Thursday, January 31, 2013

Geissele rails and Glock

Soldier Systems has follow-up of Geissele products from SMGLee.

The rail system has been updated and they made an accessory for Glock for a certain anti-terrorism unit

From: Soldier Systems

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Korean Coast Guard team

Here's a video showing some gears South Korean Coast Guard (SSAT) team has.You can click on 'cc' button for translations.

Sig TacOps 1911 review

Hilton Yam reviewed Sig TacOps 1911. Yam is really good with 1911s and his keen insight provides why he concluded the way he did.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

2013 SHOT show afterthoughts

This year was a bit different from many years before.

First, less number of innovative or new guns.

When I say innovative or new guns, I don't mean change in caliber or new grip or design. I want to see new models or something that many people haven't thought of. Some years ago, it was ambidextrous ARs, various parts that changed manual of arms for older guns, KRISS Vector, new CCW pistol market has been looking for.

There were some this year, starting with Arsenal 2011 and Strike One. Arsenal 2011 is more of a novelty item especially with its price, and Strike One seems to be the new interesting gun. Springfield XDs 9mm was a nice surprise. This is technically a new caliber for that model, but it brought a new option to single-stack slim 9mm subcompact market.

Fostech Arms AK is also innovative, though the cost maybe prohibitive.

An underdog company I hope to do well is Walther. After years of hardship, they seem to have a viable product, PPQ M2 and PPX. PPX got ridiculed for its looks, but the gun worked well. 'Function over form' fits PPX very well. Unfortunately, PPQ and PPQ M2 do not have interchangeable magazines, so that is a down side.

Overall, it was a little bit of downer compared to previous years. A friend told me a lot of people were asking around if there were any new exciting products. This down turn probably had to do with looming AWB and regulation talks.

Political factor

On Wednesday, there was press conference from the White house that people were glued to. My group watched it from hotel, and I heard that many on the floor were watching it too. With such things going on, it would have been very difficult for a company to come up with a new product.

There were words that a few companies decided not to show their new products since they are already busy keeping up with orders for existing products. They figured they could not take in more orders on top of existing orders, so they decided not to introduce new products.

Hopefully such new products will show up next year and reignite the enthusiasm of years before.

This year there was a detour, and hopefully something about it will be posted here too.

Glock 17 + RMR + One source tactical slide

Ocabj reviewed his Glock 17 with One source tactical slide and Trijicon RMR.


Reflex Mag Pouch

This is an interesting idea although I can see some problems with losing track of which partially loaded magazine was placed where.

From: Funker Tactical

Monday, January 21, 2013

...and not really impressed - Intelligun

This device is supposed to recognize your fingerprint and become useful only for select few people whose finger prints are stored in the system. I didn't get to see all details, but that doesn't seem to be needed to know that this is something not really practical.

Fostech Arms Origin-12 shotgun

This probably was the most innovative fire arm to show up. While they did not have their own booth, (they were part of a distributor's booth) it was impressive work.

This is AK-based shotgun you can change calibers and do not require AK-like rocking motion to insert magazine. You can also manipulate bolt lock, magazine release and safety with one hand.

Price is $2600

They also have their proprietary bumpfire slide, Bumpski(price is $449)

Link: Fostech Arms

Here's a review from Iraqveteran8888

More coverage from other places

Armalite AR-30A1


SIG forum coverage - day 1 - day 2 - day 3 - day 3 & 4 - others

Sunday, January 20, 2013

and really unrelated things

Tactical Kilt

Go where?
H&K puts warnings on their products as well, in both languages (G28)
Some patches from Hot Leather Patches

Some beautiful ladies from Crazu Quail and CZ-USA

Ted Nugent
Taran Butler and Lou Ferrigno
NRA broadcasting on the spot
Never underestimate a guy wearing a preppy sweater(from AAC booth)

Saw Shooting USA's Jim Scoutten on escalator holding 4 beer bottles. He even joked about it. Too bad I could not take out my camera out fast enough.

Dakota Meyer, (Medal of Honor recipient) was also there. Had a chance to shake hands. It was the highlight of my 2013 SHOT show experience.

