Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Magpul MBUS Pro sights, 1911 grip pannels

Magpul released MBUS Pro front and rear sight. These are made of steel and elevation can be adjusted easily for front sight, while rear sight has windage knob.

Price will be $84.95 for the front sight, $104.95 for rear sight

They also released their first 1911 grip pannels. It is made from carbon reinforced polymer. It has a large cut out for thumbs for easy magazine release access. Currently it is only available in Dark Carbon gray

Price: $24.95

From: Magpul

SIG Tac SB15 Stabilizing Brace

From: SIG Tac

Monday, April 29, 2013

How ammo is made

NRA has video showing how Hornady makes their ammunitions.

From: NRA Pub

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Trijicon promo vids

Trijicon uploaded promo videos for their product lines including SRS, RMR and iron sights.

SRS: http://youtu.be/xVGfx0Bq_MA
RMR: http://youtu.be/I9L4nqdCi9I
Iron sights: http://youtu.be/ycRRHTQNXxg
Optics fro LE and MIL: http://youtu.be/Vfx8N0Mnk7Y
Accupoint and TARS: http://youtu.be/yANjsDhUsGY
ACOG: http://youtu.be/hs2zZ0Vvd7U

Dan Wesson is coming back

After devastating fire that closed the factory in Nov. 2012 Dan Wesson is finally up and running in a new place. They will be able to deliver new guns very soon

Contact information
Dan Wesson Contact Information:
Product Information: http://www.cz-usa.com/products/by-brand/dan-wesson/
Warranty and repair: dwservice@cz-usa.com OR 607-336-1174
Parts: dwparts@cz-usa.com OR 607-336-1174

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Miculek on 1911

Jerry Miculek talks about 1911s, ammunitions and of course, shoots the guns.

From: MiculekDotCom

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Ammo scarcity hitting police departments

Ammo scarcity is hitting even the police. Big departments probably have a good contract that covers their yearly need, but some smaller departments might be out of luck.

This article is from Richmond, CA. Richmond PD is using airsoft guns (and SIRT training guns) for practice instead of live ammunition. I don't know what they will accomplish with no colored muzzle, but this might be better than no training at all.

Notice the 1*(1 ass to risk) on the slide of real gun around 0:50

Advice before going pro

Paul Erhardt wrote a great article that talks about things to consider if you are thinking of going pro in competition shooting. This may look a bit too business-like but being a pro means being a professional and Mr. Erhardt points out some important points.

From: Shooting Wire

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Jerry Miculek shoots 27 rounds in 3.7 seconds

We've already seen him break the record with revolver now see just how awesome he is with a 1911 in 9mm.

From: MiculekDotCom

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Gross vs fine motor skills explanation

The debate happens fairly often on gun forums - which loading method to use? Slide lock or sling shot/overhand method? Proponents of overhand method cite gross motor skills, but Mike Pannone breaks the dogma.

From: Soldier Systems

Friday, April 19, 2013

Boston terrorist hunt photos

Slate.com has some photos of police officers who are looking for the Boston Marathon terrorists.

From: Slate.com

FBI reference firearms collection

FBI uploaded video of their reference firearm collection. You can see many interesting firearms.

From: FBI

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Jerry Miculek shoots V-Drill

This is the 3rd video from his Shoot Fast! series. This drill incorporates memory skill as well as shooting skill.

From: MiculekDotCom

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

How rifle owners see themselves and others

From: Looserounds.com

USAF Security Forces mandates Safariland holster

USAF Security Forces will no longer authorize purchase of Blackhawk SERPA holsters, while mandating use of Safariland 6004/6005 holsters. There has been plenty of talk about short comings of SERPA holsters and this seems to add fule to the fire, if there are ambers left.

From: Soldier Systems

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Shoot Fast! with Jerry Miculek

Jerry Miculek has been posting several bideos of him shooting various guns.

S&W 327 & 627 Revolvers

M1 Garand

From: MiculekDotCom

Friday, April 12, 2013

Chris Dorner's gun for sale

Bargain Pawn in Las Vegas is auctioning off gun that Chris Dorner sold them. According to the descrption,

Astra model 960 revolver in .38 Spl and with 4” barrel. Action and bore are very good. Appears to have been refinished and exterior is in very nice shape. Appears to be fully functional. 

Bargain Pawn is planning to any proceeds from the sale to victims's families.

From: Gunroker

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Forbes on ammo shortage

Forbes has an article on current ammo shortage and managed to find some interesting tidbits including estimation of size of ammunition market. It also talks about Olin manufacturing(Winchester)

From: Forbes

North Korean shooter training center

According to my friend this is about their training center. You can see variants of AKs and CZ pistols in the video.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

5.11 Tactical Kilt back on sale

5.11 is making the Tactical Duty Kilt available for a limited time again. Last year they posted this April Fool's joke which turned into actual production. They are selling it once again until April 30th.

