Thursday, January 30, 2014

Jerry Miculek reviews Glock 42

Now it's Jerry's time. It is about 50 minutes long. He runs through various drills, runs chrono, shoots at taget 60-100 yards away. There are some comparisons with other semi-autos and revolvers.


S&W SDVE CA compliant model

S&W is pulling M&P line out of CA, but SDVE line is coming in. Here is short promo vid

From: Smith & Wesson

Winchester M-22 ammo recall

Winchester is recalling M-22 .22LR ammo due to double charges. The lot numbers to look for are GD42L, GD52L. You'd need to check the individual 500 round boxes.

From:, TheFirearm Blog

Mike Pannone Covert Carry AAR

Modern Service Weapons has AAR of Mike Pannone's Covert Carry class.

From: Modern Service Weapons.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Sentinel Concepts

Steve Fisher, who recently left Magpul Dynamics started his new company, Sentinel Concepts.


From: Sentinel Concepts

Story time with Jerry Miculeck

Grandpa Jerry tells a story of old 1911 tungsten guide rod


Another Glock 42 review

Iraqveteran8888 reviews the G42

From: Iraqveteran8888

Thinking about loading to capcity

Powerfactorshow talks about loading to capacity. (Jump to 15:50). You can also view some of stage design reviews before jumping to 15:50

From: Powerfactorshow

Monday, January 27, 2014

GNB - Radom MSBS impressions

Radom is relatively unknown to general US shooters and if someone knows their name they mainly think of the pistol. Last year they brought out their new carbine they have been working on. This year GNB finally got to take a look at it.

Radom has been working on their MSBS rifle for sometime and is currently going through Polish military test. Poland Military is going through a modernization process and the company hopes that their latest model will be chosen to replace current standard issue which is similar to AKM.

On the first look some people immediately will think of ACR. There is so much resemblance that it is hard to shake off the thoughts that it may be a copy. Copying other firearm design has been a part of gun design for centuries and this could end up being one of such examples.

Holding the rifle up, you can feel that center of mass being a bit more to the front than an AR. Some rifles such as SIG 556 have that feeling and the good news is that recoil gets tamed.

One thing that I immediately noticed was the placement of charging handle. It was just in front of magazine well, and when you pull it, optics and red dot sights might get in the way. This is something that has been pointed out as a problem with SCAR and hopefully will be redesigned.

Magazine release and safety were ambidextrous which is a plus for modern designs. Buttstock was collapsible and foldable too. Cheakpiece could be adjusted as well. An interesting(and brilliant) point is that 80% of components could be used for bullpup version. From manufacturing perspective, this is a great cost saver and for users, a bit of versatility. The bullpup design on the floor was a 3D printed version for display, but for bullpup aficionados this could be something interesting.

The grenade launcher at the bottom is a unique design. Once you fire, as you move your trigger finger to the front, you push the button located in the front which opens  barrel to the shooter's left. Put fresh grenade in and push the barrel back in.

When asked about entering US market, the rep mentioned that since the company doesn't have plenty of capital, if MSBS is chosen for Poland military, that revenue will enable the company to venture out to this market.

Just like CZ 805 from two years ago, eastern European countries are starting to catch up with current market. There is a small part in mind that roots for these underdogs, and hopefully they will be able to bring this into the market.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Academi Training Center

Military Arms Channel reviews Academi Training Center (formerly known as Blackwater USA). There are various aspects covered in the video

From: Military Arms Channel

Hickok45 reviews Glock 42

Hickok45 shares his view of the pistol

From: Hickok45

Thursday, January 23, 2014

2014 SHOT show afterthoughts

1. The Grea Gun Run of 2013 didn't stop innovations

Despite the Great Gun Run of 2013, several companies came up with what market would be interested in. Namely, Glock came out with 41 and 42 (and some are still unhappy about .380 acp caliber of 42), while Remington has R51.

2. ARs are de facto people's gun

You really couldn't swing a dead cat without hitting an AR maker or related parts vendor. It is THE people's gun. There were several AR makers not covered and that speak a volume about diverse offerings for this platform

It will be interesting how things progress as long as no external factors influence the industry

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Other things

Concealed Carrie is CCW purses made for and by females.

Christie's products has an AR magazine loader.

First-light USA

Hogue gun case

KIOAK game face gear

Sarsilmaz, a Turkish company debuted their AR. It is ok, but at the same time there are domestic producers who can do just as well. It will be interesting how they will make inroads in to the market.

Mako defense has FAB GL-mag buttstock that can carry extra magazine in stock...

...and OMC-magazine. Five 10 round magazines.

Blue Force Gear's Terry

and milspec monkey riding him

Source: Point and shoot media

Who says real canines can't come in?

Maybe it was for this?

Band of Brothers veteran Al Mampre was s guest, as well as MOH recipient Dakota Meyers.

Funker Tactical

Tribute to Mikhail Kalashnikov

PWS's cutaway

Things we missed

Here are coverages from some other websites

Palmetto State Armory 1911 -

The Firearm Blog
Crye Precision Six12 shotgun

SIG Mastershop pistols

Troy AK 47 rails

ELCAN Specter TR 1-3-9x – SHOT Show Optic Preview

RECOIL's coverage

SWAT magazine - BCM Keymod


and many more

Soldier Systems
Batteryclip - a clip to store battery
Gerber AR tool
S&S Precision Silent Killer Holster


Walther came out with 5 in barrel PPQ M2. This version is like the standard PPQ with barrel length being the only difference. Walther rep said the original PPQ with paddle release is still being made but the feedback made them change to the button style magazine release.

They also have PPQ 22 which is .22lr version of PPQ.


Viridian has been gaining grounds in laser/weaponlight market and they now have Ruger LCP, LC9, S&W M&P, Kahr compatible models. Reactor is a straight simple white light. They also have combinations of lights and laser.


Trijicon is coming out with VCOG, a 1-6x scope for military and hunters alike. Price was a bit high, but users will appreciate features like magnification knob with a long edge that allows easy rotation to change.

4x32 ACOG is also available(MSRP $2392)

LED RMR is $706

and 1x42 Reflex

Tat3d targets

This new target system is good for both guns and knives.


Surefire had Y300. This light has magnetic clip that allows quick detach and will be handy for a few situations. MSRP is $295. They are expected to be available in March. You can get 15 lumens and 500 lumens too.

P3X got a new design for better grip-ability. Serration are added for better grip.

R2 Lawman has a rotary knob on top allowing users to adjust type of operation they need. It can be used as a momentary light or a clicky type light. This is something that irked some users as they had to choose between the two when purchasing a light. Now it has been addressed in a very clever way.

Annihilator emits 5000 lumens.

P1R Peacekeeper emits 800/15 lumens. It also features a nice serration.

Here's a little promo vid:


Streamlight TLR-4G will be available in April with MSRP of $399. 115 lumens and green laser.

Clipmate USB isn't exactly gun related, but it seems like a good product that can be used in other settings. MSRP $55 and available in April.

Stylus Pro USB is coming in April too and $80

Scorpion HL emits 600 lumens(1.25 hours),

Protac HL emits 540 lumens(1.75 lumens)


STI has Duty One 5.0, 4.0 and 3.0. Each numbers represent length of barrel. This 9mm 1911 has been quite a shooter and Tactical Dalai Lama Ken Hackathorn seems to be extremely satisfied with his. For 2014, aluminum frame is also available. MSRP $1385

The model also comes in .40 S&W and .45 ACP too