Friday, August 31, 2012

Labor day deals

Labor day deals are showing up.

Brownells is giving free shipping on domestic orders of $150 or more. Promo code is DSW

Tactical Distributors have 20% off sale with free overnight shipping on orders of $150 or more. Promo code is LABORDAY20

Net Tac is giving some discount on Vickers Combat Application sling. PRomo code is LABORDAY2012

Panteao Productions is giving 25% off promotion on DVDs and subscriptions. Promo code is LABOR25

Palmetto State Armory is also having sale one a lot of things including AR uppers, ammos, accessories, and guns.

Comp-Tac has 15% off on any online order. Promo code is LD-0912 store has 10% on all items non digital. Promo code is LABOR10

Steve Lee goes on hunting with S&W 460

Steve Lee became famous for his song 'I like guns' and now he goes on wild boar hunting with a S&W 460.

AR: Firearm Museums

American Rifleman posted list of firearm museums. One place that is not on the list, but is worth visiting is Winchester Mystery Hose.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

An Introduction to Wilson Combat

Wilson Combat uploaded a video tour of their factory and products.

CCW Breakaways pants

Shooting Illustrated has an article on CCW Breakaway pants. These are specially designed pants that allows easy carry of firearms in pants without need for a pocket holster. They come in khakis, cargos, jeans and shorts.

Prices range from $69.99 - 89.99

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Paralympics 2012

Paralympics 2012 started on 8/29 and shooting events will start on 8/30

Eric Hollen(pistol) and Josh Olsen(rifle) will be there as the first-ever Paralympic team.

You can read more here

Viking Tactics Sniper Sling

Viking Tactics uploaded a short video of how to use their Sniper Sling

Shelley Rae's Gun 101 ep. 1

Shelley Rae made a video about The four safety rules. The video is intended to help new shooters learn about shooting sport.

Student of the Gun ep.6

Student of the gun gives us a look at the new Blackhawk holsters and factory. It also has video of Todd Jarrett teaching on the range.

From: Student of the Gun

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Noveske Shooting Team 3 Gun Hero trailer

The Noveske Shooting Team is releasing 3 Gun Hero DVD. It will cover techniques, stage breakdown, gear, and other tips and tricks.

Hi-Point challenge

There has been plenty of firearm tests, but not many were willing to test a commonly looked down pistol, Hi-Point.In fact I've seen about 2 or 3 other tests. Now, Tim from Gun Nuts Media decided to test one himself.

So far, out of 150 rounds it shot, it had 2 failures to go in to battery.

From: Gun Nuts Media

You know you're a Glock fanboy when...

MrColionNoir posted a new video about Glock fanboy-ism

NRA Ultimate Gun Guide app for iPad

NRA released its Ultimate Gun Guide app for iPad. It has database on 600 guns and will have more in the future. iPhone version will be available soon, too.

Price: $2.99

2013 MultiGun Nationals date announced

USPSA announced that 2013 MultiGun Nationals will be held at the Desert Sportsmen Range in Las Vegas from 4/25 to 4/28

From: USPSA Nationals

Monday, August 27, 2012

Remington R1 Enhanced Threaded Barrel

Remington added more to their R1 1911 line up.

R1 Enhanced Threaded Barrel has a taller two-dot sight system, a match grade stainless steel threaded barrel, black anodized aluminum match grade trigger, and custom enhanced checkered grips.

It will come with two 8-round magazine and thread protector

Price(MSRP): $1040

Supercavitating Underwater Bullets

PNW Arms uploaded video of their Supercavitating Underwater Bullet. It is supposed to go through a steel plate even after the bullet goes through 13 jugs. Not the most scientific test, but it is interesting.
From: PNW Arms

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Beta C-mag fail

Beta C-mag looks cool, but it has one problem - reliability. shakeyshooter uploaded his test of Beta c-mag.

You can check it out at 2:18 and 5:20

PNW Arms Cold Tracer video

PNW Arms uploaded video of their Cold Tracer at 100 yards using an MP5. It will be available in Fall.

From: PNW Arms

Friday, August 24, 2012

Bayonet article

Gun Digest has a simple article that covers usage and different models of bayonets for GI use.

From: Gun Digest

Building Assault: when hammer fails

Supposedly these are Lithuanian military filming their CQB practice. Not sure if this was legitimate or purposely done for humor, but it is hilarious.

Blackhawk Holster sneak peek

Shooting Wire has a nice sneak peak of a holster Blackhawk is going to introduce early next year. EPOCH will work for either Surefire X200 or X300, Streamlight TLR1 or TLR2

From: Shooting Wire

Thursday, August 23, 2012

NSSF: Shooting positions in the field

NSSF uploaded a video on various shooting positions applicable in the field.

