Friday, March 29, 2013

TAC-TV Wilson Combat episode(full length)

Wilson Combat uploaded full length TAC-TV episode covering Wilson Combat.

From: Wilson Combat

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Realistic range requirements

This is actually an article from SWAT magazine by Max Joesph of TFTT. It discusses the requirements that are needed for a range to be an effective training grounds. The article also discusses about types or targets, target stands, and other points to consider

From: TFTT, SWAT magazine

AR Magazine loaders

Hilton Yam posted his brief review of 3 magazine loaders. These are UpLULA, Beta company's Speed loader and Personal loader.

From: Modern Service Weapons

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

VICE looks at 3D printed guns

VICE channel has been covering some interesting topics and this time they touched on the subject of 3D Printed guns. There has been some controversies due to the fact that it is printable from a cheap printer.

From: VICE

USFA Zip failure

Walls of the city has an article that talks about out-of-battery firing of USFA Zip pistol.

From: Walls of the city

Chris Cheng interview

IMFDB(Internet Movie Firearm Data Base) interviewed Chris Cheng, the winner of Top Shot season 4.


DeSantis Gunhide Introduces the Ammo Nemesis

Ammo Nemesis holster has extra compartment where user can store extra magazine or rounds. Currently it is available for some pocket sized models from Taurus, KelTec, Ruger LCP, and S&W J frame

Price: $24.99

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Rick Taylor's M&P17 Warrior

The greatest tactical instructor Rick Taylor doesn't just shoot any gun. He shoots the one that has all the right stuff - M&P17 Warrior

From: Vuurwapen blog

Frank proctor DVD extended preview

An extended preview for Frank Proctor's upcoming video has been posted by SMG.

Combat mindset and OODA loop

Scott Ballard posted an entry about combat mind set and OODA loop. It also talks about how it will help with training.

From: Modern Service Weapons

CZ P-07 threaded barrel

CZ USA has threaded 9mm barrel for P-07 Duty

Price: $165

Sunday, March 24, 2013

SI: Knight's Armament SR15E3 IWS Mod 1 review

Shooting Illustrated reviewed Knight's Armament SR15E3 IWS Mod 1. It has four proproetary Knight's rail panels with two-piece rail. It also features ambidextrous controls and 2 stage match trigger

Price: $2207.50(MSRP)

From: Shooting Illustrated

SureFire hearing protection video

SureFire uploaded video about their hearing protection line.

From: SureFire

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Effective practicing during ammo crisis

Ammo crisis of 2013 is quite persistent, and there has been plenty of articles on how to deal with it, such as One Box Workout

But Todd Green points out that it is not just the quantity that has to be looked at, but what kind of training you are doing. He proposes that it is better to focus on skills that can only be improved with live ammo and verifying your skill.

My guess is that some of the basic skills that can only be improved with live ammo are 1)follow-through and 2) transition from target to target

From: Pistol-Training

Julie Golob - Shooting while pregnant

Julie Golob discusses hazards of shooting while pregnant. Lead exposure is one of them, as well as noise and chemical exposure. There is also helpful suggestions to prevent harmful effects.

From: Julie Golob

Friday, March 22, 2013

Rick Taylor - World's Greatest Tactical Instructor


From: Vuurwapen blog

Drawing from concealment by John Holschen

John Holschen gives tips on drawing from concealment. The description on Youtube says there will be second part, and hopefully it will follow soon.

From: Guns and Tactics magazine

Thursday, March 21, 2013

EO Tech give away

EOTech is going to give away as a promotion for selling 1 millionth holographic weapon sight. To enter, go to EOTech's face book( and click 'like', watch the video and register to guess where the sight is that week.

A new video will be posted each week showing the sight in a different, secret location. Once registered, fans guess the location for a chance to win. In addition, fans can collect additional chances to win by sharing the promotion with their friends.

Prize packages include:

Weekly Drawings for five EXPS3-0 and G33 magnifier kits.
End of the Year GRAND Prize pack includes:
One WL1-AA LED tactical long gun light
One X200XP handheld thermal imaging unit
One M914 weapon mounted night vision system
One Beamhit 190-3 Personal Marksmanship Training System

AR: The 1911 - Not just a .45

Wiley Clapp has an article on an obscure chamberings for beloved 1911.

From: American Rifleman

Remington LE Reduced Recoil Shotshells recall

Remington says these lot numbers may contain rounds with improper propellant charge weights

Lot numbers:
N27YC525 N29YA525 P02TA525 P03TA525 P06TA525
N28YC525 N29YB525 P02TB525 P03TB525 P08UB899
N28YB525 N29YC525 P02TC525 P05TB525

To find lot numbers:
Cases: the Lot Number is stenciled on the outside of the case
Boxes, the Lot Number is stamped on the inside flap of the box.

If you have one of those, contact Remington at 1-800-243-9700, Prompt #3. Remington will arrange for return shipment and, upon receipt, will send replacement ammunition at no cost.

