Tuesday, January 31, 2017

More Kalashnikov USA products

LAV goes over what Kalashnikov USA will come out with now that the company is getting ready to go

From: Vickers Tactical

1867 Werndl Military Rifle

Ian is once again covering RIA auction guns. This time a rifle form Austro-Hungarian military

From: Forgotten Weapons

Saturday, January 28, 2017

KSK Tactical shooting

Bundeswehr (German military) teamed up with video journalist Olli to show some aspects of their top unit KSK in the video series named "Mit Olli beim KSK"(With Olli at the KSK). The 6th episode deal with shooting practice.

From: Bundeswehr

Friday, January 27, 2017

Remington RP9

MAC looked at this new pistol from Remington

From: Military Arms Channel


This is an item I missed at the SHOT Show, but glad LAV covered it

From: Vickers Tactical

Wednesday, January 25, 2017


Walther came up with Q5 Match.  As the name suggests, it was made for match, with specially coated trigger for better pull. It can also mount various RDS on the slide.

CREED is the affordable version of their pistol line. It replaces PPX and probably better than it. The trigger might not be to everyone's taste, as the slack is a bit long, but the break is clean with slightly long reset.


Vortex came out with Viper PST scope. This 1-6x scope is a bit more economical than their top of line RAZOR HD Gen 2. The glass is quite good and while it may not be as good as that of RAZOR HD Gen 2, the difference is not going to be that much noticeable when shooter is busy chasing targets. It's a bit longer than RAZOR HD Gen 2, but is a bit lighter as well.

AMG UH-1 is Vortex's version of holographic sight. The reticle is quite similar to EOTech's but with some space in some areas

Viper RDS is red dot sight for pistols and gives good window of view


Troy showed their updated M7A1 PDW. It is definitely an interesting carbine.

They are also showed retro rifles here.

Some more coverage from Soldier Systems Daily



Trijicon had several products out, none of which I was not able to take photo of.

MRO Patrol is for those who want all-in-one package. It has threading for mounting reflection reduction device or cover in front of the objective lens. The mount is a co-witness mount with one-handed quick detach.

HD XR Night sight

This is the new version of HD night sights for pistol, with thinner front sight. The front sight is thinner allowing more thins to be seen. The rear sight is the same as the HD, but for now, Trijicon is selling two as a set. Hopefully they will sell front sight by itself.

You can see the photo from Soldier Systems Daily



Tikka has T3x chambered in .308 Win. There is Tactical version as well as Compact Tactical rifle version.


This is a compact thermal camera that uses smartphone. It has 640x480 resolution and has range of 1700 ft.


Steyr showed their sense of preparedness (or humor) with the Emergency Marine Kit. Nothing says stand back like a bright orange color.


S&W showed off the M&P 2.0, their entry in to MHS. It didn't make it, but the improvement was definitely noticeable.

First, the trigger pull was improved. Unlike the early M&P9 there was a tactile reset, and it probably even outperforms APEX trigger.

The stippling was very well done and will do a great job improving your grip.


SureFire came out with various lights as always.

XC2 included laser as part of the package

XH15 is the news economical weapon light. It costs only $150 or so with 350 lumen output good for 1 hour and 15 minutes. The design might be a a bit of off putting for SureFire aficionados, but with the weapon light being competitive and call for more economical lights increasing, SureFire is not stepping away from the competition.

Another interesting item is the HD1-R holster a.k.a. "Masterfire". This holster allows user to choose whether the light should be activated or not when it comes out of a holster using the switch on the holster.

The holster also has a lock feature, just below the switch that can retain the handgun. The design also allows guns with suppressors on it to be mounted.

It also has a Level 3 retention with thumb lock on the other side.

This holster works with XH15, XH35, XH 55G, X400U, X300UH lights.


SureFire Institute came out with a lower receiver made out of high-strength polymer. It is about 1 lbs lighter than the traditional AR lowers. It was developed with E3 Arms, and users can engage safety no matter what the condition of the gun is.


Streamlight came out with several hand held lights

Strion DS HL has 700 lumens and runs 1.25 hrs on high. It also has low light setting

Strion DS HPL is similar to HL, but has long range targeting beam. It also has medium setting

Strion DS is the smallest of all with 375 lumens, but it lasts 2 hours using rechargable lithium ion battery

ProTac 2L-X is 500 lumens with 2.75 hour running time. It uses two CR123A batteries or rechargeable 18650 battery

ProTac HL-X is the higher output version with 1000 lumens. It runs 1.25 hrs

Standard Manufacturing

Standard Manufacturing showed DP-12, a shotgun that can shoot two rounds with one racking. This year they showed off the Volleyfire, a pistol that can shoot two rounds at the same time with one trigger pull.

It is chambered in .25acp for now, but they are seriously considering other calibers as well. It looks very similar to concepts used by COP .357 and Derringers as well.

They also came out with 1911s. The quality was definitely present.


SilencerCo officially made MAXIM 9 as their main showcase this year. The pistol will be available in April. It features spaces for red dot sights as well. SilencerCo staff were wearing a custom holster to show that Maxim 9 is not difficult to carry at all.

SIG Sauer

This SHOT Show was a great one for SIG as the announcement of MHS selection hit the floor on Thursday.

The new pistol they came out with was P320 X-5 that is made for competition, as well as P320 VTAC, made with inputs form Kyle Lamb of Viking Tactics.

They are also expanding in to pellet gun market as well.

Raven Concealment Systems

RCS did not have anything new, but there were some changes made to their manufacturing process. Instead of the old way of making kydex holsters, they now use vacuum forming, which makes the manufacturing faster and more uniform. RCS is not getting rid of the classic Phantom holsters, but it will be made with the new process.

Another change was the open bottom which allows debris to fall out and allow guns with threaded barrels to be used.


Magpul celebrated 10th anniversary of PMAG with display showing history of PMAGs. It had some interesting examples such as the magazine used by the SEAL team that took down  Osama Bin Laden as well as the cast of The Walking Dead. It was interesting to see that in 2007, they made 10,000 PMAGs, but the year after, they sold 1 million PMAGs. It has been a great year for Magpul as they were officially authorized by the USMC to be used.

Here's the panoramic view. Click for the bigger photo

Hartman sights

Hartman sight was an interesting sight. It offers a reticle simple enough to use but with horizontal line that can be used to show if the shooter is canting the rifle or not.

It is rechargeable with USB cable, and can use CR123A battery as well.

Micro RONI

This conversion allows shooters to have more stable shooting platform with just a Glock. It was not hard to get 200 yard shot with this conversion product.

It has thumb rest off support hand, slide release, charging handle, folding stock.

To install, user has to put the charging handle on the slide, stick the pistol in the frame, lock it and that's it. One draw back is that it maybe difficult to lock the slide back when without an empty magazine.

Lithgow FS90 Atrax

This is the new issued rifle for Austrailian Defense Force. It can be thought of as the improved Steyr Aug, but Lithgow is making it, thus it is not at the Steyr booth. It had some internal mechanism changes and is lighter than Steyr Aug

The weapon light on the rifle is PK Lab's Rocket weapon light.