Sunday, September 30, 2012

It's all about accuracy - IDPA

When the Balloon Goes Up has an analysis of IDPA nationals by Ron Larimer and came to some interesting conclusions. (If you don't like statistics, this article may confuse you)

1. There is not much difference between divisions. (Figure 2). I'm not sure if there were some rigorous statistical analysis done to see if the raw time, points down, and other penalties are significantly different, but it looks really like it supports Larimer's conclusion.

2. Ranks tell the shooter's ability to land accurate shots fast. Each rank a shooter advances, they are 15-20% faster and more accurate.(Figure 3) According to Larimer,

On average… DM’s 14% faster, but receive 43% few er points down than Masters.  Masters are 19% faster, but receive 32% fewer points down than Experts. Experts are 13% faster, but receive 20% fewer penalties than SharpShooters and the gap between SharpShooters and Marksman is about the same.

Furthermore, he had an interesting analysis of moving between classes(expert to master).

Assuming the nationals required 180 rounds, the average Expert would need to shave...
.39 seconds off each shot to be an average Master...
.08 seconds will be gained in better accuracy...
maybe .05 seconds can be gained in splits.
The other .25 second PER ROUND has to be made up in “non-shooting” skills including drawing, reloading, moving between positions and target transitions.

On a side note, last year I looked up Ken Hackathorn's results from 2011 Carolina Cup. He shot CDP division, taking 12th place out of 73 people in the division(83.56 percentile). Overall, he was 66th out of 325 people.(79.69 percentile)

His raw time ranking was 132, putting him in 59.38 percentile (overall).

So how did Ken Hackathorn reach 79.69 percentile when his time was only at 59.38 percentile?

His accuracy. Hackathorn was the 6th most accurate shooter.

Considering he was competing against someone who could be his grandchild, it shows the importance of accuracy.

Costa Ludus 2013 schedule is out

Chris Costa posted his training schedule for 2013.

From: Costa Ludus

Tactical Distributor Fall sale

Tactical Distributor is having a fall sale right now. There are 94 items and the sale will go on until they are sold out.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Modified Navy Qualification Drill

Shooting Illustrated has description of Navy Qualification drill for rifles. It was developed by former SEAL Jeff Gonzales(Trident Concepts) and requires 15 rounds.

Target is 8 inch center zone at 50 yards.
You need 3 magazines, 5 in each.
Start with low ready position, loaded.

5 rounds from standing, reload, shoot 5 from kneeling, reload, and 5 more from prone. Time stpos when you fire your last shot. Par time is 25 seconds.

Scoring: add 5 points for each miss, 2 points for every shot over par. Subtract 1 point for every second under par.

Here's the video by Jeff Gonzales

From: Shooting Illustrated

2012 IDPA Nationals video

Here is another video from 2012 IDPA Nationals by Mark Goede. It includes description of stages too.

and this one is from Hobershot

Friday, September 28, 2012

Dave Spaulding's Handgun Combatives DVD

Dave Spaulding is releasing training DVD with Paladin press. Here are some excerpts

Website description reads
In Part 1 Dave Spaulding teaches you how to master essential skills that determine whether you will prevail in an armed encounter. From grip, stance, weapon retention, concealed draws, seated shooting to live-fire drills – everything in this video is geared to helping you become a much more confident, efficient and proficient handgun shooter.

In Part 2: Spaulding shows you how to apply the handgun shooting essentials you learned from Part 1 to more advanced scenarios: from vehicles, in low-light or inconsistent lighting, in extreme close quarters, to the rear, or when clearing a building in a one-man-entry operation.

Here are videos: Part 1

Part 2

From: Down Range TV

Costa leg rig

High Speed Gear made special leg rig for Chris Costa. They come in different models that accomodates .308 AR magazines, AR magazines, AK magazines, pistol magazines.

The TACOS are threaded together so they cannot be separated.

Unfortunately at this moment first 100 are all sold out. There are more coming soon

Price: $139.95

Here is a review by Kitup

3 dropped features from Remington 870

Gun Diget has an excerpt from Nick Hahn's Gun Digest Book of the Remington 870 that talks about 3 features that were dropped from Remington 870 shotgun

Those are Vari-Weight plug system for 12-gauge guns, the external weight device, and the Honduras mahogany wood for the small-framed sub-gauges.

From: Gun Digest

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Don't use your gun for curing hiccups

Just don't, especially when you had some drink. Idiocy results in tragedy.
An attempt to cure a case of hiccups has left one U.S. Army soldier dead and another behind bars.

In an apparent attempt to scare him and make the hiccups go away, Myers allegedly pointed a handgun at Young's face and pulled the trigger. The newspaper said Myers told police he thought the gun was loaded with dummy rounds.

From: Yahoo! News

Doug Koenig wins NRA World Action Pistol Championship

Doug Koenig took this year's overall title with 1916-184X out of 1920 points.

Also, Jesse Duff won Women's Championship with 1900-151X


From: Down Range TV

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

G&A: CZ P-09 review

Guns & Ammo has review of CZ P-09. It is a full-sized version of CZ P-07.

Barrel length is 4.3", holds 19 rounds of 9mm(.40S&W version is planned for next year). It also has interchangable backstrap.

From: Guns & Ammo

SIG P290 review

Ed Head reviewed SIG P290. The article includes a small bit about a better disassembly method which will be in the rewritten manuals. It also states that P290 had several revisions done this year and there is a thicker replacable grip panels for shooters with big hands.

From: Down Range TV

Beretta factory

Gun Nuts Media posted about his trip to Beretta factory, and there were some interesting bits.

Beretta test fires every handgun they make instead of choosing random samples out of a batch. They also have a machine that racks the slides about 200 times(2 min X 100rpm). CZ also does that with their pistol.

From: Gun Nuts Media

AR: Thompson gun history

American Rifleman's Mark Keefe wrote about history of Thompson Gun.

From: American Rifleman

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

2012 IDPA Nationals results

2012 IDPA Nationals is over and here are winners from each division

Custom Defensive Pistol: Glenn Shelby
Enhanced Service Pistol: Matthew Mink
Stock Service Pistol: Robert Vogel
Enhanced Service Revolver: Jerry Miculek
Stock Service Revolver: Kirk Crego


Caleb Giddings also made a video of stages from shooter's perspective.

Monday, September 24, 2012

IO Cover for T-1 Micro Optic

Joseph Chen is looking for backers for his idea, IO Cover for Aimpoint T-1 Micro Optics. This lens cap allows shooters to protect their T-1 Micro Optic from rains and other conditions.

This Kickstarter project needs $20,000 pledges by Monday 10/22 8am EDT.

Edit(9/29): Here is review from Military Morons

Sunday, September 23, 2012

2012 IDPA Nationals Stage 7 vid

Caleb Giddings posted his run on the stage 7. Great stage design, great shooting

Friday, September 21, 2012

AETi Chris Costa edition M&P 9

AETi updated their website with information for ordering Chris Costa edition M&P9

The ATEi/Chris Costa Edition Smith&Wesson M&P9 Full Size Pistol

Half Top Serrations
Front Side Serrations
Slabbed Side Cuts
Costa Slide Lightning-Top and Side (Exclusive)
ISMI 20lbs Recoil Spring Installed and 22lbs for +P+ ammo
Custom Laser Engraved Costa Logo (Exclusive)
Custom Laser Engraved ATEi Logo
Slide Refinished in Hard Nitride Black
4lbs Trigger Pull with Minimal Over-travel
Enhanced Trigger Reset
10-8 Performance Red Fiber Optic Front Sight
10-8 Performance U-notch Rear Sight
DFC 360 Deg. Stippling (Including all factor back straps)
DFC Trigger Guard Undercut
DFC Mag-well Bevel
DFC Front Index Points
21st Century Gunfighter Costa Catalyst Extended Mag Release
Nickel Boron (NiB) Polished Barrel
S&W M&P9 Full-Size 4.25" Barrel Pistol

The ATEi/Chris Costa Edition Smith&Wesson M&P9 Pro Series Pistol

Half Top Serrations
Slabbed Side Cuts
Costa Slide Lightning-Top and Side (Exclusive)
ISMI 20lbs Recoil Spring Installed and 22lbs for +P+ ammo
Custom Laser Engraved Costa Logo (Exclusive)
Custom Laser Engraved ATEi Logo
Slide Refinished in Hard Nitride Black
4lbs Trigger Pull with Minimal Over-travel
Enhanced Trigger Reset
10-8 Performance Red Fiber Optic Front Sight
10-8 Performance U-notch Rear Sight
DFC 360 Deg. Stippling (Including all factor back straps)
DFC Trigger Guard Undercut
DFC Mag-well Bevel
DFC Front Index Points
21st Century Gunfighter Costa Catalyst Extended Mag Release
Nickel Boron (NiB) Polished Barrel
S&W M&P9 Pro-Series 5" Barrel Pistol

Price is $1500

To place an order, please contact Doug Holloway at after 9/21 12 noon EST.

Vickers Glock magazine baseplates in more colors

Larry Vickers Glock magazine baseplates are now available in orange, blue and Glock brown. Original black version is $18.50, new colors are $21.50

Also, Vickers magazine release is available in Glock Brown. It matches the brown color from Lipsey's FDE batch. Price is $16.92

Gangnam Style patch

SKD Tac is taking preorder for Gangnam Style patch.

It comes in commercial or military version. Velcro backed version will ship by 9/28, sew-on version by 10/25

Price: $4.50

Thursday, September 20, 2012

G&A: McMillan CS5 Sniper Rifle

Guns & Ammo has a video of Eric Poole shooting McMillan CS5 Sniper Rifle. The video is filmed with iPhone 4S and is shakey, but you can hear how quiet is with a designer ammo.
The action is names ALIAS and McMillan is planning to release a line of ALIAS rifles.
ALIAS CS5: 12.5-inch barrel
ALIAS STAR: 18 to 24-inch barrel
ALIAS T2K: 24 to 30-inch barrel

From: Guns & Ammo

Daniel Defense Build your own rifle

You can build Daniel Defense of your taste. The feature allows you to select
gas system length, barrel, muzzle devices, bolt carrier group, rail system, sights, and grips. So far it seems like the new DDM4 rail system is not included.

TW: S&W SD9-VE review

The Tactical Wire reviewed S&W SD9-VE. This is what Smith & Wesson came up with a few months ago, after revamping their SD9. The reviewer noticed that the trigger improved compared to old SD9, although there still are rooms for improvement.

From: The Tactical Wire

Fiocchi 22-250 Rem and 243 Win ammo recall

Fiocchi is recalling 22-250 Rem and 243 Win ammo.

If the item number AND last three digits of the lot number match the list in the above  file, you can return it to Fiocchi via UPS or FedEx Ground. Call the factory customer service at (417)449-1039 or email

You will need LQ label.

Address is:

ATTN. Recall
OZARK, MO 65721

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Army's Beretta contract renewed

Guns & Ammo is reporting that US Army will buy up to 100,000 Beretta M9 pistols.

From: Guns & Ammo

Nautilus Rotating Rail

BallistaTactical's Nautilus Rotating Rail system is an interesting concept. Rail's concept is to be able to reconfigure what you have on your rail without taking them off the rail and reattaching them. So all you need to do is rotate the rail and use whatever you have on that rail.

Price(MSRP): $549

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Suppresed firearms at various distances

Here's an interesting video showing how suppressed firearms sound at various distance.

G&A: 8 quality carry guns for under $400

Guns & Ammo has a photo compilation of 8 quality carry guns for under $400. There are some personal favorites like Ruger P series, S&W SD40, and Versa .380, but some odd ones like Taurus Judge.

From: Guns & Ammo

Monday, September 17, 2012

German Bundeswehr G22 video

German Army(Bundeswehr) has a video of how G22 is used as a sniper rifle. G22 is German designation for Accuracy International's AWM. It is chambered in .300 Win Magnum.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Chris Costa M&P 9 limited edition

Chris Costa is working with ATEi to make limited run of custom guns.

There will be a new website with photos, price and description of Full size and Pro series pistol. The day after the site goes live at 12 noon EST you can send email to order. They are aiming to put up the website on 9/20.

Limite one per customer.

From: Costa Ludus

Friday, September 14, 2012

M3 PMAG in action video

Suppressor + M249 + M3 PMAG video

From: Magpul

Hi-Point Chellenge week 3

Tim from Gun Nuts Media has been working on Hi-Point Challenge and it managed to enter its 3rd week.

There is continuous complaint about Hi-Point's version of surprise trigger break, different ammo giving different results.

From: Gun Nuts Media

Bullet Ballistics - pressure measuring

Gun Digest has an article on how manufacturers measure ballistic presure. On the page 2, it talks about CUP(Copper Units of Pressure) and LUP(Lead Units of Pressure)

From: Gun Digest

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Magpul Stealth Gray and Pink

Magpul finally showed the two new colors, Stealth Gray and Pink. Pink will be a limited release, starting with MOE grip, stock and handguard.

From: Magpul

2012 World Action Pistol Championships

Julie Golob is posting photos from 2012 World Action Pistol Championships in Germany. Great scenery, food - Wunderbar!

From: Julie Golob Facebook

Seven women who are doing it different

Shelley Rae wrote a good article on women shooters who many may not be familiar with, but are making their mark in the industry.

From: Gun Nuts Media

OCAT System

OCAT System (Optical Computer-Aided Training System) incorporates computers to aid shooter. Used with spotting scope, shots will be recorded by the computer program. Program can analyze your shots too.

Basic kit is $495, Standard Kit is $795, while the Deluxe kit is $1295.

From: Down Range TV

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

SureFire goes on ad blitz

SureFire has been uploading videos aimed at various markets, such as military, police, competition, and everyday carriers. Videos show various SureFire products that would fit the need of each group.





FNH Conversion kits for FN SPR rifle

According to Down Range TV, FNH is introducing the conversion kit for FN SPR rifles.

It is called  Tactical Box Magazine (TBM) Conversion Kit and it is a more or less a  drop-in conversion kit. It comes with a 10-round magazine, a 5-round magazine, new actions screws.

It can be purchased from FNH E-store or Midway USA

Price(MSRP): $449(FNH E-store) (Midway sells it for $399)

From: DownRange TV

NRA Life of Duty: Randal Simmons

NRA Life of Duty Online Network announced that they released documentary on LAPD SWAT officer Randal Simmons. You have to subscribe to the Online Network to view it.

Randal Simmons served 20 years in LAPD SWAT and was also a minister. His fellow officers called him 'The Deacon'. He was a very respected officer, and his funeral was attended by nearly 10,000 mourners.

Recently, his wife wrote a book, '41D - Man of Valor'.

From: Shooting Wire

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Geissele Automatic H&K 416 rail system

Blogger SMGLee showcased H&K 416 with Geissele rail system.

From: SMGLee

Haley Strategic Disruptive Environments

URSD2010 posted vids from Haley Strategic's Disruptive Environments class held in Louisianna. You can view more from his channel.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Wiley X eyewear Romer II review

Cheapr Than Dirt reviewed Romer II model from Wiley X (Wiley X website)

It has interchanglable lenses and comes with 2. Lenses are glare-free.

Price(MSRP): $84

From: Cheaper Than Dirt

Kyle Lamb's bear hunting equipment

Viking Chronicles showed Kyle Lamb hunting bear and this time he showed his equipment

From: Viking Chronicles

Caleb looks at IDPA Nationals ESP Div.

Caleb posted his analysis of IDPA Nationals ESP division which will be the most competitive division this year.

From: Gun Nuts Media

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Hi-point challenge update

Tim from Gun Nuts Media gave updates on his test run with the Hi-point.

From: Gun Nuts Media

Glock ad

Glock uploaded a new ad focussing on competition aspect.

Ruger announces Single-Nine SA revolver

This stainless steel .22WMR single action revolver holds 9 rounds and comes with fiber optic sights. Barrel is 6.5".

MSRP is $629

From: Ruger on XDs and .45ACP bullets talks about the new Springfield XDs with Rob Leatham

They also shoot different .45ACP bullets

From: GunTalk TV

Maximizing return from drills

Gun Digest has a good article on how to get the maximum return from doing drills. It touches on how much to do(or when to stop), other drills to do with little cost.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Seekins AR lower

Seekins Precision is offering unique AR lowers.

Price: $259(stripped lower)

CTC LG-489 Laserguide review

Gun reviewed LG-489 Laserguard for the Smith & Wesson Shield


Brad's gift to Angelina

According to The Sun, Brad Pitt gave Angelina Jolie a £250,000($400,000) shooting range with pop up targets as wedding gift. It is supposedly built at the Miraval estate in France.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

AR: Leupold HAMR review

American Rifleman reviewed Leupold HAMR & DeltaPoint.

In short, HAMR is lighter than comparable Trijicon ACOG, with greater eye-relief. But ACOG has larger objective lens as well as no need for battery and the author concludes that it comes down to personal needs/preference.

Price: $129.99(HAMR only), 1549.99(with DeltaPoint)

From: American Rifleman

Magpul might release more video

Magpul Dynamics mentioned that they are most likely to release all remaining material from the "Art of" series as a boxed set. They are also working on the next material, and it may not be in DVD format.

They also added Jon Canipe to their full-time instructor cadre.

CTC Green Lasergrips

Photo of Crimson Trace's new green Lasergrips is 'leaked' on Shooting Illustrated.

From: Shooting Illustrated

No Stock Needed

NSN(No Stock Needed) is a concept from Halix adding chin bracket so you can fire AR pistols. Personally, this seems to be a bad idea unless you are a dentist and need job security. While it is possible to do so I don't think this is a good idea