Thursday, March 14, 2013

GNB: Ammo shortage and conspiracy theorists

The ammo scare of 2013 is still in effect and it seems like some people are relying on fear of evil government to 'explain' the situation.

There has been rumors going around on internet and gun shops that government is buying out ammunition as a way to take away 2nd Amendment right. Problem is that unsubstantiated rumors make firearm enthusiasts look like crazy people.

Sometime ago, there were hub-bub about some agencies buying a large quantity of ammunition getting reported. It was backed by actual solicitation, and followed by "OMG why is this agency buying so much ammo? Why do they need guns?"

What the frantic minds did not check was that when the number of agents were factored in, the number of ammunition was not more than some firearm enthusiasts use. Furthermore, the amount of FBI procurement was "up to" a certain amount, spread over the course of 5 years. In other words, they can order less than what is posted on the solicitation. Of course, it is a lot more sensational to say "Gubmint orders 2 billion rounds (preparing for war on citizens!)"

There are some cool-headed individuals who actually looked at the numbers and came up with an explanation that make sense. First, you can read National Review's take on the issue. If you want a shorter explanation Gun Nuts Media posted about it too.

As National Review said,
The appeal of this story is obvious, and that some citizens keep track of such things shows an admirable vigilance. But while a healthy suspicion of government serves these United States better than critics presume, facts remain the stubborn things that they always have been, and skepticism is no virtue at all when it proves impervious to reason.