From: NSSF

Viking Chronicles ep. 2

Kyle Lamb uploaded his second Viking Chronicles video with Non-Typical Outfitters. However it is a bit short and I find it a little bit lacking in substance.

From: Kyle Lamb

AR: Ruger LCR-22 and SR22 review

Whiley Clapp reviewed both Ruger LCR-22 revolver and SR22 handgun.

From: American Rifleman

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

G&A: Heizer DoubleTap review

Guns & Ammo reviewed Heizer Double Tap. It is a gun for close distance and seems to perform just as expected.

From: Guns & Ammo

Ken Hackathorn in SOTG ep. 5

Student of the Gun has some video from Ken Hackathorn pistol/carbine class from Texas. It starts at 08:28

A look at 1911 sights

Gun Digest has an article on differnt 1911 sights. It covers things to look for in a 1911 sight, and compares several different types of sights.

From: Gun Digest

Pendleton Safes free shipping promo

Pendleton Safes is offering free shipping on all orders shipped to the lower 48 United States from now until 10/15/2012. You can order by calling (770)466-6181 or email

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Panteao's Gunsmithing the 1911

Panteao production's new title is about 1911 gunsmithing. Paul Liebenberg worked with  Pachmayr Gun Works and later opened Pistol Dynamics in Florida. Topics on DVD include barrel and barrel bushing fitting, installing safeties, triggers, extractors and more.

Price: $49.99(members $39.99)

From: Panteao productions

2012 New England Regional IDPA Championship

johniac7078 uploaded videos from 2012 New England Regional IDPA Championship. There are 12 stages and interesting stage designs can be seen. Uploader had a very hard time due to hand injury.

Language warning at 6:16, 9:38, 10:29, 12:39, 14:00, 14:16

You can find photos from the match on IDPA's Facebook
Day 1, Day 2, Day 3

Kim Rhode on SB Sun

SB Sun has an article on Kim Rhode who won medals in 5 consecutive Olympics.

More women gun owners

CBS reports that there has been increase in number of female gun owners. According to the Gallup pole it was 13% in 2005, and it is now 23%.

From: CBS New York

Brownells is selling night vision scopes

Brownells is now selling night vision scopes and monoculars. Prices depends on products.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Glock Maritime Spring Cup

TWANGnBANG posted a video about Glock Maritime Spring cup. This cup allows the Glock pistol to be shot underwater.

USPSA to create dedicated revolver nationals

Caleb of Gunnutsmedia says that USPSA will add a dedicated revolver national to the Single Stack Nationals on May 11, 2013.

He also has a review of 4Wheelguns.Com IDPA Speedloader holder

From: Gun Nuts Media

M&P SIRT training pistol

According to the Gunmart blog, Next LEvel Training is coming out with M&P style SIRT Training pistol

From: Gunmart blog

Steel Flame review

Militarymorons has an article on Steel Flame, guys who made the rail skull accessory for a rifle.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

GNB: Zombie Attack!!

In recent years, zombie mania has swept both the mainstream and the firearm industry. Just this SHOT Show there were plenty of zombie-themed firearms, accessories,  and targets. So it is natural that it crept into training curriculum.

One of the classes I recently watched was Zombie Attack!! class from Firearms Training Associates(FTA).

There has been plenty of zombie-themed competitions(Outbreak Omega being one) and I am sure there are classes that already have zombie-themes integrated in to them. But some of them seem to be nothing more than having zombie targets in place of regular targets. Standing at a line and shooting zombie targets is fine, but if one can add more to the training it will be even more interesting.
Photo courtesy of Ted Tae

Saturday, August 18, 2012

The Viking Chronicles: Wyoming bear hunt

Kyle Lamb's first episode of The Viking Chronicles is here. He went to Wyoming to hunt bears with his AR.(.308)

Blade-Tech Caracal holsters

Blade-Tech now has holsters for Caracal F versions. It comes in Level 1, 2, and 3 holsters as well as souble and single magazine pouches.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Safariland Competition Wheelchair Mount

Safariland now has Wheelchair Mount for holsters. Clamp system can be used for both vertical and horizontal armrest or frame. It fits .75" to 1.25" frame tubes. It is designed to work with 5198 for production class guns and 014 holsters for open or limited division.

