Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Mle 1866 Chassepot

Ian shoots the famous paper cartridge rifle. You can see how long it takes before the blot has hard time loading next round

From: Forgotten Weapons

The Assault Weapon Ban - 15 Years Later

InRange TV goes over the Assault Weapon Ban.

The video covers the history and the period setup until about 12:20. Then the competition video is shown and a bit more commentary about the AWB starting 19:35

During the AWB, price of standard capacity magazines were high. SIG P226 or Gock 17 magazine would go for nearly $100.

From: InRange TV

Thursday, August 1, 2019

Belgian GP35

Ian shows some of changes early High Powers went through when they were adopted by Belgians

From: Forgotten Weapons

Dan Wesson Tactical Compact Pistol

Dan Wesson announced this pistol in 2018 and now it is available on market

It features alloy frame with rail, U-notch rear sight and brass bead front sight. It is in .45 ACP(8 rounds) or 9mm Parabellum(9 rounds).

MSRP is around $1,700

Website: https://danwessonfirearms.com/product/tcp/

From: Dan Wesson

Ukrainian IPI Vulcan (Malyuk) rifles

The Firearm Blog has pictures of the bullpup rifles used by Ukraine Special Forces.


From: The Firearm Blog

BCM Gunfighter Stocks

Here's a quick run down of different models

From: Vickers Tactical

TangoDown Aimpoint ACRO Mount for Glock MOS

TangoDown came out with the mount for Aimpoint ACRO. This is only for Glock MOS models.

Price: $28.95

Website: https://tangodown.com/tangodown-aam-01-acro-mount-for-glock-mos-models/

From: Tango Down