Thursday, September 29, 2016

Benelli B-76 pistol

LifeSizePotato has video of this really rare gun that was made in small numbers and imported in to US in even smaller numbers. It is so rare that the Wikipedia page for the pistol only says Benelli made this without further information except technical details.

From: LifeSizePotato

Spanish Astra 900 Stocked Pistol

Here's another pistol that was a copy of the Broomhandle on the surface but not inside.

From: Forgotten Weapons

Textron 6.5mm Case-Telescoped Carbine

Textron is a company working on rifles using case-telescoped ammunition made from plastic. It is said to be about 40% lighter than the standard comparable brass ammunition.

The ammunition of choice is 6.5mm for the projectm which is more of intermediate caliber.

From: Kitup

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Sturmgewehr MP-44

Ian goes over Sturmgewehr MP-44 from the begining to end. The video is supposed to help people who are new to this gun to begin with

From: Forgotten Weapons

Modern Day Marine 2016 from SSD

Soldier Systems Daily is covering the Modern Day Marine 2016 and there are some interesting tidbits

1. FN's collaboration with Hodge Defense System
FN is coming out with a version of Hodge Defense System's AU Mod-2. Two variants are Gan II and Gen II Pro. They won't have Hodge Defense's Aluminum Lithium components, but comes in variety of barrel lengths. Expect commercial version to debut at SHOT Show

2. CSASS with Geissele M-LOK rail
H&K won the CSASS selection, and instead of HK version of the KeyMod, they are sporting M-LOK on Geisselle rail.

3. Magpul DAKA pouch for suppressors
Magpul made a DAKA ouch version that is good for carrying suppressors. It's not for warm suppressors, just the cool ones.

5. 5.11 HEXGRID carrier
5.11 is getting in to plate carrier market with hexagonal cut item. This allows wearer to place pouches in diagonal way

From: Soldier Systems Daily

Kriss Vector 10mm

MAC goes over this new version chambered for 10mm. There are some changes, such as the light holder gone, and the gun comes with non-foldable stock(that can be exchanged)

From: Military Arms Channel

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Vietnamese backyard 1911 copy

We've seen some crude guns from Peshawar gun builders and slightly better ones from Phillipines but Vietnam had its own moment as well, evidenced by this 1911 copy. However, one interesting thing is that whoever built the copy had some idea of how trigger bar safety mechanism would work in other designs, namely Spanish pistols.

From: Forgotten Weapons