups.

From:, Daily Mail

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

AI Covert

Larry Vickers demonstrates urban sniping with AI Covert

From: Vickers Tactical

Getting Started in Long Range Shooting

Military Arms Channel starts their multi-part series on how to get started in long range shooting. Plenty of tips on firearm, ammunition, and optics.

From: Military Arms Channel

Why BUIS is important - handgun

The Firearm Blog has a series of photo that shows importance of having a BUIS(Back Up Iron Sight) when you install a RMR.


From: The Firearm Blog

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

H&K G36 problem (potentially) indentified

According to a statement issued by Bundeswehr, the problem affecting G36 rifle was caused by bad ammunition. Specifically the thickness od copper jackets being too thin, as well as thickness of the shell casing.

Personally this seems like passing the blame. In the initial coverage of the problem, H&K stated that the rifle was made within specifications drawn up b German military, which didn't address the issue. There has been talks of some agencies in US that raised the problem. Furthermore, it is possible that the initial requirement for the rifle was intended for domestic use, not in some foreign land with exremely hot climate.

From: The Firearm Blog

SIG MPX article has an article on SIG MPX carbine. There has been some legal challenges raised by ATF over its compensator. Currently the lawsuit is stalled.



Thoughts on appendix carry

Tim Lau shares his thoughts on appendix carry. He points out the advantage of this carry method as well as some problems.


From: Modern Service Weapons

Beretta ARX100 review

Shooting Illustrated has a good lengthy review on this rifle.


From: Shooting Illustrated

Centurion Arms sale

Centurion Arms is having sale from 7/2 to 7/6. 10% off with Freedom2014

From: Centurion Arms