5198 Version: $200
014 Version: $175
Mag pouched: $225

CTC Laserguard for M&P Shield

Crimsons Trace announced that Laserguard for M&P Shield in both 9mm and .40S&W is available. (LG-489)

Price(MSRP): $219

Buffer Technologies Glock Magwell for Gen4

Buffer Technologies developed Glock Magwell for Gen4. Gen4 model works for 17, 34, 22, 35, 31, and 37

Price: $29.95

Changing Rem 700 bolt knob

Shooting Illustrated has an article on how to change bolt knob on Remington 700. It requires a bit of machine work, just in case someone was expecting an easy installation.

From: Shooting Illustrated

Budget revolvers

Cheaper than dirt has a post about choosing a budget revolver for first timers. Most recommendations are for target shooting, not for immediate dual purpose for home defense.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Article on The Bourne Legacy takedown rifle

The taledown rifle used in The Bourne Legacy is made by Nemesis Arms and is called Vanquish. Former San Bernardino Sheriff County deputy Ives built designed the gun.

It comes in .300 WSM, .338 Federal, .308 Win, .360 Rem, 6.5 Creedmore and .243 Win.

Price(MSRP): $4450

From: Guns & Ammo

Fun IDPA stage

Here's a fun IDPA stage that should be a good practice for dealing with multiple zombies.

From: IDPA blog

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Ken Hackathorn on State of the industry

The Tactical Wire posted their interview with the legendary firearms instructor Ken Hackathorn. Many things were discussed with excellent insight.

From: The Tactical Wire

3-Gun Nation on NBC Sports

The new season of 3-Gun Nation is on Wednesdays at 1pm EST and Sundays 7:30AM EST

AR Optics on a budget

Shooting Illustrated has an article on budget variable power AR optics. Three scopes it looks at are,

Firefield 1-6X24mm 1st Focal Plane Illuminated Riflescope
Weaver Kaspa 1.5-6X32mm
Leatherwood 1-4X24mm CMR Tactical

These are scopes, not RDS(red dot sights). RDS is what we usually think about when it comes to AR sighting system, but there are good scopes that can be used too.

From: Shooting Illustrated

Basic reloading pointers

Cheaper Than Dirt has a simple pointers for those who are starting to reload.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

More Surefire Fury available

Surefire's 500 Lumen light Fury is now available in Tactical, Defender, and P2ZX CombatLight models.

Tactical model has a simple momentary-on push tail cap switch like a classic Surefire light. MSRP is $155

Defender has strike bezel, and has two stage push button. press for momentary-on and push further for constant on mode. MSRP is $165

P2ZX CombatLight model has rubber grip ring and has classic momentary-on switch like Tactical model. MSRP $175

From: Surefire

Cost of self-defense has an article of a man who defended his life in self-defense, but at a tremendous financial cost. It costed $250,000 even though it was ruled a self-defense.

Monday, August 13, 2012

DRD Paratus

DRD Tactical made this breakdown rifle for Clandestine Break-Down Rifle request listed on an open announcement by Joint & Special Operations Program. It is chambered in .308  with a 16 inch or 12 inch barrel.

It can be assembled in less than a minute, and can be stored in a small case. Magpul provides P-mags(20 rounds), stock, grips, and MBUS

Price(MSRP): $5615

You can read a review from Shooting Wire

Comments from

Gun Talk: Bianchi Cup

Gun Talk is uploading their videos from the Bianchi Cup.

Here is the Part 1, Part 2, Part 3Part 4

Zeiss 2012 Field Days optics promotion

Zeiss is offering $500 rebate on the 65mm and 85mm VICTORY DiaScopes.Buyers will also receive a free, portable carbon fiber tripod.

Also, there is a $100 rebate on Conquest 8x42 or 10 X 42mm HD Premium Binoculars.

Promotion runs from 8/1 to 12/31. Purchases must be made from a Zeiss Authorized Dealer in US, and rebate must be postmarked within 30 days of purchase. Payment will be a prepaid American Express card.

You can find more info at

From: Shooting Wire

Sunday, August 12, 2012

STG 44 found in Syria

Syrians found 5,000 STG-44s. No word on their fate, but I doubt it will be sold to collectors. Not sure if they found ammunitions to go with it too.

From: Armory blog

Friday, August 10, 2012

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Frank Proctor's Way of the gun class video

SupersetCA uploaded video of Frank Proctor's Way of the Gun class.

CTC LG-469 for XDs is in works

Crimson Trace mentioned on their Facebook that they are working on releasing LG-469 Laserguard for Springfield XD(s) in November.

From: Crimsons Trace

New Taurus Ad

Taurus firearms has a new ad called Taurus's Promises on their Facebook

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Panteao to release Sonny Puzikas's AK video

Panteao production is about to release AK instruction video with Sonny Puzikas.

