Thursday, June 30, 2016

Glock win FBI pistol contract

FBI awarded their new pistol contract to Glock. This marks the return of 9mm in the FBI sidearm since 1980s. The solicitation was put up on Oct. 7, 2015, and contract was awarded on June 29, 2016.

There were some speculations that FBI wanted SIG P320, while others speculated that this was to force Glock to make some changes.

The solicitation specified that the pistol have no finger grooves, have ambi-magazine release (or can be changed to), but not necessarily for slide lock. It also mentioned good ejection of spent casing.

The contract is for 1 year and nine possible additional on-year options, with maximum dollar amount of $85 million

According to Soldier Systems Daily comments, the new pistol, presumably model 17 and 19, is being referred as G17M, as well as some talks about Gen 5.

USPSA PCC now officially happening

USPSA announced that Pistol Caliber Carbine Division will be availabelf ro all levels of USPSA competition. The division is still provisional, but there has been some buzz about the new division. It is up to the match director to offer.

Calibers allowed are 9mm, .357 SIG, .40 S&W, 10mm, .45 acp.
Minor scoring only
Can use optics, slings
No suppressors

For those interested in the rule, here is Appendix D8 which deals with rules.


IMI Galil and M76

MAC goes over this rifle built on AK-47 mechanism. It shows some user-focussed features, but the weight was something to think about.

Side note: Apprently, actor Sean Penn had a .308 version in his posession until his then-girlfriend Charlize Theron convinced him to get rod of it.

From: Military Arms Channel

2016 Carolina Cup result

2016 Carolina Cup was held on June 17/18. Unlike previous years, it was not an IDPA sanctioned match. Rumor is that there was some friction last year and the match organizer decided not to make this an IDPA sanctioned match


From: Carolina Cup

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Aimpoint Nano and B&T Thomet USW

Aimpoint seems to be working on a small red dot sight that can fit on a handgun. TR Equipment has photo of the MRDS mounted on B&T's Thomet USW.

B&T Thomet USW is a pistol carbine based on CZ 75 basis, with polymer version following. The gun is supposed to be available later this year and the Aimpoint Nano, sometime earlier next year.

According to the Soldier Systems, Aimpoint Nano in the picture is a prototype.

From: Soldier Systems

Transitional Swiss Sniper Rifles

Ian shows this K31 rifle with integral optics. It was not to Swiss military's satisfaction, and eventually led to ZfK-55

From: Forgotten Weapons

Tuesday, June 28, 2016


Iraqveteran8888 got his chance to take a first look at this hybrid rifle from Palmetto State Armory.

From: Iraqveteran8888

Dueck Defense RBU for S&W M&P

Dueck Defense is coming up with their Red Dot Back Up Sight Base Mount for S&W M&P. Currently, it is only available for Glock, but Soldier Systems has photo of one on M&P

From: Soldier Systems

Monday, June 27, 2016

Costa Ludus in Poland

Chris Costa recently trained some Polish groups and now has some video from the session up

From: Costa Ludus

OSS failed DoD test

The Firearm Blog has photos of OSS suppressor failing a Department of Defense test. It is unclear when this happened and in what context, but it adds another contention between the fight between two companies.

Previous entries regarding the controversy:

OSS's press release claiming to have passed USSOCOM test, followed by SureFire's rebuttal

OSS's rebuttal to SureFire

From: The Firearm Blog

Sunday, June 26, 2016

4 Gauge Winchester Wildfowler

NSSF shows this 19 pound gun chambered for 4 guage. As the name suggests, it is used for hunting birds.

From: NSSF

Wilson Combat Ultralight Carry Compact

This Compact 1911's frame is made of aluminum, thus maing it 26.5 ounces, lighter than steel frame. It is chambered for 9mm, .38 Super, and .45 ACP

Trigger is 3.5 to 4.5 pounds and can shoot 1.5 inch groups at 25 yards.


Price: $3650

From: Wilson Combat

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Praga 1921 One-Handed Pocket Pistol

Using just one hand to operate all important functions is an interesting concept that was attempted nearly a century ago. The most modern version would be H&K PSP/P7, but this pistol definitely has its unique characteristics

From: Forgotten Weapons

Primary Arms Holosun HS503G Red Dot ACSS

SuperSetCA gave a shot at this budget red dot sight and initial review is quite positive.

From: SuperSetCA

How Tavor came about

The Firearm Blog has a nice collection of photos showing how Tavor started from a concept drawn on a paper to its current form.

From: The Firearm Blog

Friday, June 24, 2016

OSS responds to SureFire's comment

Recently, OSS Suppressors let out a press release stating that USSOCOM tested and declared OSS's product to be better. SureFire made a claim against that.

Now OSS is responding to SureFire's reply to the OSS test done. In response to the questions about video being less than honest, OSS setup a Dropbox link to view the complete raw video

From: The Firearm Blog

Remington to return R51

Remington R51 was recalled due to severe problems and it seems like Remington is finally sorting things out and giving the fixed guns to the owners.

According to letters sent out, people who sent it back can contact Remington and indicate which FFL the gun should be shipped. Any transfer fee will be reimbursed by Remington.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Beretta 1915

This is one of the first handguns Beretta made in the beginning of the 20th century. Italian military adopted it as a substitute standard.

From: Forgotten Weapons

Sling mount with paracords

AK Operators Union, local 47-74 goes over a simple way to extend your AK sling or have some more room for it to move.

From: AK Operators Union, local 47-74

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Swiss Model 1893

This Cavalry carbine was used by Swiss military for sometime(12 years) in hopes of having a shorter length of action, but other shortcomings eventually made it not worth the effort.

From: Forgotten Weapons

SIG MCX ruling affirmed

The First Circuit Court of Appeals affirmed the ruling that sided with ATF's interpretation of SIG Sauer's MCX muzzle brake is actually a part of silencer.

You can read the full ruling

Homemade guns used in Tel Aviv attack

The Firearm Blog has picture of homemade guns used by attackers in Tel Aviv. It is crude, but nothing to laugh at

From: The Firearm Blog

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Montenegrin Gasser Revolvers

This revolver used same cartridge(11.25x36mm) as the carbine that were used by Austro-Hungarian cavalry

From: Forgotten Weapons

Monday, June 20, 2016

Streamlight Rail Mount 1 & 2 review

MrGunsngear reviews this new light from Streamlight. He also does a brief comparison with SureFire M600.

From: MrGunsngear

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Russian SV-98

LAV goes over this Russian bolt action developed in late 90s

From: Vickers Tactical

Savage Navy Revolver

This revolver had cocking handle and trigger, which lent to interesting mechanism. It was used by both the North and the South during the Civil War.

From: Forgotten Weapons

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Japanese Type 38 and Type 99 Arisaka rifles

MAC goes over his collection, and here is another two of his older collection days

From: Military Arms Channel

Indian ANAMIKA 9mm SMG

India is trying to build guns domestically, and here is another attempt by copying H&K MP5

From: The Firearm Blog

Friday, June 17, 2016

Ortgies Automatic Pistols

More interesting guns brought to you thanks to RIA and Ian.

From: Forgotten Weapons

The A-Kaotic suppressor

Liberty Suppressors and Krebs Customs worked together to design this suppressor which is 2 inches long, 7 inches in diameter and fits Kreb's AC-15.


Price will be $799 for the can, or the whole package with the rifle is $2800


OSS Suppressor test

OSS Suppressor sent out a press release saying its suppressor beat the traditional baffle suppressor. It was tested by a US Government agency in January 2016.

Edit: SureFire has responded to this video. It seems like there are some discrepancies and questionable claim

From: The Tactical Wire, Soldier Systems Daily

Inland Manufacturing Jungle Carbine

Inland Manufacturing released a variant of the M1 Carbine called the Jungle Carbine. This variant has conical flash hider and correct military model sights.

MSRP is $1079

According to The Firearm Blog, it is exclusively available from MKS Supply

From: The Firearm Blog

Thursday, June 16, 2016


CMMG is introducing a new rifle chambered in .458 SOCOM. The gun was designed from AR10 platform, but is capable of accepting AR15 magazines as well. It uses modified AR-10 bolt carrier group designed by CMMG.

Iraqveteran8888 already has a review on it

Here are different models. (click more)

Jager Pistol

Forgotten Weapons shows an interesting design that can be assembled in to the complete gun. This video goes over assembly in detail

To learn more about the guns, C&Rsenal has a good video.

From: Forgotten Weapons, C&Rsenal

Belt Systems

Rick from powerfactor show discusses belts for competitions.

From: Powerfactor Show

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Spanish FR-8: the "Cetmeton"

Forgotten Weapons goes over another rifle Spain adopted during 1950s as it was going over to 7.62mm cartridge.

From: Forgotten Weapons

HS Produkt

The Firearm Blog has a quick look at other guns the company has made, while it is known mostly for the XD line of pistol

From: The Firearm Blog

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Russian PYa

LAV goes over this Russian service pistol.

