Saturday, January 18, 2014


Surefire had Y300. This light has magnetic clip that allows quick detach and will be handy for a few situations. MSRP is $295. They are expected to be available in March. You can get 15 lumens and 500 lumens too.

P3X got a new design for better grip-ability. Serration are added for better grip.

R2 Lawman has a rotary knob on top allowing users to adjust type of operation they need. It can be used as a momentary light or a clicky type light. This is something that irked some users as they had to choose between the two when purchasing a light. Now it has been addressed in a very clever way.

Annihilator emits 5000 lumens.

P1R Peacekeeper emits 800/15 lumens. It also features a nice serration.

Here's a little promo vid: