Wednesday, February 29, 2012

VTAC QDUVG vertical foregrip

Kyle Lamb's VTAC came up with this Quick Detach Ultralight Vertical foregrip made of Type II Anodized Machined 6061T aircraft aluminum. You can also store 2 AA or CR123 batteries.

It features patented DLOC system which was impressive. There are two designs available, one with horizontal grip, the other with 45 degree angel grip.

Costa Catalyst

Chris Costa and 21st Century Gunfighter released this extended magazine release for M&P pistol. Currently, it is $25 and there is a wait list of 3-4 weeks,

Here is a review article from Military Times.

From: Costa Ludus, Military Times.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Man-room ideas from Stockpile Designs

If you want to decorate your man-room with something that fits your love of things military, Stockpile Design seems to be worth a look. They make lamps and tables from military equipment - bombshells, canisters, broken instruments.

From: Soldier Systems

RECOIL magazine now available for digital purchase

This newest gun magazine has been called the Maxim of firearms magazine and is now available in digital format. It is offered by Zinio

From: Soldier Systems

Gasser revolver article

Guns & Ammo has an article about Gasser revolver. It was made in 1870 and was a service pistol for Austria for some time.

From: Guns & Ammo

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Hornady recalls .500 S&W ammo

Hornady is recalling some of its .500 S&W 300gr. FTX Custom pistol ammunition. There is chance of excessive chamber pressures.

Here are the lot numbers

They were shipped between Sept. 9, 2010 and Oct. 17, 2011. Lot numbers are printed on the lower portion of the Hornady box label.

If you have any questions, please call 800-338-1242.

Pat Rogers DVD from Panteao

Panteao productions released their newest DVD with Pat Rogers from EAG Tactical. Basic Carbine is covered in this DVD.

From: Panteao productions

Article on revolver reloads

Shooting Illustrated has a good article on revolver reloads.

From: Shooting Illustrated

Daniel Defense 2012 catalog available

Daniel Defense officially released their 2012 catalog. You can click below to take a look at it.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Preparing for a class

Shelley Rae of Gun Nuts media wrote a simple article on preparations for a class. It is really simple, but talks about basic things that we may forget.

Julie Golob video

Julie Golob posted a video of herself shooting from 2011 USPSA Ladies Production Nationals.

SIG classic pistol laser special

SIG Sauer is running a special of their Ultra Compact SIG SAUER CPL-1 red laser. It will be $99.95 (includes shipping). It is limited to first 200 callers. Offer ends at 2/24 6pm or when it is out.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Carhartt 1 day deal.

Carhartt will have 1 day deal on their outlet boots. Promotion code is TWEETBOOTS. Offer expires tomorrow 2/16

Kyle Defoor bans SERPA holster

SERPA holsters has been a topic of controversy, and now Kyle Defoor(former SEAL, now trainer) has banned them from his class. He said some rather blunt things about it.(NSFW)

From: Kyle Defoor blog

Craziest whitetail deer photos

Outdoor Life compiled some of the most wildest deer photos. Enjoy!

From: Outdoor Life

S&W new products for 2012

Smith & Wesson is now officially debuting their 2012 line up

From: Smith & Wesson

Crimson Trace video from SHOT show

Here is a video of  lasers for 1911s by Crimson Trace from SHOT show

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Julie Golob's vid

Julie Golob posted various videos from her 2011 competitions. You can check it yout at her Youtube channel

Here's a recent one.

She also posted a video from her Moscow IPSC competition on her Facebook

Here's the HD version

Painting your rifle

Shooting Illustrated has an article on how to paint your rifle.

From: Shooting Illustrated

Low light preparation

Shooting Illustrated also has an article about equipments and accessories you should have for your choice of defensive weapon. This is one of the most convincing article I've seen in recent times that covers quite a few things.

From: Shooting Illustrated

When to use steel cased ammunition

Cheaper Than Dirt has an article by olegv about use of steel cased ammunition.

G&A articles

Is .223 good for home defense?

Guns & Ammo has an article about use of ARs and .223 ammunition. It is a decent article, but I can't help but think that a particular ammunition was promoted.

The magazine also has a look at 8 longest sniper shots in history

From: Guns & Ammo

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Team Stag Arms 3 stage video

Team Stag Arms uploaded video of their 3-Gun match

SERPA recall - Level 3 Light Bearing Duty Holsters

Blackhawk is recalling SERPA Level 3 Light Bearing Duty Holsters made before Oct. 2011. This time it is around the mounting insert. Excessive force and/or incorrect parts would damage the materials around the mounting insert.

For further instruction, you can visit, or email or call customer service at 800-694-5263

From: Soldier Systems

Friday, February 3, 2012

SIG to offer Action Enhancement Package deal

I've came across some interesting rumor.

From 2/8 to 2/14 SIG Sauer's Custom shop will offer Action Enhancement Package for $120 and round trip "VIP" shipping for $30. They usually go for $169.95 and $55 for round trip shipping.

The Package includes polishing critical surfaces to enhance trigger pull. The offer excludes SP2009, SP2340, SP2022, P226 X5, Mosquito, P238 and P250

SIG P224 release date

SIG's release date for P224 DAK will be around April and DA/SA will be available in summer.

Edit: The sweepstakes is over.
You can also give a shot at P224 Sweepstakes.
Go to:

Gray Guns to release SIG armorer video

Gray Guns will release SIG Sauer P-Series Armorers video on May. Bruce Gray will talk about SIG maintenance, troubleshooting and some gunsmithing tips.

From: SIG forum

G&A ranks best movie shootouts

Guns & Ammo magazine ranked the best movie Shootouts. It's a good mix of old and recent movies.

From: Guns & Ammo