Saturday, June 30, 2012

Stripping AR-15 apart tips

Gun Digest has an excellent article on field stripping and detail strippin an AR-15 rifle. It goes into function chesck as well

From: Gun Digest

Magnum Research MLR22AT

Magnum Reaserach is now selling their new .22LR rifle, MLR22AT. It uses 10/22 trigger group and 10/22 rotary magazines

Price(MSRP): $562

Survival long guns for vacations

Gun Digest has an interesting piece by Scott Wagner on survival long guns. No mention of Henry Survival AR-7, but FN P90S, M1 Carbine, and Century UC-9A is mentioned.

From: Gun Digest

Friday, June 29, 2012

ITS reviews Haley's Distruptive Industries Course

We mentioned it some days ago, and ITS Tactical posted their AAR(After Action Report) of Haley Strategic Partners Disruptive Industries course. It contains some interesting perspectives.

New gun shop for Las Vegas strip?

General Growth Properties, which manages The Shoppes at The Palazzo is requesting a firearm sales permit and a permit for a shooting range. They are looking for two indoor shooting ranges, but do not plan to sell ammunition. (Seems like it will be a very controlled environment where customers get to shoot loaded magazines like The Gun Store)

Clark County Planning Commission is to review the proposal next week.

There are several gunshops and ranges in Las Vegas, but this place, if it happens, will be the first on the Vegas Strip.

From: KTNV

Walther to directly handle US sales

Walther has been going through Smith & Wesson to conduct business and starting in 2013, they will start their own company. Walther Arms will be responsible for sales, marketing and distribution of Walther firearms.

Walther P22 and PK380 models will be handled by Smith & Wesson.

From: Shooting Wire

SIG P224 review

American Rifleman reviewed SIG Sauer P224. It can use P229 magazines, and although small, reviewer felt it was less 'whippy'. The gun comes in 2 calibers, 9mm, .40 S&W, and .357 SIG. The gun used for review was chambered in .40 S&W.

Price(MSRP): $1125

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Northern Red interview

Firearms Training and Tactics's Jim D posted an interview with Northern Red's JD Potynsky.

It goes over many things including the company, influences on training, learned lessons, thoughts on training, mindset. It is a bit long, but is well worth the time.

From: Firearms training and Tactics

Colt factory tour

Tactical Wire wrote about their factory tour of Colt Manufacturing. It's rather brief, but revealed some interesting info, like Colt manufacturing M240B and M249.

From: Tactical Wire

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

When can you use deadly force

Gun Digest has some excerpts from Armed: The Essential Guide to Concealed Carry that deals with factors that should be considered prior to using deadly force.

Reading this excerpt is highly recommended

From: Gun Digest

Randi Rogers wins 10th SASS Ladies World Championship

Randi 'Holy Terror' Rogers won her 10th Single Action Shooting Society's Overall Ladies World Championship.


From: Shooting Wire

CZ related articles

CZ USA blogged some history behind CZ 75 pistol.

Also, the Truth about guns reviewed CZ P-07

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

DPMS Outbreak: Omega 5

DPMS hosted Outbreak: Omega 5 zombie shoot last weekend and Guns & Ammo reviewed the event. I also found this video and you can see more of the event from related videos.

Also, DPMS Outbreak omega 5 .300black out auto video

EDIT: 6/27/12
More video!

Spetsnaz video

A video of Russian Spetsnaz with English subtitles. There is the typical AR vs AK going on.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Panteao to release new Paul Howe video

Panteao announced upcoming release of new Paul Howe video, Tactical Drills

It will include drills like the plate rack from a vehicle drill, engaging multiple targets from cover, interior movement drills, line drill, immediate threat drills, forward movement drills, dealing with wounds, 100-7 drill, battlefield weapon recovery, and Paul Howe's 500 yard Scrambler.

You can pre-order from their website

Price will be $49.99(members: $39.99)


According to comment from Youtube video, Panteao production might be working on Paul Howe's account of Black Hawk Down.

From: Panteao Production

2012 IDPA Carolina Cup video

2012 Carolina Cup videoes are showing up and IDPA made a montage of the event.

There are also other videos by individual participants in thre related videos category on Youtube.

Ruger's new TV show

Ruger Inside & Out will premier on Sportsman Channel 9pm EST today. The show will look into process of product development, as well as cover topic on hunting and self-defense. Paul Spaulding will contribute too.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

GNB: Redring sight impressions

Note: This article is titled impression, not review since I did not have enough time to review the product.

