Monday, June 6, 2016

Dave Spaulding comments on a few things

This video of Dave Spaulding commenting on a few topics got some talks going on. Some compared this to

while some tried to comment about how Dave Spaulding was wrong in his assertion.

The point Spaulding is trying to make is that trainees should focus on what really matters and prepare for it. He goes over several topics including those who train by watching videos, having a special forces background, or wearing some clothings or gear.

Such topics are great for further discussion on their own, but the main point is still the same - focus on substance.

Over last decade or so, firearms training has grown significantly, partly due to advancements in gears and methods. It also came with some portion of market focusing more on form than function. There are names for such crowd, some like 'Gear queer', 'LARPers'(Live Action Role Players) or 'Tacti-tard'.

It is not about gear, but being able to use your firearm effectively when the situation happens. Don't get caught up with material posession. Focus on being able to do the most imporatant things.