Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Last year Surefire brought out the light that was wearable on writst and it finally got its official name, 2211 Luminox. It is combination that should work well for EMS and other occupations where having a source of light frees hands for more urgent need. It emits 180 lumens

Annihilator emits 4000 lumens and is a rechargable light. It uses TIR lends and its user can select the output by using selector ring(11 positions)

P1R Peacekeeper is a rechargeable dual output flashlight. It emits 700 lumens and also has 15 lumen output for simple work.

P2X Fury weaponlight kit contains the light itself, quick detach rail mount, and Omni tactical tailcap switch. 600 lumens of light

P3X Fury emits 800 lumens, 200 lumens more than P2X Fury. It can also deliver 15 lumens for other tasks.

UDR Dominator is rechargable with 11 output settings including strobe, but can also work with 123A Lithium batteries.

X300V Ultra

X400 A-IR, Ultra

Y300 Ultra

Surefire is also producing new shotgun forearm that will fit various models just by changing inside. Front button is momentary switch, rear button is constant on/off