Saturday, January 30, 2016

USPSA Combat Optic division update

USPSA's January meeting decided to keep Combat Optics as a provisional division until Jane. 31, 2017. The reason is to collect more data. It still requires slide mounted optics and weight limit will be changed to 45oz with optic and empty magazine.

You can read the minute from here


Calico M900

MAC reviews this interesting carbine. It had some interesting ideas but practicality wasn't there.

From: Military Arms Channel

Friday, January 29, 2016

AK-47 vs AK-74

MrGunslinger Channel compares the two versions. This is a bit of break from the usual AK vs AR all over the internet

From: MrGunslinger Channel

Kalashnikov USA to build factory in Florida

Kalashnikov USA will be assembling their guns in Florida. It is moving its operation from current spot in Pennsylvania.


Project Galac-Tac armor

Galac-Tac made this armor and it appeared at SHOT, but I missed it.

You can get the armor from Galac-Tac, and AR500 Armor has the ballistic plates.


Thursday, January 28, 2016

Knights's Armament LMG

LAV goes over this new LMG. Knight's have strict photography policy and it is not easy to get photo of their product at SHOT Show

From: Vickers Tactical

RN-50 by Serbu covered this break-top .50 cal rifle priced under $850. This was developed with inputs from Youtuber Royal Nonesuch


CMP has some M1 Carbines

CMP announced that they have some M1 Carbines, but there are some restrictions.

Service grade is $685
Field grade is $625

Members can't choose company. CMP has M1 carbines from Inland, Winchester, IBM, Quality Hardware, Saginaw, Standard Product and Underwood

One carbine per year.

The pruchase will start in Feb. 1st.  It's locations will have some starting Feb 4th.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

2016 SHOT Show afterthoughts

Once again, a post about SHOT Show.

Expectations for this year's SHOT Show started out low. There were plenty of press-releases, but not enough to generate interests. Once on the floor, it got better. It is hard to expect revolutionary development from last 10 years or so, but there were some interesting products to cover.

1. Evolutionary, not revolutionary
There were some very fascinating developments from about 2004 to 2014, mainly by  various start-ups tackling some issues that 'mainstream' manufacturers were not able to fulfill. This was also helped by more efficient and affordable manufacturing methods.

With the industry in somewhat of downshift, many companies are playing safe. There are some who excel in development like SilencerCo, while many more play safe and just tweak existing models a little.

This doesn't mean there is no progress. Taking smaller steps can lead to improvements in future, but after seeing stellar advancements in last 10 years makes it look pale in comparison.

2. (More) shift towards civilian market
It is no secret that a lot of companies were hoping to take a share of military/police market. In the last few years military budgets were cut, and some police did not fully recover from the Great Recession. That meant civilian market was the place to be. Competition, CCW were two topics that dominated last few years, and unfavorable political climate helped with increase in firearm sales.

A lot of products in this years SHOT Show seemed to be geared towards the civilian market, or at least neutral. Companies known mostly for military gear were comparatively quieter compared to a few years back. Some companies that make simulation equipment for training were absent or reduced their footprint this year. These are part of industry that doesn't translate well to civilian market and they were not seen.

3. ARs in various non-traditional calibers
ARs always had some caliber other than .223(5.56x45mm) such as 6.8 SPC, 6.5 Grendel, 9mm, but this year confirmed that the market is definitely expanding their offerings.

First there were several manufacturers coming up with 9mm ARs as well as pistol calibers. Palmetto State Armory has a few, and QuarterCirlce 10 made their debut, as well as LWRC showing off SMG in .45. There were some other manufacturers not covered, but it's now apparent that the market is looking to expand this niche market, or maybe there is a growing segment of this market.

Second, 7.62x39mm was generally considered as the caliber of AK-47, but now there are several companies offering that in AR. Just 10-12 years ago, an AR in such caliber was a unicorn, but last year CMMG came up with a product that really caught people's eye, as well as Palmetto State Armory coming up with one.

It is now hard to argue against notion that AR platform is really widespread. It is becoming the basis for which innovations are tested upon. Saturation of ARs has directed manufacturers to adapt and make something to stand out. It will be interesting how this situation goes.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Other parts of the SHOT Show

Sometimes it is more interesting to see things not related to the show itself

Benchmade brought out their service desks on the floor. Need your Benchmade sharpened or fixed? Here it is.

Colt is getting their act together and the name itself sparks some interest even if it is just another version of 1911 or AR15. You can see Ken Hackathorn and Larry Vickers on the far left, Jim Scoutten of Shooting USA on right

Probably the biggest gun in the show - Dillon Aero's guns

Doug Koenig and Jerry Miculek at S&W booth

Doug Koenig and Max Michel demonstrating

FireWire - a new type of skewer. Not sure if I want to eat straight from it but who knows.

Geissele had shirt that gets in to the spirit

Instructor Zero at the Media day

Magnus Samuelsson. It was a good idea not to challenge him for a round of arm wrestling

4 Perazzis - take a guess on price


Pink airsoft guns. Not the first time we see it, not the last.