From: Shooting Wire

Monday, March 18, 2013

The Battle of the Black Sea is now out

Panteao Productions now has "Battle of the Black Sea" available for streaming. It is recount of Battle of Mogadishu by MSG Paul Howe. It also includes insights that were not available in "Black Hawk Down" or other documentaries that covered the story. Some of comments in the video may make some people uncomfortable, and will not be surprised if this causes some controversy.

Price: $29.99(members $23.99)

From: Panteao Productions

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Jason Falla in action

Redback One posted videos of Jason Falla shooting a course in what looks to be Jordan's King Abdulla Special Operations Training Center. You can see how smooth he is at all moments and makes this look easier than it is.

Urban movement

Individual Defensive Movement Techniques

BCM Gunfighter Compensator

Military Moron reviewed BCM Gunfighter Compensator from Bravo Company USA

From: Military Moron

Friday, March 15, 2013

GNB: Checking equipment before using them

It would be a good idea to check if the equipment you are deploying is in working order before you really need it.

This photo is from Herkhimer, NY during the search for a man who killed 4 people a few days ago. It is not clear which department these LEOs are from, but one thing that stuck out is the fact that the EO Tech on the rifle is positioned backwards.

It is hard to know how the EO Tech was installed backwards, but if someone checked their equipment prior to its deployment, it probably would have been caught and corrected.

This is something that should be done for a lot of things. Automobiles need preventive maintenance, guns need to be cleaned and lubed, and that allows flawless use. Most of the times devices work well, so we neglect to check if it works or not, but Mr. Murphy likes to chime in at the very moment we need it.

Applying redundancy is a way to counter Mr. Murphy, but it is even better to actually check if the equipment is in proper condition.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

GNB: Ammo shortage and conspiracy theorists

The ammo scare of 2013 is still in effect and it seems like some people are relying on fear of evil government to 'explain' the situation.

There has been rumors going around on internet and gun shops that government is buying out ammunition as a way to take away 2nd Amendment right. Problem is that unsubstantiated rumors make firearm enthusiasts look like crazy people.

Sometime ago, there were hub-bub about some agencies buying a large quantity of ammunition getting reported. It was backed by actual solicitation, and followed by "OMG why is this agency buying so much ammo? Why do they need guns?"

What the frantic minds did not check was that when the number of agents were factored in, the number of ammunition was not more than some firearm enthusiasts use. Furthermore, the amount of FBI procurement was "up to" a certain amount, spread over the course of 5 years. In other words, they can order less than what is posted on the solicitation. Of course, it is a lot more sensational to say "Gubmint orders 2 billion rounds (preparing for war on citizens!)"

There are some cool-headed individuals who actually looked at the numbers and came up with an explanation that make sense. First, you can read National Review's take on the issue. If you want a shorter explanation Gun Nuts Media posted about it too.

As National Review said,
The appeal of this story is obvious, and that some citizens keep track of such things shows an admirable vigilance. But while a healthy suspicion of government serves these United States better than critics presume, facts remain the stubborn things that they always have been, and skepticism is no virtue at all when it proves impervious to reason. 

Monday, March 11, 2013

North Korean Baekdoosan pistol

North Korea has been using this copy of CZ 75 for sometime. The photos of this variation seems to be a bit scarce since there is only one other photo that has been seen.  Baekdoosan is translated as Baekdoo Mountain. located on the border of China and North Korea. It is the highest peak in Korean peninsula.

This variation was recently given out to generals, so it has the mandatory engravings, but someone forgot to bling it out.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Friday, March 8, 2013

Remington wins SOCOM PSR contract

SOCOM(Special Operations Command) announced the winner of $79.7 million Precision Sniper Rifle (PSR) system contract is Remington Defense's MSR chassis-based rifle system.

It is for 5,150 rifle systems, with many other equipment such as suppressors and specific ammunition. It is chambered in 7.62 NATO, .300 Win Mag and .338 Lapua.

From: Military Times

INCOG available for S&W M&P Shield 9mm & .40

G-Code announced that INCOG Holster system is now available for S&W M&P Shield in both 9mm & .40 S&W.

From: G-Code

CMT picks up a new shooting show

SHOOTOUT, produced by Road Games, Inc., features expert gunfighter Scotty Reitz as he challenges less than humble gun enthusiasts to a 24-hour gunfight that tests their skill and stamina.

CMT will air pilot for the show. Hopefully there will be more episodes. Uncle Scotty is retired veteran of LAPD who worked many years in LAPD SWAT. After retirement he started International Tactical. He also authored "The Art of Modern Gunfighting" which can be purchased on his website.

From: Dead Line

Thursday, March 7, 2013

iO Optic Cover now available

TangoDown finally released iO Optic Cover. This started as a Kickstarter project and now made by TangoDown. Currently the only available color is black, but more will be added down the road.

Price: $28.95

From: TangoDown

ABC report about female gun owners

ABC's Good Morning America(via Yahoo!) report on women gun owners. Beaware of idiocy near the end by a gun-grabber.

From: ABC news

Kyle Defoor on grip stippling

Kyle Defoor shares his preference for grip stippling.

From: Kyle Defoor

Remington 870 Disassembly vid

Brownells uploaded video on how to disassemble Remington 870.

Part 2: Cleaning
Part 3: Lubrication
Part 4: Reassembly

From: Brownells

Making a stop

When the Balloon Goes Up posted about how to stop faster when you are moving. It's a 2 step deceleration rather than using just one step.

From: When the balloon goes up

AH: CZ's new pistols

American Handgunner talks about CZ P-07, Dan Wesson Specialist and EOC

From: American Handgunner

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Wilsom Combat BILLet-AR

Wilson Combat is releasing BILLet-AR. As name suggests, it is made of billet upper, lower.

According to Wilson Combat, "receiver was engineered from the ground up to address structural design weaknesses in standard USGI receivers and enhance overall tolerances." and

"upper receiver has a precise bolt raceway for smoother chambering, more rigid receiver walls to reduce firing flex, an oversize magazine well for quick reloads and an integrated trigger guard for gloved use and added lower receiver strength."


Billet Upper / Lower Receiver Upgrade, Complete Rifle - $400.00
Billet Upper Receiver Upgrade, Complete Upper - $200.00
Young Mfg. Bolt Carrier Group Upgrade, NP3 Coated - $50.00

From: Wilson Combat

Make ready with Chappy: CQB shooting fundamentals

Panteao production is going to release CQB Shooting fundamentals with John 'Chappy' Chapman.

DVD pre-order is $49.99($39.99 for members)

From: Panteao Productions

Caracal recalls for Model C

Caracal is recalling Model C after an incident where the slide of Caracal Model C broke.

Here are steps to get the gun replaced if you cannot wait for result on investigation.

Step 1: Contact our customer care center nearest you and provide the serial number of your pistol.

For Customers in the United States:
Contact us directly at 205-655-7050 or
For Customers in Europe:
Contact us directly at +49 (0) 3681 854 257 or
For Customers in other countries:
Contact us directly at

If you have sold or transferred your Caracal Model C pistol, please contact us using the above information and provide us with the name and contact information for the person to whom you sold it so that we can notify them of this recall.

Step 2: After contacting customer care center, we will send you a prepaid shipping box with instructions so that you can return your pistol to us, free of charge.

Step 3: We will replace your pistol and return it to you free of charge as quickly as reasonably possible.

From: Shooting Wire

Max Michel shooting Texas Star in 2.72 sec.

Prepare to be amazed!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Frank Proctor training DVD trailer

SMG(SuperSetCA) uploaded trailer for Frank Proctor Performance Pistol Training DVD. It will be available summer 2013. Pre-orders can be made through Way ofthe Gun's Facebook page

From: SupersetCA

Glock making beavertails for Gen4

Glock had a prototype a few years ago, and it is finally coming to the market.

From: Frank Proctor FB, Maestro from Sigforum

Max Michel on expanding comfort zone

Max Michel talks about dealing with comfort zone and how to expand it. "Consistency and repeatability is going to equal success." should be ingrained in shooter's mind

From: Travis D

WTBGU: S&W Indoor Nationals Wrapup

When the Baloon Goes Up has a nice wrap-up of 2013 S&W Indoor Nationals. You can see some stages in the post.

From: When the Baloon goes up

Kyle Lamb discusses polarized lenses

Kyle Lamb talks about polarized lenses.

From: Viking Tactics

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Jason Falla explains Salient Arms RB1 G19

Jason Falla describes why he has some features on his Salient Arms Redback 1 Glock 19.

From: Frontline Tactical

Inforce APL review

MilitaryMorons reviewed Inforce APL. It might look a bit different but seems to be a great contender for tactical pistol light.

Military Morons

Colion Noir joins NRA News

Colion Noir will be joiing NRA News as its newest contributor. His videos always made great points and its a great news.

From: NRA News

Friday, March 1, 2013

Trigger Time: Competition and self defense

Trigger Time talks about usefulness of competition to enhance self defense training. AT the end of the video Max Michell and Greg Lapin discusses difference in their techniques.

From: Trigger Time TV

More fits available for Bianchi Professional Series

Bianchi added more fits to their Model 100 Professional and Model 100T Professional Tuckable holsters.

New fits are
Ruger LC9 (also with Crimson Trace Laserguard)
S&W M&P Shield
Springfield XD-s

Price: $57(MSRP, Professional Model 100), $64(MSRP, Professional Model 100T)

From: Bianchi

SI: Bersa BP9CC review

Shooting Illustrated reviewed Bersa BP9CC. Writer likes its ergonomics, but noticed some amount of creep and significant stacking of trigger.

From: Shooting Illustrated