Redring is an optical sight designed for shotgun shooters. It attaches to the rib of a shotgun. It comes with a recoil absorbing mount that ranges from 5 to 11.5 mm. It is parallax free. The light-measurement system also adapts to background light. It also automatically shuts off after 4 hours.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

AKARS now available

Parabellum Armaments showed their AK Adaptive Rail System at SHOT show and now it is available. You can purchase it from their website or from Blackheart International

According to Blackheart International, 

The AKARS is compatible with all AK47 / AKM / AK74 rifle variants with standard length Russian pattern receiver covers.

The AKARS is NOT compatible with the following AK variants:
 - Yugo (Zastava) AK variants (M70, M72, M92)
 - AKS-74U and variants with a hinged receiver cover
 - Romanian PSL sniper rifles

From: Soldier Systems

Tacticute tab

Mojo Tactical has some cute tabs for ladies.

You can buy from Mojo Tactical's Facebook page

Price: $7

Dueck Defense Rapid Latch

This is a latch designed for for FN SLP and Winchester Super X shotguns to assist loading. Price is $68 and you can find it on Dueck Defense website

SureFire 60 round magazine promo

SureFire is offering 3 ways to save on 60 round magazines. This is good until 7/4

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Arsenal SGL-31 reviews

Shooting Illustrated reviewed Arsenal's SGL-31. It chambers 5.45x39mm, commonly known for being caliber of choice for AK-74(not 47). The rifle is made in Russia then imported to US and assembled with some US parts, making it more in line with true Russian version.

Reviewer also added some of his choice of accessories for review.

Tactical-Life also reviewed this rifle some time ago

Price(MSRP): $889

Smallbore three-position shooting

NSSF has interview of USA Shooting Team member Amanda Furrer, discussing the smallbore three-position shooting.

From: NSSF

Shotshell reloading myths dispelled

GunDigest has an excerpt from 'The ABCs of reloading' that dispells myths about reloading shotshells. Some of those myths are about recoil, effectiveness of rounds.

Reliability of a handgun

ToddG of has a good article about reliability of a handgun. He offers his criteria for deciding if a pistol is reliable or not.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Carolina Cup reports

Here are some reports on Carolina Cup. First 7 are from IDPA blog.

Suppressor articles

Shooting Illustrated has two articles on suppressors. First article is on basics, second is about QD(Quick-detachable) ones.

More Springfield Armory XD-s accessories available

CrossBreed announced that holsters are now available for Springield XD-s.

LaserMax also announced that Centerfire is available.

Geissele Automatic's new SMR MK1 M4 rail's TRIDENT82 posted his review of Geissele SMR MK1 M4 rail.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Holster basics by CTD

Cheaper Than Dirt blog has a nice post that covers a lot of basics about holster selection and terminologies

Ruger 22/45 Lite review

Guns & Ammo reviewed Ruger 22/45 Lite and liked it just like anyother .22 Ruger Mark series.

Shotgun reviews

American Rifleman reviewed TriStar Viper G2 Silver 28 gauge. Turkish-made semi-auto shotgun is recommended for those who are price conscious. Price is $669

Importer: Tristar Arms

Another semi-auto shotugn, Baikal MP153, was reviewed. It seems to be a bit more rough around the edges. Price is $400

Concealed Carry Fashion Show

Packing Pretty is hosting 1st annual Womens' Victory's Secret Concealed Carry Holster Fashion Show on 7/21. It will be at The Firehouse Banquet Hall, 2219 County Route 27  Hudson, NY 12534

London Olympic Shooting gallery

dezeen magazine takes a look at shooting gallery for 20120 London Olympics.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Anschutz Introduces the MSR RX22

The famous precision rifle maker introduced MSR RX22, which they dubbed it as tactical trainer and small-game hunting rifle.
It was joint project of Anschutz, German Sport Guns, and ESC Ulm.

The trigger can be adjusted from 3.3 to 5.5 lbs., and it is set at 4 lbs. by the factory. The cocking handle can be placed in 6 different positions, 3 on eash side. Safety is ambidextrous.

It comes in four versions. The Desert and Black Hawk models have a collapsible side-folding stock, Picatinny rails on the side and bottom of the foreend. The Precision and Precision Black models have fixed wooden stocks and foreend components. All rifles have a full-length Picatinny rail on top.
The rifles come with one 10-round magazine, and magazines with capacities of 2, 5, 20 and 22 rounds are also available as accessory items.
Precision Black

MSRP for the standard Desert and Black Hawk models is $895.

Carolina Cup Winners

Here are the winners of 2012 Carolina Cup. Congratulations!