From: Vickers Tactical

Alkar Cartridge Counter .25 ACP

More interesting pistols from Rock Island Auction company, this time from a company founded by disgruntled Astra workers. It featured embedded cartridge number indicator.

From: Forgotten Weapons

Monday, June 13, 2016

Webley 1905

This was a civilian version of what Webley wanted to sell to military and was the intermediate form that eventually led to 1908 model

From: Forgotten Weapons

US Army ditches M4A1+ upgrade program

ArmyTimes is reporting that the program was deemed not worth the effort and is scrubbed. The program wanted extended Picatinny rail, floating barrel, and some more.

From: Army Times

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Spartan Armor vs antique rifles

Iraqveteran8888 decided to see if the modern body armor can withstand calibers from the past.

From: Iraqveteran8888

Saturday, June 11, 2016

5.56/223 Zastava AKs put on hold

MrGunsnGear is reporting that there won't be more 5.56/223 Zastava AK Rifles imported due to the manufacturer focusing on other products for the time being.

From: MrGunsnGear

New Russian guns seen

The Firearm Blog noticed some interesting firearms shown while Russian Deputy Defense Minister Yuri Borisnov. It seems like Russians are really putting some effort in to upgrading their firearms.

From: The Firearm Blog

Bushmaster M17S Bullpup

Bushmaster made some interesting guns back in the day and this is one of those.

From: Military Arms Channel

Friday, June 10, 2016

Firearm Mounted Rescue Tool

Patent for a multi-purpose tool allows you to save lives.

Actual patent:

From: ENDO

S&W Model 1913 Automatic Pistol

This was the first semi-auto pistol S&W made. It didn't do well, and it was decades before S&W went back in to semi-auto market.

From: Forgotten Weapons

9th Circuit Court rules against CCW

9th Circuit Court ruled that there is no Second Amendment right for members of the general public to carry concealed firearms in public. This overturned the 3-judge panel decision of the 9th Circuit court.

This is somewhat expected due to 9th Circuit Court's tendency, and it will undoubtly go all the way to the Supreme Court. Currently, there are conflicting rulings in various districts.

IWI to present X95 in .300 Blk

IWI announced that they will present X95(Micro Tavor) in .300 AAC Blackout at Eurosatory.

From: Soldier Systems

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Little Tom

This pistol is the first commercial DAO pistol, although it was not as commercially sucessful as the Walther PP. It has some interesting features such as being able to push magazine inside of gun by inserting a new one.

From: Forgotten Weapons

Geissele Super 42 Braided Wire Buffer Spring and Buffer Combo

This is an AR buffer spring made to reduce that 'spoing' sound and is supposed to increase the function and reliability. It also returns the bolt carrier group with more speed to improve feeding.

Price is $59

From: Soldier Systems Daily

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Star Model 1920

Ian goes over a pistol related to Star Model A.

From: Forgotten Weapons

Pedersen cartridge waxing process

Bloke on the Range recreated the process to make Pedersen cartridge wax. During the M1 trial, Pedersen's designs were submitted, but they had to use waxed cartridge. However, a switch was made to avoid toxic substance.

From: Bloke on the Range vis The Firearm Blog

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Darne Model 1892 Rotary Shotgun

This shogun features a mechanism that is different from what most of us think of when it comes to double barrel shotgun.

From: Forgotten Weapons

Walther PPQ news

Walther is releasing 4.6" Threaded Barrel 9mm kit. It can be used for both PPQ classic(4") or M2. It has 1/2"x28 TPI threads. Price is $229

Also, Q5 Match is now on the USPSA Production list.

From: Shooting Wire

Dryfire training experience

Tom R from The Firearm Blog tried out a dryfire setup using,

Atlas 8 target
CoolFire mechanism
MantisX shot analyzer
ShootOff app

You can read about his experience and improvements from following two part posts

Part 1:

Part 2:

From: The Firearm Blog

Monday, June 6, 2016

Dave Spaulding comments on a few things

This video of Dave Spaulding commenting on a few topics got some talks going on. Some compared this to

while some tried to comment about how Dave Spaulding was wrong in his assertion.

The point Spaulding is trying to make is that trainees should focus on what really matters and prepare for it. He goes over several topics including those who train by watching videos, having a special forces background, or wearing some clothings or gear.

Such topics are great for further discussion on their own, but the main point is still the same - focus on substance.