Pre-order of thie DVD will be $49.99(member price $39.99).

SureFire 2211 Tactical WristLight vid

SureFire introduced WristLight at 2012 SHOT show and they just posted a video that shows off the product.

Wisconsin State IDPA Championship vid

mikewillshoot uploaded his video from Wisconsin State IDPA Championship 2012.

If you don't like Nickelback, you've been warned.

Draw cord adjuster accident

A lot of jackets have draw cord adjuster at the 3 o'clock and 9 o'clock positions, which happens to be the area where we carry our guns. So it was a matter of time before an accidental discharge was caused by the adjuster getting stuck in the holster or trigger guard.

Here is one with graphic photo of wound from Gun Digest

Please be careful when you wear clothings with these adjusters. No need to holster fast since no shooting is won by fast holstering. Some people get rid of the adjuster, some people use duct tape over it.

Kimber Solo 9mm review

Ed Head wrote his impression of Kimber SOLO.

From: Down Range TV

Firearms misconceptions

Cheaper Than Dirt blog has some firearms mosconceptions that just refuses to die. They involve ballistics, aiming.

Monday, August 6, 2012

GNB: NRA Personal Protection Outside the Home

National Rifle Association is renown for providing the basic pistol safety classes that lays a solid foundation, but there is more that NRA offers. The next level is Personal Protection Inside the Home which touches on skills one would need to effectively protect themselves in their home. The step above is the Personal Protection Outside the Home(PPOTH) which touches on subject of CCW(Carrying Concealed Weapon).

OpSpec Training SIG armorer DVD

OpSpec Training released their SIG armorer DVD. It is made by the renown gunsmith, Bruce Gray.

Price: $39.95 + $7 shipping

Mayflower Tactical Baby Carrier cancelled

Due to US regulations regarding children products and chances of frivolous lawsuits, Mayflower decided not to make Tactical Baby Carriers anymore.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Jamie Gray wins 50-meter three position

Jamie Lynn Gray won gold in the women's 50-meter rifle three-position. She also set record for best score in qualifying.


Friday, August 3, 2012

Steyr Arms AUG A3 to be released late August

Steyr Arms announced that AUG A3 will be available at the end of August. It will have European style cold hammer-forged barrel.

Overall length is 28.15 inches with the 16 inch barrel attached. It will come with 25-position Picatinny rail.

The rifle will come with 1 polymer magazine.

Price(MSRP): $2099

From: Outdoor hub

CTC Midnight 3-Gun video

Guns & Ammo has another video from Crimson Trace Midnight 3-gun invitational

Roger's Custom kydex holster review

Romeo Tango reviewed Roger's custom kydex holster appendix carry Version 5. Version 5 is a bit smaller than Version 4. The reviewer has one made for his S&W Model 13.

Barnes rebate

Barnes is offering rebates upto $20 for eligiable VOR-TX Ammunition(except VOR-TX Safari). Offer is up to $5 per box or $20 on select VOR-TX products. Offer is good until Dec. 31, 2012

Rebate form:
Eligibility check list:

Grandma stops robbers

The store owner fired two rounds from back of the store when robbery went down. None of robbers were hit.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Comp-Tac announces The International

Comp-Tac's The International is an OWB holster that combines a Belt Holster, Paddle Holster, Belt Drop/Offset Holster, and Paddle Drop/Offset Holster all in one.

The holster is available for CZ 75B, Glocks, Smith & Wesson M&P, and Springfield XD(m) series.

Price(MSRP): $69

From: Comp-Tac

What your AR says about you

Guns & Ammo posted this humorous look into what shooter's AR tells us about the shooter.

From: Guns & Ammo

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Blue Force Gear RED Swivel

Blue Force Gear came up with the Rapid Emergency Detachment swivel. In emergency, you can pull the emergency release and it will come out.

Price: $35

From: Soldier Systems

Recluse TC holsters for S&W Shield and XD-s

Recluse holsters are available for S&W Shield and  Springfield Armory XD-s.

Price(MSRP): $59.95

Gaston Glock shoots paparazzi

Gaston Glock, the inventor of Glock pistol, is in hot waters for holding and pulling the trigger of a realistic replica water gun.

From: Austrian Times

Turnbull TAR-10 308

Turnbull Manfufacturing announced TAR-10 308 rifle. It shoots .308 Win in the AR platform. It comes with a 10 round and a 4 round detachable magazine. It fancies proprietary finish as well as American walnut forend, pistol grip

Price(MSRP): $4,995