Custom Defensive Pistol: Gary Byerly
Enhanced Service Pistol: Brandon Wright
Stock Service Pistol: Bob Vogel
Enhanced Service Revolver: Toni Dandreamatteo
Stock Service Revolver: Gregg Kratochvil
High Lady: Randi Rogers

Also, IDPA blog has Carolina Cup by the numbers

From: IDPA blog

Haley Strategic Disruptive Industries

Haley Strategic Partners is holding a course for the the industry partners, and ITS Tactical has been posting sneak peeks each day.

Day 1 - Day 2 - Day 3

From: ITS Tactical

History of Remington Model 700

Field & Stream has a nice article that covers history of Remington Model 700.

Friday, June 15, 2012

CZ Scorpion EVO3 A1

CZ Scorpion EVO3 A1 is in the June issue of Special Weapons, and CZ-USA is noting that they are working on getting the semi-auto version of the gun for US market.

From: CZ-USA

Behind Trevor's story

On Wednesday, Shooting USA featured story of Trevor Baucom. Jim Scoutten posted behind the scenes story.

From: The Outdoor Wire

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Texas Trigger promo vid

Texas Trigger is a new project by Colby Donaldson, host of Top Shot. It is like a theme park, experiencing Top Shot style fun. Over 3 days, participants can shoot various weapons, including M2 Browning Machine gun, MG42, Barrett M107, and even M79 grenade launchers.
The website has not gone on line yet, but it will be
You can see some familiar stage props in the preview.

More description from

Carolina Cup photos

IDPA is posting Carlina Cup photos on their Facebook page

Here are some Instagram photos from stage 5 and a stage with zombie targets

From: IDPA

Tactical shorts comparison

US Cavalry posted this video of tactical shorts comparison. 5.11, Blackhawk, Truspec, vertx, and woolrich.

Gunzoo's Julie Golob interview

Gunzoo interviewed Julie Golob about her competition career, experience in writing her book. Article is a bit long but worth the read as it goes through her background, equipment and advice for starters.


Wilson Combat Titanium Whisper Suppressors

Bill Wilson himself talks about advantages of Combat Whisper Suppressor.

Choosing the right choke

Mark Hanish of Team FNH USA demonstrates why choke selection is an important consideration for shotgun stages

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Brownells AR-15 deal

Brownells is offering $10 off on orders of $99 or more from their AR-15 digital catalog. You can use code DRQ at checkout.

Uncle Mike's competition belt and shotgun shell speedy caddy

Uncle Mike's has a new competition belt and shotgun shell speedy caddy.

The new belt is MOLLE/PALS compatible. It's size ranges from medium(32-36") to XXL(50-54"). Price will be $77.95

The shotgun shell speed caddy holds four 2 3/4 12 guage shells. Price will be $53.95

From: Uncle Mike's

LaserLyte UTA-SH Laser for M&P Shield

This model has ambidextrous switch, and can be programmed to either constant on or pulse mode. It also has unique flash after 5 minutes and turns iteself off after 6 minutes. It last 10 hours on constant, double that on pulse mode in actual usage(1 min on 1 min off)

Price(MSRP): $99.95

From: Shooting Wire

Dan Wesson Valor review

Tactical Gun Review has an article on Dan Wesson Valor. They evaluated and liked it.

S&W Governor review

Caleb at Gun Nuts Media wrote a review of S&W Governor. It is S&W's answer to Taurus Judge, and the review is lukewarm at best. Both guns have their niche but for serious use, there are better alternatives.

From: Gun Nuts Media


JMC Custom Holsters first posted it on their Facebook, now Four Gun Guys have them for you to imitate. $5 for a sheet of four.

From: Four Guys Guns

Infographic: The truth about cinematic wounds

Here is a humorous explanation of bullet wounds in context of movies.

From: Paste Magazine

Czech, Slovakia, Hungary & gun signs

Cheaper Than Dirt blog has some photos of gun related signs from the 3 nations. It briefly touches the background of each country's firearm related mindset.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

New Daniel Defense M4 Rail review wrote an article about the new DDM4 rail blogged yesterday. There are some really nice photos on page 2

From: Tactical-Life

MGM Ironman photos

Here are photos from MGM Ironman Competition, by Hornady

List of winners can be found on MGM Ironman website

Open: Michael Voight
Limited: Warren Becker
Heavy Optics: Barry Dueck
Trooper, Law: Ben Fortin
Juniors: Brian Nelson
Seniors:Ralph Arredondo
Lady: Bethany Harris

Congratulations to all winners.

*Here is an article about MGM Ironman from Guns & Ammo

Monday, June 11, 2012

Comp-Tac's IWB holster for Walther PPQ

Comp-Tac now has MTAC(Minotaur Tuckable Adjustable Cant), CTAC(Concealable Tuckable Adjustable Cant), Minotaur Neutral, and Minotaur Spartan for Walther PPQ.

