Thursday, October 31, 2013

Jesse James to enter firearm manufacturing

Jesse James of West Coast Chopper and Austin Speed Shop is entering gun manufaturing business with STI.

According to Austin Business Journal, Jesse James Firearms Unlimited will be located near Dripping Springs, TX and will produce 1911 pistol and AR-15 rifle.

The gun won't be available for purchase until January, but some finished products would be shown at a party he will host on Nov. 16.

From: Austin Business Journal

Edit: Here's some more information


There are more photos on his Instagram account

Weatherby Inc. Factory tour photos

American Rifleman has photos from their Weatherby factory tour

From: American Rifleman

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Carving pumpkins - SilencerCo

SilencerCo does it a bit quieter.

From: SilencerCo

Mount Drill, Airsoft Dryfire and the Subconscious

Powerfactor Show talks about shotgun mount drill, airsoft dryfire, and subconscious. They are now using new format that discusses several topics at once.

From: Powerfactor Show

Law Tactical Gen 2 folding stock adapter review

Guns and Tactics reviewed this interesting adapter that enables AR platforms to have a folding stock.

Price: $199

From: Guns and Tactics

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

3 Gun essential - Less is more

Ammoland has a good article on how to maximize your training. Some may seem counter intuitive, but makes sense(shooting too much, avoiding fatigue)

From: Ammoland

The first weapon mounted light

American Rifleman looks at the first weapon mounted light, Seely Night Sight, by George A. Seely.

From: American Rifleman

DoubleTap adds new caliber

DoubleTap Defense is adding .410/.45 Colt and the .40 S&W to their line up. They will be offered in both ported and non-ported models

.410/.45 Colt will be 2.5" long

Price will vary from $499(Non-ported .40S&W) to $799

From: DoubleTap Defense, ShootingWire

Monday, October 28, 2013

The Steel Challenge 1989

Gun Works has video of 1989 Steel Challenge

From: Gun Works

PWS TFL - Tactical Forearm Lengthener

When you need extra space on your short length barrel carbine, here is your answer!

From: PWS

New Taiwanese uniform and facemask

Taiwan recently revealed new armor for Special Forces and they included ballsitic face mask. No words on whether whips are coming with the face mask.


Sunday, October 27, 2013

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Now Jerry Miculek carves pumpkins

It's that time of year...yes it is...and Jerry Miculek is going to carve one with .50 cal.


Ruger's redesigned Red Label over-and-under Shotgun

Ruger came up with redesigned over-and-under shotgun. It has refined inner workings, a new center of gravity and reduced recoil. Price will be $1399(MSRP)

From: Shooting Wire

Mesa Tactical's SureShell Shotshell Carrier System

This system is now availabel for Remington Versa Max shotgun and comes in 4, 6, and 8 shell configurations. It also has a replacement Picatinny optics rail.

SKU, Item and MSRP is
93650 Sureshell Carrier and Rail for Rem Versa Max (4-shell, 12-GA, 7in) $100.00
93660 Sureshell Carrier and Rail for Rem Versa Max (6-shell, 12-GA, 7in) $105.00
93670 Sureshell Carrier and Rail for Rem Versa Max (8-shell, 12-GA, 7in) $120.00

From: Shooting Wire

Friday, October 25, 2013

Hickok45 murders more pumpkins

Pumpkin Killing Methods IV...

Will someone stop him?!?!

From: Hickok45

LaserLyte Compact Trigger Tyme Training Pistol

LaserLyte came out with this compact size trainer pistol(LT-TTC) that is roughly the size of M&P Shield or XD-s.

It weighs about 5.5 lbs. Price is $49.95(MSRP)

From: The Tactical Wire

How AR 15 muzzle brakes work

Guns & Ammo has a nice article explaining how muzzle brakes work

From: Guns & Ammo

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Colt Pro Shootout on ESPN(1994)

Here is a video from 19 years ago when ESPN aired shooting sports. You can see younger Jim Scoutten and may famous shooters.

From: Matt Burkett

Glock Gen4 article

American Rifleman has an article on Glock pistols. First half of article goes through history of Glock which is worthwhile for a quick look if you are aware of it, and a good starting point for those who did not know.

From: American Rifleman

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Chris Costa Weaponcraft video outtakes

Here are some funny outtakes from his class.

From: Costa Ludus


AUSA is Association of US Army conference. There are some small arms related companies out there. Soldier Systems covered some interesting pieces.

Colt - SWORD systems which integrates sniper, observer and other people.
Remington Defense talks about ACR and PSR
Simunition AK upper for OPFOR training

From: Soldier Systems

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Colt USMC M45A1 CQB review

Military Arms Channel reviewed Colt USMC M45A1 CQB.

From: Military Arms Channel

3-gun rifle scope discussion

Powerfactor show talks about various 3-gun rifle optics.

From: Powerfactor show

Monday, October 21, 2013

Sunday, October 20, 2013

How Remington guns were made in 1969

This promotional video showed how Remington firearms were made in that era.

From: The Film Archive

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Chris Costa at Weaponcraft

This video is from a Costa Ludus class in Maine

From: Costa Ludus

2014 CTC Midnight 3-gun date announced

Crimson Trace announced that the 2014 CTC Midnight 3-gun will be held Aug. 13-16, 2014 at the Central Oregon Shooting Sports Association range.

Registration for previous attendees opens Nov. 12, 2013. Open registration for other competitors will begin on Dec. 2

Friday, October 18, 2013

Jerry Miculek shooting .50BMG AP rounds

And this is why getting hit by .50BMG is going to mean a bad day.


Ruger SR-762

Ruger jumped in to .308 AR rifle market with SR-762. It uses piston system. Barrel length is 16.12 inches with 1:10 twist rate. It weights about 8.6 lbs.

Three 20 round PMAGS, Hogue Monogrip are supplied as well as floding BUIS. Rifle also comes with soft-sided case. MSRP is $2195.

Fom: Ruger

A look at Castle Defense law

Steve Harris looks at Castle Defense Laws and tries to break it down in to CAN-SHOULD-MUST and gives some in-depth look in to the issue.

From: Modern Service Weapons

Thursday, October 17, 2013

DRT Ammo ballistic gelatin results

ITS Tactical tested this ammunition

From: ITS Tactical

Assaulted trailer

Here is a movie thatlooks at the absurdity of gun control and why we need the Second Amendment

From: Dead Patriot Films

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Handgun lubing, Shotgun fitting & Dryfire targets

Power Factor show is testing new format and this time they are discussin several things at once. The 3 topics of discussion are handgun lubrication, shotgun fitting and dryfire targets.

From: The Power Factor Show

NSSF Modern Sporting Rifle Consumer Report update

This survey started in 2010 and got updated recently with 22,000 owners of AR and AK platforms surveyed.

Most MSRs were...
...purchased from an independent retail store
...average cost was $1058, down $25 on average from previous year .223/5.56mm for ARs, 7.62x39mm for AKs

35% of respondents had some military or law enforcement background, down from 44% in 2010

49% purchased their first in 2012 or 2013, of which 82% were ARs
Spent $211 to $381 in accessories
92% used for target shooting, 50% for hunting, 19% for competition.

There is a few more information you can read from the Shooting Wire

From: The Shooting Wire

Monday, October 14, 2013

Hellenic Forces testing Walther PPQ Navy

targetgroupltd uploaded video of Hellenic Special Forces testing Walther PPQ Navy. This is testing and there is no indication that it will be adopted by the Hellenic SF.

Since its birth there has been some positive opinion about this pistol, but it has not been able to acquire market share for some reasons. It would be interesting if PPQ ends up with a formal contract.

From: targetgroupltd

Thunder Ranch DVDs on sale

Thunder Ranch DVDs are on sale until Oct. 17th. A portion of sales will go to The Fisher House. Each DVD is $25 plus shipping and handling of $5.95, up to 4 DVDs

You can buy it from the Thunder Ranch Store.

