Tuesday, October 15, 2019

S&T Motiv's new rifle STC-16

S&T Motiv(formerly Known as Daewoo) is the company in charge of South Korea's standard issue rifles. Recently some information came out regarding a new rifle that looks like an AR variant.

Looking at the video, it seems to have ambidextrous features for safety selector, magazine release, and bolt release. It's unclear how the new bolt release systems works as a bolt lock or not, but unlike a lot of AR, it is located right in front of the trigger guard.

Gas systems seems to be a short-stroke gas system.

Some parts are reusing K1 and K2 rifles parts, such as magazine release and selector lever.

Supposedly it uses 1:7 twist barrel in 12 to 16 inches

Instead of updating the K1/K2 like with K2C1 and K2C , it's a possible change from nearly 40 years of K1/K2 design. It's unknown what prompted this change, but it will be interesting how this develops from here.

From: Bemil and Weapon Outfitters

Next Generation Squad Weapon candidates

NGSW has been gathering interest and the photographs of candidates are now showing up. The photographs of candidates from General Dynamics and Textron was recently published on Soldier Systems Daily

General Dynamics Ordnance And Tactical Systems

Textron Systems

Sig Sauer

From: Soldier Systems Daily

Swedish K

LAV shoots the Egyptian licensed version in this video, which is essentially the same.

This gun was well-regarded and had uses outside of US Special Forces during the Vietnam War as some helicopter pilots carried it. There was a story called 'The Curse of Swedish K' from a long time ago.

The gun also made an appearance in movie 'Godfather'

From: Vickers Tactical

Hyde/Marlin M2

Ian shoots the unfortunate gun that didn't get its chance to perform.

Shooting video

From: Forgotten Weapons

CIA's Deer Gun

This was another attempt at making cheaply made firearm for resistance in enemy territory, just like the Liberator pistols. The difference was that this was in 9mm(Liberator was .45 ACP) and is made of cast steal(Liberator was stamped steal)

From: Forgotten Weapons

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Mle 1866 Chassepot

Ian shoots the famous paper cartridge rifle. You can see how long it takes before the blot has hard time loading next round

From: Forgotten Weapons

The Assault Weapon Ban - 15 Years Later

InRange TV goes over the Assault Weapon Ban.

The video covers the history and the period setup until about 12:20. Then the competition video is shown and a bit more commentary about the AWB starting 19:35

During the AWB, price of standard capacity magazines were high. SIG P226 or Gock 17 magazine would go for nearly $100.

From: InRange TV