Over last decade or so, firearms training has grown significantly, partly due to advancements in gears and methods. It also came with some portion of market focusing more on form than function. There are names for such crowd, some like 'Gear queer', 'LARPers'(Live Action Role Players) or 'Tacti-tard'.

It is not about gear, but being able to use your firearm effectively when the situation happens. Don't get caught up with material posession. Focus on being able to do the most imporatant things.

Sunday, June 5, 2016

DQ Fails compilation

Practical Shooting posted video compilation of various DQs(disqualifications) from shooting competitions. Warning - really cringe-worthy

From: Practical Shooting

CMP adds New England to Travel Match series

Civilian Marksmanship Program has Tranvel Match series and New England's Ethan Allen Training Site in Jerico, Vermont will hold one on Sep. 14-18.


Saturday, June 4, 2016

SW 22 Victory

Hickok45 got to review this pistol

From: Hickok45


MAC goes over this caliber that has something similar to a cult following. He goes over the history behind the caliber and shows some guns that chambers it.

From: Military Arms Channel

Steyr Hahn Variants

Ian gets back to Rock Island Auction collection, and this time goes over a set of these pistols.

From: Forgotten Weapons

Unity Tactial - Tactical Augmented Pressure Switch

Soldier Systems has photograph of a new product from Unity Tactical that allows users to use two buttons on one switch. The switch is programmable as well. It supposedly will be available at the end of year.

From: Soldier Systems Daily

Friday, June 3, 2016

Glock's history according to Glock

Glock posted video om history of Glock.

The video seems to be a slightly editted version of a longer one. There are some details that are disputable, but it is made by the company so take some grain of salt.

Also, Buffalo Bill Center of the West Museum in Cody, Wyoming started an exhibition, that will run until the end of year.


From: Glock,

USSOCOM chooses .300 Norma Mag for ASR

USSOCOM is looking for a new sniper rifles, different from Precision Sniper Rifle, which was won by Remington in 2013. The ASR program is still in its first few steps, so not much is out, but according to the Long Range Shooting Handbook, USSOCOM is looking to use .300 Norma Magnum for the cartridge.

From: Long Range Shooting Handbook vis SSD

MHS program is still moving along

US Army's attempt to replace M9 pistol is still going along, and Jane's reports 12 submissions were made(possibly 2 calibers for each). Those are,

Beretta APX, CZ P-09, FN Five-Seven Mk 2, Smith & Wesson's M&P, Glock 17 and 22, and Sig Sauer P320.

The report also states that .45 acp is out of competition and they will look at 9mm and .40 S&W. It will be down selected to 3 submissions by August, then 9 month trial.

From: Jane's

Thursday, June 2, 2016

SB Tactical collapsible brace for Sig MPX

Here is a neat collapsible brace that doesn't deviate too much from the look of the original stock

From: Military Arms Channel

Unity Tactical's Clutch

This band/belt is made for easy concealment as well as wear. For someone who has to carry firearms as a part of job, but need something to be discreet, this could be a solution.

It's made with a two-way stretch fabric, and each cells with velcro can accept holsters and other equipments.

Price: $136

Size: Small(30"-36"), Medium (34"-42"), Large (40"-48")
Color - black, grey

From: Unity Tactical via SSD

DRT - Down Range Tool

This is an Indiegogo project started by Perry Sasnett of Virginia Beach. It is a 7-inch long tool that can be used for AR maintenance, wire stripping, nut driver, small pry bar, as well as other uses totalling 50.

Sasnett is hoping to raise $25,000 in 2 months

From: Indiegogo via

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

7 Shooters You Know

SuperSetCA made a hilarious video of 7 shooters you may have seen at a shooting competition.

From: SuperSetCA

S&W M&P .45 holsters

Safariland came up with S&W M&P 45 holsters for 15 of their models between Safariland and Bianchi

For Safaraland kydex line up, there is GLS, IWB, belted and paddled version. Some models also come with optional flat dark earth color. Price will be from $47 to $55

For Bianchi leather holsters, models are Remedy, Venom, Professional, Professional Tuckable, Allusion Assent and Suppression IWB, with price from $56 to $78


More NRAAM photos

There are more photos coming in from the NRA Annual Meeting.

First, Cabot guns showed off the 1911 made from a meteor. It's named the "Big Bang Set". There is no words on how expensive this pistol would go for, but won't be surprised if it is astronomical.

Radom collections

F.B. Radom was seen in another posting about NRAAM, but here is a better collection of photographs thanks to The Firearm Blog

Other random shots

From: and The Firearm Blog