From: Thunder Ranch

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Oldmen shooting Tavor

Jerry Miculeck and Hickok45 both shoots video about Tavor. Coincidence? Who knows...

From: MiculekDotCom, Hickok45

Right gun for woman

Shooting Illustrated has a good article on right gun for women. They actually asked 5 women to fire 7 different guns and got their opinion.

One of things men tend to forget(or not lsiten to) is that what men assume about women may not be correct. Some jerks would hand over a .44 magnum just for laugh and video, but it is far more reasonable to let the woman choose what she likes.

From: Shooting Illustrated

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Accuracy International to end AE production this year

Accuracy International announced that AE in .308 caliber will not be made after 2013. Here is the press release.

Accuracy International will end AE production at the end of 2013. 

The AE, in .308 calibre, was introduced at the request of the law enforcement community in 2001 with a basic black, fixed stock, fixed cheek-piece and 24 inch barrel. The AE has been popular with Law Enforcement and civilian shooters worldwide. It evolved through two product improvement stages, the AE MkII and AE MkIII featuring an AW style three-position safety, removable trigger group, standard adjustable check-piece and redesigned 5 and 10 round magazines.
After 12 years it is time to bring production of this model to an end and the final batch is now in the assembly process in our UK factory. We will continue to support all versions of the AE as we have done with our AW Series, which has had upgrades throughout its life. 

The new Accuracy International 2014 models will be announced at the Shot Show in Las Vegas on January 14, 2014.

From: Accuracy International

Geissele Suppressor Alignment Rod

Geissele made this rod for shooters to check suppressor alignment. The rod for 5.56mm is 15" long, while 7.62mm rod will be 17" long. Both are $75

From: Geissele:
Now available on our website is our Geissele Suppressor Alignment Rod (SAR). The Geissele Suppressor Alignment Rod (SAR) is a precision gage used to verify the alignment of a suppressor to the bore of a firearm barrel.

From: Geissele

TACOST - Training Card Program by TriCon

Trident Concepts released TACOST - Training Card Program. This card allows users to focus on 4 programs - marksmanship, speed, baselines, and dry fires.

According to Trident Concepts, "the goal of each program is not just to challenge the student, but to also assist them in identifying discrepancies in their overall technique then providing them the tools necessary to improve and then sustain."

From: Trident Concepts

Thursday, October 10, 2013

2013 CA IDPA State Championship vid posted his video of 2013 CA IDPA State championship.


Surefire EB2 Backup

Surefire EB2 is a 2-cell version of EB1 back up light. It emits 500 lumen, and 5 lumen, comes in two tail caps, one a 'clicky' and the other 'tactical' tailcap.

Price: $235

From: Shooting wire

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

BCM Gunfighter grip and vertical grip

Bravo Company is now releasing their Gunfighter Grip Mod 3. This grip has trap door for storage, but more importantly extended forward tang to close the gap beween the trigger guard and grip, as well as a high rise "beavertail" style back strap.

Currently it's only available in black, but there will be Flat Dark Earth as well as Foliage green

Price: $17.95

Vertical Grip Short is a low profile grip for less snag factor.

Price: $44.95

From: BravoCompany USA

New IDPA equipment rules review by Powerfactor show

Power Factor Show reviewed the new IDPA equipment rules.

From: Power factor show

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Kyle Lamb on Salient Arms

Kyle Lamb of Viking Tactics talks about Salient Arms M&P and different versions of it.

Salient Arms also announced that M&P Flat-daced trigger upgrade is now available. Price is $265+shipping. For details call (805) 983-1200

From: Richard King Photography, Salient Arms

How to defuse an AK 74 - Russian way

If your arms are tied, guess you have to do something else. No words on tomahawk skill is related to this.

From: LiveLeakVideos

Surefire E1B review

Tim Lau of Modern Service Weapons has a concise review of Surefire E1B

From: Modern Service Weapons

South Korea K14 Sniper rifle review

Small Arms Defense Journal has review of K14 Sniper rifle developed for ROK military. It seems to be a variation of Winchester 70.

