Monday, May 18, 2020

Japan unveils Type 20 rifle

Japanese Self Defense Force unveiled its Type 20 rifle. It has similar features as a SCAR and is chambered for 5.56 NATO round, although 7.62 version may be in development

According to an article on Nihon Keizai Shimbun, each rifle will cost about 280,000 Yen(about $2,600 US). 3,000 rifles will be purchased on Fiscal Year 2020.

300 H&K SPF9(VP9 in US) will be purchased this year as well.

Tuesday, March 24, 2020


Sales of firearms and ammunitions are on the rise again in the wake of COVID-19 crisis. Some try to explain it by saying people want a tangible item to ease the fear, but what's left out is the fact that fear may lead to social unrest, necesating the possession of firearms.

This is a sad photograph of people lining up in front of a gun store in Los Angeles. Technically in Culver City, but there are hardly any  gun stores in City of Los Angeles, so people have to drive out to surrounding cities to get in line for one.

California has 10 day waiting period, as well as background check for purchase of ammunition. Everyone in the line has to wait 10 days before they can pick up their purchased gun.

If any one had their guns before, then they would have avoided this situation. If anyone had enough ammunition to go with that gun, they would have avoided this situation.

Same goes for training. It is very unlikely that people rushing to buy firearms are sufficiently proficient in its use. Having a firearm is better than having just a pointy stick, but learning how to effectively use a firearm in self-defense situation requires some amount of training.

This is something that can't be done in an hour. It requires frequent training and refreshers. It's not about some high-speed-low-drag course, but a course where basic tactics are taught should be sufficient.

When the situation happens, there is no time for rehearsal. You have to deal with it.

Hopefully, this crisis will remind people to invest in firearms as a part of self-defense and sustainment in the time of crisis. Even better would be getting some training and retraining the skill.

This extends to other parts of life as well. There is a need to learn basic skills in first-aid, mechanical devices. We can't just rely on apps to get us through tough times. Each individual must be able to conduct some degree of action to protect themselves.

Saturday, December 7, 2019

Japanese Self Defense Forces gets new firearms

Japanese Ministry of Defense announced they chose HOWA 5.56 rifle to replace Type 89 rifles.

Also, H&K SFP9(known as VP9 in US) will be the standard issue pistol.

For rifles, the contenders were HK 416 and FN SCAR-L, and for pistols Beretta APX and Glock 17.

No words on production date, but considering it took years to replace Type 89, it will be a long time for HOWA 5.56 to be issued to everyone.

This is a drawing supposedly to be that of HOWA 5.56

Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Dan Wesson DWX

Product page:

Dan Wesson is coming out with a mix of 1911 and a CZ. Dan Wesson DWX features a single trigger like a 1911, slide like a 1911, safety like a 1911, but uses CZ grip contour and magazine.

Comes in 9mm with 19 round capacity.

MSRP is $1,799


From: Dan Wesson

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

S&T Motiv's new rifle STC-16

S&T Motiv(formerly Known as Daewoo) is the company in charge of South Korea's standard issue rifles. Recently some information came out regarding a new rifle that looks like an AR variant.

Looking at the video, it seems to have ambidextrous features for safety selector, magazine release, and bolt release. It's unclear how the new bolt release systems works as a bolt lock or not, but unlike a lot of AR, it is located right in front of the trigger guard.

Gas systems seems to be a short-stroke gas system.

Some parts are reusing K1 and K2 rifles parts, such as magazine release and selector lever.

Supposedly it uses 1:7 twist barrel in 12 to 16 inches

Instead of updating the K1/K2 like with K2C1 and K2C , it's a possible change from nearly 40 years of K1/K2 design. It's unknown what prompted this change, but it will be interesting how this develops from here.

From: Bemil and Weapon Outfitters

Next Generation Squad Weapon candidates

NGSW has been gathering interest and the photographs of candidates are now showing up. The photographs of candidates from General Dynamics and Textron was recently published on Soldier Systems Daily

General Dynamics Ordnance And Tactical Systems

Textron Systems

Sig Sauer

From: Soldier Systems Daily

Swedish K

LAV shoots the Egyptian licensed version in this video, which is essentially the same.

This gun was well-regarded and had uses outside of US Special Forces during the Vietnam War as some helicopter pilots carried it. There was a story called 'The Curse of Swedish K' from a long time ago.

The gun also made an appearance in movie 'Godfather'

From: Vickers Tactical