Here's someone who can decorate their scooter. The rear had a sticker that read 'I accelerate for zombies'

Wolf Ammo had...wolf

Monday, January 25, 2016


Walther definitely is coming up with some very interesting pistols.

PPQ 45 is a long-awaited version of this pistol. The recoil has the recoil characteristics of its 9mm brother but is not that bad.

PPS M2 is a new version of their conceal carry pistol and was a hoot to shoot. The recoil seemed to be comparable or even less than M&P Shield. It will be interesting when the gun is fully released to the market.

Smith & Wesson

Smith & Wesson came out with Victory 22 pistol. This pistol replaces the old 21 pistols and the experience at the range day was a pleasant one. The magazine release located at the correct spot was definitely a welcome, and the base model itself was good, but adding Volquartsen barrel really steps a notch up.


SureFire didn't have that many new models as previous years, but there were some interesting items.

First one is FirePak which can be attached to SureFire smartphone case. The smartphone case is made for iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy 5, and you can attach the lights. The light emits maximum of 1500 lumens and you can adjust the brightness using Bluetooth setting. The light part can also work as emergency charger. About $250 and will be released 3 months from now

Many of SureFire's flagship lights got the Intellibeam incorporated to it.

Here is M600

P3X Fury

R1 Lawman

Sidekick is a light that looks like a key fob and should be lighter and more inconspicuous compared to Titan series.


Streamlight came out with Protac Rail Mount lights. Mount 1 emits 350 lumens while Mount 2 emits 625 lumens.

Springfield Armory

Springfield Armory came out with M1A SOCOM 16 CQB. This version has places for reflex sights, AR style stock, and the pistol grip

XD Mod 2 in .40 S&W is out and shoots just as well as other .40 S&W XDs. The grip saw some improvements


SilenerCo came out with Maxim 9 a few months ago and they are really making interesting progress. Unlike the initial version based on S&W M&P pistol, they are working with Glock magazine and sights for the most recent version. The gun is designed by the SilencerCo and the baffle can be shortened or lengthened depending what the shooter wants.


SIG SAUER booth was probably the most expensive booth of this show and the company is advertising their guns as much as they can. Some of the new guns are

SIG716 - AR in 7.62 caliber

PM400 rifle Scorpion with PSB using 5.56 caliber

SIG P210 - revival of the old SIG pistol that was famous for its trigger and quality. The engineers at SIG redesigned a few things such as magazine release to fit the market's taste

P320 compact with manual safety - this modular pistol has been around and SIG is adding a few more features such as manual safety. You can also see the Target version as well.

There was a version ready for slide-mounted red dot as well


Ruger is known for working on guns its fanbase likes but they do venture outside of their comfort zone and challenge themselves. American 9 pistol was built with US Army's Modular Handgun System in mind and has the features called for in the solicitation. However I  was not able to get a straight answer from Ruger if they will submit this pistol or not.

The actual shooting took out some of excitement. The trigger was not exactly the best in the market and it took some time to get used to. Reset was long and the break was just a bit too soft. Some people pointed out the bad ergonomics that hurts the web of finger and unfortunately have to agree with it.

Hopefully Ruger can fix it a bit more.

Raven Concealment Systems

RCS has been known for their holsters and now they are expanding in to other markets as well. Here is the first example of the effort, the Freya. This is a magazine well for Glock 17 and 19. It was very well blend in with the gun. RCS said they will offer it for both Gen 3 and Gen 4. Price will be $94.99

Balor is a red-dot sight mounting system made of two pieces. One piece is for attaching the sight. This part replaces rear sight. The second part replaces slide back plate and  allows the first part and second part to fit.

There has been similar system by Dueck Defense, but this is in two parts. It also has integrated front sight. Price is going to be $199.99

Both are planned for release in May.


QuarterCircle10 is a bit of new comer, first time at SHOT show. They have been making 9mm ARs for sometime, and this year, an AR lower that takes H&K MP5 magazines. Magazine can be released by push button like an AR instead of using paddle. M&K's MP5 had a push button release that was too far away from shooting hand to be practical but with AR ergonomics this is a lot easier.

QuarterCircle10 also has lowers that can accept Glock magazines and Colt SMG magazines as well

Palmetto State Armory

PSA has been working on firearms for a few years and now there are some interesting variations of ARs available. First is the KS47, an AR that takes AK magazine.

Initailly it looks like it's from CMMG, but there was no way to comfirm who makes this rifle. This rifle will come with Key Mod rail, but also in classic handguard model.

PSA also has a 9mm AR they have been selling for sometime. It works with their 9mm upper and some other variants. It uses 9mm Glock magazine


Magpul is known for their polymer products and they came out with some new versions of their butt stock, but this year the company is entering another market - clothing. The belts and gloves were not the only ones they had in mind. Here are caps, clothings.

They also have a pouch called DAKA pouch and behind in the photo is claymore pouch