From: Small Arms Defensive Journal

Monday, October 7, 2013

2013 CA State IDPA Championship stages

Here are stages from 2013 CA State IDPA Championship. A few zombie stages were present/

Stage 1: Rest stop nap
Stage 2: It was a prison break
Stage 3: They're in the house
Stage 4: Into darkness
Stage 5: Pleasure cruise
Stage 6: Pier hell
Stage 7: Jumped
Stage 8: Rule number 3
Stage 9: On the throne in Zombieland
Stage 10: Time to strip
Stage 11: Accuracy speaks

From: IDPA

An Urban Operator's first IDPA match

When Tacticool meets IDPA

Part 1 - Part 2

From: The Firearm Report

Last Stand - portable target stand

GearScout has an article on this simple set of polymer that will enable shooters to set up target stand that can be easily assembled and disassembled.

From: GearScout

Vuurwapen muzzle brake/flash hider/compensator comparison

Vuurwapen did an interesting comparison of muzzle brake/flash hider/compensator in two parts.

In Part 1, muzzle flash is covered. You can slide through each photo for more photos.

In Part 2, sound level is covered.

From: Vuurwapen blog

Friday, October 4, 2013

Surefire P3X Tactical review

Modern Service Weapons has a quick review of SureFire P3X Tactical.

Modern Service Weapons

Streamlight ProTac HK headlamp

This headlamp emits 540 lumens, good enough to reach 172 meters while using 2 CR123A batteries.

It also comes with 3 programs: High/Medium/Low, High only, and Low/Medium/High

On high it runs 1.75 hours, medium(95 lumens) runs 8 hours, low(18 lumens) runs 36 hours.

From: Streamlight

Thursday, October 3, 2013

FN PS90 review by Jerry Miculek

The gun has been out for some time so there is nothing new, but he looks in to the cartridge itself. Starts around 9:12

He is also asking for ideas on what he should with the gun.

From: MiculekDotCom

Geissele SMR MK4 Keymod Rail preview has photos of the new upcoming Geissele SMR MK4 KeyMod rail. The rail has KeyMod mounting slots at 3, 6, and 9 o'clock positions. There will be 9.5", 13" and 15" models available.


P38 review by Hickok45

For those who are new to Walther P38 this would be a good video to learn about the gun. Hickok even lookst at the similarities between P38 and Beretta 92.

From: Hickok45

The Gun Box crowdfunding

The Gun Box is an updated idea that incorporated RFID scanner and biometric fingerprint scanner for gun storage. It also looks very sleek compared to traditional storages.

You can take a look at Indie Go Go. The funding will close on Oct. 27

From: IndieGoGo, The Firearm Blog

New mounts for GoPro

GoPro announced new mounts and two of them could be interesting for shooters.

Head strap + QuickClip mount allows users to attach GoPro to their cap or any other objects that are 3mm to 10mm thick. ($19.99)

Jaws: Flex Clamp($49.99) can be used for any objects ranging in size from 0.25" to 2" in diameter and use the neck to adjust angles.

From: GoPro

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Wilson Combat ETM HD/+P magazine

Wilson combat announced enhanced 1911 magazine, ETM HD/+P. It uses flatwire spring instead of the standard 1911 spring. It will not lose optimum feeding tension and won't corrode according to Wilson Combat

It holds 8 rounds

Price is $44.95

Daniel Defense AR15 Lite Rail 2

Daniel Defense's updated AR15 Lite Rail has sling swivels and is lighter. It also replaces 6-bolt attachment system with 4-bolt systems. There will be multiple lengths available but 12.0 FSPM and 14.0 will be available in Q1 2014

From: Daniel Defense

Lionheart LH9 review

Powerfactorshow reviewed Lionhear LH9. If you want to jump to the start of the review, jump to 9:00

From: PowerfactorShow