Saturday, June 29, 2013

CDC study on gun violence

Center for Disease Control did a research on gun violence and conclusions are nothing we don't know.

According to,

"Unintentional firearm-related deaths have steadily declined during the past century"

"Mass shootings are a highly visible and moving tragedy, but represent only a small fraction of total firearm-related violence."

"Defensive uses of guns by crime victims is a common occurrence, although the exact number remains disputed" and "when guns are used in self-defense the victims consistently have lower injury rates than those who are unarmed"


G&A's perspective on ammo market

Guns and Ammo wrote a lengthy piece that looks at the current panic purchases and various perspectives associated with the market. It goes through manufacturer's, buyers perspective and touches on other issues.

From: Guns and Ammo

Friday, June 28, 2013

New IDPA rule book is released

IDPA released its final update of the new rule. There were some changes from the draft, but most were left intact. Caleb of Gun Nuts Media posted his first look at the new rule.

Here are some points Gun Nuts and Pistol-Training discuss

From: IDPA

DoubleTap range test

EJ20Legacy reviewed DoubleTap. His first review was very discouraging with numerous problems. He tried it again with quality ammuntions and it seems to work well. Due to its small size, hand might hurt, but they are two round pistol, so reloading and continuing is not in the book.

From: EJ20Legacy

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Hickok45 shoots Thompson M1 A1

This time Hickok45 is shooting Auto Ordinance Thimpson, a reproduction of the famed 'Chicago typewriter'.

From: Hickok45

SIG P227 review

deadmanmike from posted his review of SIG P227. This is a double stack .45 acp fullsize pistol from SIG Sauer.

From: AR15

The Hive satchel review

GearScout reviewed Blue Force Gear's 2.0 Hive Satchel in Desert Camo/Orange.

You can get it from the Blue Force Gear

Price $195

From: Gear Scout

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Surefire Dedicated Shotgun Forend teaser

Surefire posted teaser photo of their new upcoming Dedicated Shotgun Forend.

Looks like the shotgun in the photo is Remington 870

From: Surefire

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Proctor Slings

Frank Proctor has video guide on how to install Proctor Slings. This is a news adjustable 2 point sling from Frank Proctor of the Way of the Gun. Unlike other slings, it uses 550 cord to attach to the weapon.

Weapon Outfitters have the sling in stock for $29

From: Frank Proctor

Monday, June 24, 2013

Bullets cut in half photos

Pearlman Photography went to some old bunkers in Switzerland and made photos of these ammunitions cut in half.

From: Pearlman Photography

Magpul PMAG 40 M3 compatibility demonstration

Here's Magpul testing if the gun workd for some weapons. There has been some complaints of Gen 3 not working for some rifles.

From: Magpul

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Rifle slings review

mactheknife801 posted a review of 3 rifle slings, Viking Tactics Sling, Blackhawk adjustable sling, and Blue Force Gear's Vickers sling.

From: mactheknife801

DAS Arms at 2013 SITDEF in Peru

DSA arms has video of their participation in 2013 SITDEF in Peru.

From: DSA Arms

Saturday, June 22, 2013

STG 44 in Syria

We last saw them in Africa, and now they appear in Syria.

RECOIL article on holsters

RECOIL magazine has an interesting article from Aaron Cowan on holsters and types of methods to carry. It is a bit long but definitely worth reading it.

Part 1:

Part 2:


Friday, June 21, 2013

Glock lubrication guide

This guide makes it a lot easier to know where and how much to lubricate your Glock.

10 tools for centerfire rifle disassembly

Gun Digest lists top 10 tools for centerfire rifle disassembly. Some people may not be interested in having such tools, but at some point, if you want to work on your rifle, these tools will come in handy.

From: Gun Digest

Thursday, June 20, 2013

2-Gun Action Match with a Madsen LMG

Forgotten Weapons is a YouTube channel dedicated to odd guns. This time, they ran a Madsen LMG for a 2-gun match.

From: Forgotten Weapons

ITS and Jeff Gonzales on red dot

ITS Tactical and Jeff Gonzales discusses pros and cons of red dot sights on pistols and his view on the future of the red dot sights for hand guns

From: ITS tactical

Costa Ludus HE-01 review

Lyons grid posted his AAR of Costa Ludus Handgun Employment 01 course.

From: Lyons grid

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Colt's new rifle?

Soldier Systems Daily noticed something interesting about a rifle Texas Governor Rick Perry was shooting during his visit to Colt factory. The magazines were not for 5.56x51mm caliber.

Speculation is running wild and some think it is 7.62x39mm variant

From: Soldier Systems Daily, Colt

AmeriGlo Pro I-Dot! Big Dot night sights review

TWANGnBANG posted his video review of AmeriGlo Pro I-Dot night sights. He also covers some pros and cons of 3-dot system and 2-dot system.


Magpul now selling 40 round M3 mags

Magpul is now selling 40 round M3 magazines.

Price: $19.95

From: Magpul

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

LAV sight photo

Alias Training has a close up photo of Larry Vickers rearsight.

From: Alias training

AEX LAPD Top gun challenge

AEX has video of recent LAPD Top gun challenge. It mostly focusses on the portion where airsofts were used, but you can get a glimpse of LAPD's shooting facilities.

From: Airsoft Extreme

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Summertime shooting tips

Gun Girl radio's Randi Rogers and Julie Golob talk about things a shooter is recommended to have for summertime shooting. It is centered around action shooting matches, but there are quite a few tips applicable to a day of plinking.