Prices are,
MTAC: $85
CTAC: $80
Minotaur Neutral: $85
Minotaur Spartan: $69

From: Comp-Tac (via IDPA blog)

Randi Rogers' tip for Bianchi Cup training

Randi Rogers shared some tips if you are specifically preparing for Bianchi Cup. Topics on equipments, practice opportunities, and how to mentally prepare are discussed.

This is a video of Randi Rogers from Bianchi Cup

From: Randi Rogers Shooting

Gen 4 Glock 29 released

Ed's Public Safety in Georgia posted this photo of Gen 4 Glock 29. This is a "Blue label" Glock that will be sold to LE/Mil or GSSF members. Seems like there will be more released for everyone from Glock.

Danie Defense to use new rails for DDM4

Daniel Defense announced that they will be using new DDM4 Rails for complete rifles.
Newer rail system will use 4 bolts instead of 6, and lower rail is closer to the barrel. Front and rear sling adapters are integrated into both left and right side rails. It measures 1.9 inches wide, 2.165 inches high with inner diameter of 1.08 inches.

This rail will not be sold sepratedly, but will come as standard for complete rifle or upper receiver group.

From: Down Range TV

Crimson Trace 1911 Lightguard review

American Rifleman reviewed CTC's 1911 Lightguard. It briefly talks about the light, comparison with Surefire Backup,

From: American Rifleman

LaserMax announces MICRO Laser feature enhancements

LaserMax announced that their MICRO Laser will now come with feature that allows users to choose either a constant or pulsating beam. To switch, hold down the activation switch for 8 seconds.

From: Shooting Wire

Improving accuracy on a budget

American Rifleman has an article on how to improve your (bolt action) rifle with some work. Some improvements require a bit of money, but is better than buying a new rifle.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

FN FNS-9 Competition

FN showed photo of FN FNS-9 Competition. It is a long barreled version of FNS pistol, and Team FNH USA has been using it for sometime, including at the Bianchi Cup.

FN is planning to release it around Jan. - Apr. 2013

2012 IDPA Illinois State Championship vid

IDPA tv uploaded video of Illinoise State Championship

From: IDPA Tv

Guns & Glamour

Julie Golob wrote an article about Bianchi Cup but focussing more on non-shooting related aspect - fashion.

Friday, June 8, 2012

How to choose a fighting pistol

Safariland has a good post about criteria for choosing a good fighting pistol

In short,

Good sights and trigger,

From: Safariland blog

CTD reviews Surefire Ryder 22-A

CTD reviewed Surefire Ryder 22-A, a suppressor for .22 caliber guns. There are some interesting points such as how baffles are made up, use of Titanium for envelope.

Price(MSRP): $439

Load bearing equipment comparison

US Cavalry blog has a comparison of Blue Force Gear and FirstSpear's approach in MOLLE techonology.

Uncle Mike's M&P Shield holster

Uncle Mike's now has Reflex Holster for M&P Shield. It is made of injection molded, impact modified polymer. The paddle attachment and pancake style belt loop fits belts up to 1 3/4 inches wide.

Price(MSRP): $38.95

Wilson Combat CQB Elite .45 review has Combat Handguns' article on Wilson Combat CQB Elite .45.

Savage 12 Model Varmint review

American Rifleman reviewed Savage 12 Model Varmint rifle in .204 Ruger. It also comes in .223 Rem., .22-250 Remington

Price(MSRP): $752

Springfield Armory Father's day 30% off

Springfield Armory is having 30% off on everything in the webstore. However, they just cannot gurantee the delivery date.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

CZ and Dan Wesson history

CZ USA blog had an interesting historical tidbit. In April 1968, Karl Lewis of Dan Wesson toured CZ factory and discussed about extending business relations. However, in August 1968, Soviets invaded Czechoslovakia, killing the relationship.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

H&K P2000 broken in half

These are photos of a Border Patrol agent's H&K P2000 that was destroyed when his ATV got into an accident. It seems like the baton right behind the pistol would have something to do with destruction.


SIG Father's day deal

Sig is offering Custom shop tune-up deal for Father's day good until 6/13 noon.

SIG service package is offered at $99.95. It includes, complete disassembly and utrasonic cleaning, springs and pin replacements, inspection, Meprolight night sight, and lubrication.

With purchase of above deal, you also get 20% off on other services too.