Panteao Kickstarter

Panteao production is jumping in to Kickstarter project to build new studio as well as a range so they can film more. The new headquarter will be in South Carolina on 34 acre parcel.

Pledges range from $5 to $10,000. Currently, there are 17 backers who pledged $1,311

This ends on May 9th, 2013

From: Kickstarter

Police One Gun policy survey

PoliceOne.com conducted a survey for 15,000 officers in US on Gun control. It strongly denies notion that police are against gun control. You can read more about the survey here.


From: PoliceOne.com

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Phillipine's Judge Jimmy

Jaime “Jimmy” Santiago was a former SWAT who rescued hostages and neutralize hostage takers which brought him some fame 25 years ago. Now he is a judge and he packs his guns for his protection.

From: Bobby Ronoco, Reuters

Armalite AR-30A1 review

Guns America reviewed Armalite AR-30A1 in .338 Lapua. Review is generally positive, and also points out some shortcomings(small bolt handle, safety)

From: Guns America

Friday, April 5, 2013

Hello Kitty holster review

Kit up! has review of OTG(Off The Grid)'s Hello Kitty holster. Most Hello Kitty stuffs have a sticker or some color added to it, but this OTG holster looks like one too.

From: Kit Up

Engraved Glock 35

Most of the time when "Glock" and "engraved" are written together, it doesn't go well, but this one is very well done.

From: Gun Broker

Conan O'Brien joins civil war reenactors

Still have that memory of him shooting guns with Hunter S. Thompson, and now this.

From: Team Coco

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Magpul new products shipping now

Magpul is now shipping

MS4 Dual QD - Multi mission slings ($59.95)
PMAG10 AR/M4 Gen M3 magazines ($13.95)
PMAG AR/M4 Gen M3 Minus 5 and Minus 10 round limiters($13.95)

From: Magpul

Combat mindset after shooting

Modern Service Weapons has an excellent article on aftermath of a shooting. It is a bit longer article than most of those you see on line but it is owrth reading.

From: Modern Service Weapons

Armordillo Concealment X-Fer holster review

ITS Tactical has review of Armordillo Concealment X-Fer holster. Unlike other holsters, this works by holstering the light your gun is attached to.

Link to Armordillo website : http://www.armordilloconcealment.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=X-FER

From: ITS Tactical

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Brownell's Springfield XD maintenance vids

This time Brownells talks about how to maintain your Springfield XD/XDm
Part 1: Disassembly

Part 2: Cleaning
Part 3: lubrication
Part 4: Reassembly

From: Brownells

Uncle Mike's April holster rebate

Anyone who buys Uncle Mike's holster in April will be eligible for a 50% rebate on the purchase price. Holsters must be purchased between April 1st and April 30th, 2013 at US retailers. Rebates must be postmarked by May 15, 2012.

You can send the rebate form along with copy of the sales receipt, original UPC barcode.

From: Uncle Mike's holster

CTC DS-121 Defender series Accu-guard laser sight

Crimson Trace now has DS-121 Defender series Accu-guard laser sight for Glocks(Fullsize and Compact) in stock.

Price: $129

From: Crimson Trace

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Travis Haley on tactical lights

Travis Haley talks about reason why his HSP WML has certain features. It covers more than just the idea of lumens, and talks about things that could impact tactical use.

From: Haley Strategic

NRA reviews Tavor

NRA produced a 3 min video reviewing Tavor.

From: NRA

Ammo manufacturer's story on dealing with Ammo Scare 2013

Guns & Ammo has a nice article on how ammunition makers are dealing with current Ammo scare. There is nothing malicious these makers are doing and they are just trying to catch up.

From: Guns & Ammo

Monday, April 1, 2013

S&W and Glock to work together on a new pistol

Glock has been dominating polymer framed pistol market for decades and now they will work with Smith & Wesson in a joint project to develop a new pistol.

In recent years, S&W M&P has been chipping away Glock's market share, which lead to uncomfortable relationship. However, both companies decided to join their strong points together and produce a product that could thwart further competition from H&K and FN, as well as Springfield Armory. 

It has been rumored that at least two of the three aforementioned competitors are working on a new polymer pistol, which gave birth to this strategic alliance. Both companies hope to combine Glock's efficient streamlined production know-how with S&W's marketing research and design capability to develop a new pistol.

A possible prototype was shown by tactical instructor Rick Taylor, and a photo of the pistol has been obtained by GNB.

No news on actual production, but hopefully we will have some idea when next April Fools Day comes around. April fools!