Other things I've missed

There were quite a few things I missed this time and here are the links to other websites that goes over them

Guns - Shotguns
Benelli 2 Field compact version

Guns - Handguns
EAA Polymer Single stack 1911
New Kimbers
STI tactical handgun line
RRA 3 guns

Guns - Rifles
SW M&P .308 rifle

Trijicon CCAS


Safariland Cordura Nylon finish holsters

Raven vanguard 2 for M&P
Comp Tac Level 2 retention holster


Kreb Custom VEPR KeyMod rail
Centurion Arms rail for 7.62 guns
Laser max
Geissele has a new trigger called Tricon

Hornady Hot Tub Sonic Cleaner
Hazard 4 covert gun case

and Cheaper Than Dirt blog's coverage

and other small things

KNS Precision Inc. has rail mounts for Go Pro cameras
Battlecomp compensator worked really well during media day shoot
Tracking point system is there to help with aiming at long distances. Once you lock on to the target and get distance, you can move your reticle on to the target. It is made for a specific rifle at this point. The package is about $22,000 and comes with everything and 200 rounds of ammo specifically for the system.

Action Target has Rimfire plate rack just in time
Birchwood Casey has The Jack which heals itself and can be connected to make a larger target.

Some holsters that I came across. First is Deep Conceal
followed by Pistol Wear
Hogue has new handgun bag coming out
Promag has Archangle AK stock as well as one for Mosin Nagants

The Gun Tool seems to be a nifty tool


ATI has new stocks for several guns.

Raven Stock for Benelli M4
VEPR Strike force elite stock

There were furnitures for Mossberg 590 and Stoeger P350


Streamlight has Stinger LED HL with 640 lumens. It is also rechargeable.

TLR-1 HL now comes with 630 lumens, and there is a new variant called Game Spotter which has larger reflector

Friday, January 18, 2013

A quick note

SHOT show is over on Friday and I will be heading home on that day. I'm not sure when I will be able to update rest of the news, but will try my best. (I initially said Wed. would be the first day of update, but was able to do it early, so who knows)

There are some miscellaneous items left, and new photos of the same gun has been updated in their respective blog entries.

This Shot show was a bit different since my schedule and plans were much more hectic than initially planned out. There were some unexpected bonanzas that will be posted here some time from now.

Salient Arms

Salient Arms International made this custom Glocks for Jason Falla.

They also have a drop-in trigger kit for S&W M&P coming soon


Colt showed their new pistol that will be issued to USMC.

LE901-16S is a rifle that allows caliber change calibers just by changing the upper.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013


LionHeart is updated version of Daewoo DP-51 pistol.

There has been some internal changes as well as some changes in exterior. It now has front serrations, bobbed hammer, and newly designed grip texture that provides better grip.

There are 3 models. LH9, LH9C, and MK II. MK II comes with picatinny rail. All models have Cerakote finish on them. Magazine capacity will be 13 or 15 for LH9 and MK II, 10 rounds for LH9C


Last year Surefire brought out the light that was wearable on writst and it finally got its official name, 2211 Luminox. It is combination that should work well for EMS and other occupations where having a source of light frees hands for more urgent need. It emits 180 lumens

Annihilator emits 4000 lumens and is a rechargable light. It uses TIR lends and its user can select the output by using selector ring(11 positions)

P1R Peacekeeper is a rechargeable dual output flashlight. It emits 700 lumens and also has 15 lumen output for simple work.

P2X Fury weaponlight kit contains the light itself, quick detach rail mount, and Omni tactical tailcap switch. 600 lumens of light

P3X Fury emits 800 lumens, 200 lumens more than P2X Fury. It can also deliver 15 lumens for other tasks.

UDR Dominator is rechargable with 11 output settings including strobe, but can also work with 123A Lithium batteries.

X300V Ultra

X400 A-IR, Ultra

Y300 Ultra

Surefire is also producing new shotgun forearm that will fit various models just by changing inside. Front button is momentary switch, rear button is constant on/off