Offer is only good for phone-in customers. (866)619-1128 or (603)772-2302(choose option 3)

Crimson Trace Father's day deal

Crimson Trace is offering $30 off laser sights through Father's day. Use discount code: LASERDAD12

Here are models
Lasergrips, Laserguard, Pro-Custom Lasergrips, Master Series Lasergrips, and Modular Vertical Foregrips (MVF-515),

You can also get $15 off from flowwing products using promo code LIGHTDAD12
Lightguard, Rail Master.

From: Crimson Trace

KC Eusebio wins Northeast Regional World Class Steel Title

KC Eusebio won Northeast Regional World Class Steel Title held in New Jersey on 6/1. He took High Overall, Open Centerfire Pistol.

His time was 69.66. Others were David Sevigny with 69.98, JJ Racaza with 74.43

Other categories/divisions were
Pistol Iron Division: David Sevigny
Carbine Rimfire and Pistol Open Rimfire: Al Surko
Pistol Iron Rimfire Division: Tom Yost
Revolver Divisions, Iron and Open Revolver: Dave Olhasso
Compact Division: Myron Pollard
Carbine Centerfire: Rick Abrams

Full results: World Class Steel website

Here is David Sevigny shooting a stage

WW2 small arms write-up

Cheaper than Dirt blog has a nice short write-up of small arms used by Germans and Americans in WW2

Smalls arms of WW2 German military

Allied weapon of D-day

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Wilson, Hackathorn, and Vickers on 1911

Larry Vickers, Ken Hackathorn and Bill Wilson talks about 1911

From: Wilson Combat

Collecting custom rifles for investment

Gun Digest took an excerpt from Tom Turpins new book, "Custom Rifles: Mastery of Wood and Metal" regarding custom rifles as investments. The short version is that it can be, cannot be, maybe.

From: Gun Digest

Annoying zombie cliches

Here's a humorous post about annoying zombie cliches. They include things like speed of infection, speed of zombies, and more.

From: Guns & Ammo

Monday, June 4, 2012

SIG Sauer's 2nd gen P290

Sig Sauer is rolling out 2nd generation of P290 RS Microcompact. This version has DAO restrike capability, reshaped beavertail, reshaped magazine release, slide release, and finger-grip magazine floor plates.


Shotgun comparison by Gunreports

GunReports, with CTD compared some semi-auto shotguns on the market.
Saiga 12 gauge,
Kel-Tec KSG pumpgun
Red Jacket Saiga Conversion
Akdal Arms MKA1919


Massad Ayoob value pack

Gun Digest store is offering Massad Ayoob Value Pack for $89.99. If you order right now, they will pack today for delivery after 6/11.

The pack includes,
Massad Ayoob’s Greatest Handguns of the World Vol. 2
Massad Ayoob’s Greatest Handguns of the World
Combat Shooting with Massad Ayoob
Panteao Productions: Massad Ayoob Home Defense DVD
The Gun Digest Book of Combat Handgunnery
Gun Digest Special 2012 Concealed Carry Issue
Gun Digest Book of Concealed Carry

You also get one-month free access to Panteao Production's entire library of Make Ready! videos.

From: Gun Digest store

CTD blog on .22 Magnum, Gun disassembly app

Cheaper Than Dirt blogged a short entry about .22 Magnum/WMR ammunition.

It also reviewed Gun Disassembly 2 app for iPhone, iPad.

Bushnell Laser Rangefinder rebate

Bushnell is giving $50 rebate for the purchase of black or Realtree AP camouflage Scout 1000 ARC.

You can get the form from

MGM Target June specials

MGM Target is offering June specials on IPSC Target and Clay Pigeon holder
IPSC Target goes for $226, Clay Pigeon holder goes for $85 during the promotion

Friday, June 1, 2012

S&W introduces SD9 VE and SD40 VE

S&W introduced SD9 VE and SD40 VE. The two pistols are added to the SD line with Self Defense Trigger system.

SD9 VE comes with either 10+1 round or 16+1 round version.
SD40 VE comes with either 10+1 version or 14+1 version.

Price(MSRP): $379

Surefire Maximus

This rechargeable headlamp emits 500 lumens of max output. You can change the light intensity using the dial.

You can get free shipping on any online order over $98

Price: $265

Magpul MS3 Single QD sling shipping

This sling has QD swivel in place of the Paraclip at the D-ring end. It comes in black and coyote.

Price(MSRP): $57.95

Short history of .308

Cheaper Than Dirt blog has a short background information on how .308 became a favorite round.

CZ promo

CZ USA is giving 10% off of all CZ-USA branded soft goods until 6/30.

Also, following items are on sale. Rifle/shotgun case(19170), tool pouch(19171), pistol pouch(19895), range bag(19150). Limit 2 per item