From: Gun Girl Radio

Friday, June 14, 2013

Paul Howe Tactical Carbine

Wilson Combat introduced rifle made to Paul Howe's specification. It has Camouflage Armor-Tuff finish, match grae 14.7" barrel with Accu-Tac flash hider(total length of 16"), 10.4" T.R.I.M modular rail

Trigger is a Two stage combat TTU with 4.5 lbs pull.

Base price is $2600

From: Wilson Combat

US Army axes Individual Carbine Program

US Army has been looking for a new carbine to replace M4 and this program just got axed. Apparently, none of the participating carbines met the minimum scoring requirement to advance to the next phase of evaluation. Mean rounds fired between weapon stoppages were not significantly different.

From: Gear Scout

Thursday, June 13, 2013

New Sig X-Series vid

all4shooters uploaded video of the new Sig Sauer X-Series. It's in Italian, but you can see that it is (also) chambered for 9x21mm which is an oddball caliber in US.

From: all4shooters

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

GNB: Basic skillset for action shooting sports

Having a good preparation will maximize the experience. With right equipment ready, you would be ready and eager to attend your first match.

One thing that could make a lot of difference is having a good handgun manipulation techniques. Equipments are hardwares and manipulation skills are softwares. You'd need both to maximize your experience.

There are people who claim that you will learn all the techniques from just participating in the games, but that is more akin to trial-and-error. You can learn a lot more when you are prepared and enjoy more.

There are some of skills you could learn to maximize your match experience. Those are,

Stage planning for the Steel Challenge

Doug Koenig covers Roundabout stage and how to work on it. He shows some strategies you can practice.

From: NSSF

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Open carry or not?

RECOIL web has an article that discusses the pros and cons of open carry. They also sought opinion of many trusted instructors.

Edit: RECOIL got some backlash from Open Carry supporters and also has some opinions from open carry proponents.

From: Recoil

Defensive handgun review from a mother

Home in Disarray posted her experience with LMS Defense's Defensive Pistol class. It is an introductory class that covers a few things you'd need to know as a pistol shooter for self-defense purpose.

From: Home in Disarray

Monday, June 10, 2013

Pistol Caliber war is over

INGO posted this video that ends the argument once and for all.

From: INGOque

Preventing fires caused by steel targets

IDPA blog has excellent advice on how to prepare to minimize chances of wildfires getting started by shooting steel targets. Some advice may ruin your idea of a fun day, but it is way better than ruining other people's day too.

From: IDPA blog

Sunday, June 9, 2013

More info on Colt M45 CQB

Modern Service Weapons has more info on Colt M45 CQB. It talks about difference between the contract version and commercial version that will be out in the future. It also talks about dual recoil spring's life time as well as some more info on small parts.

From: Modern Service Weapons

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Taran vs Vogel

The two amazing shooters go to head-to-head on plate rack and 2 silhouettes.

From: Jessica Hook

Eye candy - Boba Fett holster

OTG(Off The Grid) Concepts made this holster for fun. This is not for sale.

From: Off The Grid Concepts

Friday, June 7, 2013

IDPA reloads

Powerfactor Show discusses IDPA reloads shooters may encounter during the stage.

From: Powerfactor Show

Redback One combat carbine course AAR

Alaskalife reviewed Redback One's Combat Carbine Course. Jason Falla has extensive combat experience and instruction experience and is one of instructors one should seriously attend.

From: The Alaskalife

Thursday, June 6, 2013

2013 Illinois IDPA State Championship vid

Mark Goede uploaded his video of 2013 IL IDPA State Championship.


Looking at Colt M45 CQB

Hilton Yam of Modern Service Weapons takes a look at Colt M45 CQB pistol.
Part 1

Part 2: Slide and frame changes

Part 3: Grip Panels

Part 4: Small parts

Part 5: Dual recoil spring system

From: Modern Service Weapons

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Hickok45 looks at STEN

Hickok45 takes a look at STEN. This simple sub-machinegun is definitely one of a kind and heck of a lot lighter than Suomi.

From: Hickok45

Monday, June 3, 2013

The Viking Chronicles: Florida Pig Hunt

Kyle Lamb uploaded the 5th part of The Viking Chronicles. It's about Florida pig hunting.

From: Viking Tactics

Combat fitness

Dave Spaulding stresses importance of being in shape.

From: Down Range TV

Sunday, June 2, 2013

GNB: Tips for people attending action shooting sports for the first time

You have a handgun.
You go to a range.
You set up the target.
You shoot a nice group.
You shoot fast.

You've been doing this for some time and you hear about this IDPA/IPSC or some local competition. You hear how you can draw from holster and shoot targets that are in various positions.

You are interested.

So what should you do?

First let's talk about equipment. You probably have a range bag, hearing and eye protection so let's get to other things.

Usually, you need some sort of holster. Which one should you get?

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Trey Knight interviews Larry Vickers

Trey Knight of Knight's Armament interviewd Larry Vickers. LAV talks a bit more about his army experience and what background built the person we know today

From: Knight's Armament

1000 yard Barrett M107 off hand shooting

Top Shot host Colby Donaldson has a company called Texas Triggers. Ryan Cleckner shot Carrett M107 off hand and hit silhouette target 1000 yards away.

From: The Firearm Blog

On headshots

Tim at Gun Nuts Media discusses head shots

From: Gun Nuts Media