Monday, May 28, 2018

Knight's Armament Light Assault Machine Gun

Ian and Karl looks at this interesting firearm. Knight's Armament has been working on this for a long time and changes has been interesting

From: InRangeTV


This anti-tank rifle from Soviet Union features some interesting simplicity as well as production time.

From: Forgotten Weapons

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Type 1 Russian AK

This is the original AK-47. It ended up getting replaced by AKM due to problems.

Russian AK-49 - The Type 2

Ian continues with his AK series. It's interesting to get a detailed look in to AK's development

From: Forgotten Weapons


LAV made a short video about this rare pistol

From: Vickers Tactical

Gun Guys – Ep. 06

Ken Hackthorn and Bill Wilson talk about preferences between full-size and compact-1911s

From: Wilson Combat

Friday, May 18, 2018

Swiss P75 Army Pistol

This is more or less SIG P220. Ian goes over the development using many prototypes made along the way

From: Forgotten Weapons

New US Army rifle qualification explanation video

Circle Dog Productions made a video that depicts how US Army's new qualification course would look like.

It is not finalized, but it should be similar to what is shown in video.

From: Circle Dog Productions via Soldier Systems Daily

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Ken Hackathorn on the M1

Ian interviewed Ken Hackathorn about M1 Carbine. There are some really great information in thsi video that touches on history of the gun as well as how it was received.

From: Forgotten Weapons

SureFire Field Notes Ep. 25

Travis Haley talks about light discipline.

From: SureFire

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Colt Canada IUR

This rifle was shown on Vickers Guide. It features some interesting things made by Colt Canada(formerly known as Diemaco) to fit customer's need

From: Vickers Tactical

CMP 1911 price announced

CMP finally released on the price for the 1911s

    CMP 1911 PRICING:

    CMP has priced the 1911 type pistols at fair market value in accordance with CMP’s enabling legislation.

  •     Service Grade $1050. Pistol may exhibit minor pitting and wear on exterior surfaces and friction surfaces. Grips are complete with no cracks. Pistol is in issuable condition.
  •     Field Grade $950. Pistol may exhibit minor rust, pitting, and wear on exterior surfaces and friction surfaces. Grips are complete with no cracks. Pistol is in issuable condition.
  •     Rack Grade $850. Pistol will exhibit rust, pitting, and wear on exterior surfaces and friction surfaces. Grips may be incomplete and exhibit cracks. Pistol requires minor work to return to issuable condition.
  •     Auction Grade (Sales will to be determined by auctioning the pistol). The condition of the auction pistol will be described when posted for auction.

    Note: If you have already purchased a 1911 from CMP you will not be allowed to purchase an auction 1911. If you purchase an auction 1911, your name will be pulled from the sequenced list. No repeat purchasers are allowed until all orders received have been filled.

Orders will be accepted from Sept. 4, 2018 to Oct. 4, 2018

For more information, you can visit,

From: CMP

NSWC-Crane Mid-Length Gas System Testing

Naval Surface Warface Center-Crane conducted tests to see if Mid-length gas system is better.

Answer: Yes

Muzzle velocity is more or less the same, but velocity at 100 yards show different story.

From: Soldier Systems Daily

Friday, May 11, 2018

SIG P365 reviews

There are several reviews for this pistol now.

Small Arms Solutions

Taran Butler

From: Small Arms Solutions, Taran Butler

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Steyr ACR

This rifle was one of attempts by US Army to improve rifles in late 80s, early 90s. This trial is where H&K came out with G11

Idea was to shoot bullets fast in burst mode.

From: Forgotten Weapons

Atlas holster by Standard Co

Standard Co has an appendix carry holster that has magazine holder as well.

Soldier Systems Daily also has some close up photos.

Price: $129.99

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

RCS Perun LC

Raven Concealment Gear released Perun holsters that can accommodate weapon lights. Currently, these are available for Glock 17, 19, 34, with SureFire X-300U/B light. More models are on the way.

Price: $49.99

For more photos, you can check out Soldier Systems Daily

From: RCS, SSD

Tyrant Designs G43 Extended Magazine Release

Tyrant Designs came out with Glock 43 Extended Magazine release.

Price: $27.95

Yugoslavian M49/57

Ian shows this PPSh look alike from Yugoslavia

From: Forgotten Weapons

Sunday, May 6, 2018

Magpul Bipod and new sling

Magpul is coming out with a bipod. It is made with 6061 T-6 aluminum inside of injection-molded polymer.

Priced at $109.95, this sits between Harris and Atlas bipods.

Rifleman Loop Sling

This sling took features from Rhodesian and 1907 match-style slings.

Price is $19.95

From: Magpul

SIG Optics Ballistic Data Xchange

This system allows shooting solutions to be transferred over to scope using Bluetooth. Sight in using KILO BDX Rangefinders, then the firing solution will be calculated via app on smartphone, which is then sent to SIERRA3BDX Riflescopes.

From: Sig Sauer via Soldier Systems Daily

Saturday, May 5, 2018

LMT M203 37mm Launcher

Brownells is taking pre-orders for LMT M203 37mm Launcher. This is very similar to the 40mm launcher used in military.

Price is $1599. It maybe steep, but it doesn't require Destructive Device paperworks required for the actual 40mm version.

From: Soldier Systems Daily

SureFire XH30

SureFire XH30 emits 1000 lumens with beams in similar fashion as XH35. It is made for their MasterFire holster.

From: Soldier Systems

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

BCM prototype upper receiver

LAV shows his carbine setup and also shows us prototype BCM upper receiver

From: Vickers Tactical

SureFire Field Notes - Kyle Lamb

Kyle Lamb shares his tips on using lights and vehicles in low light conditions

From: SureFire

H&K USC comes back

H&K is bringing back USC carbine. There is no confirmation on how long this will be offered again, but it will come with 2 ten round magazines.


From: Soldier Systems

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Vektor CR21

South Africa built indigenous firearms due to international embargo and this was one of interesting development

From: Forgotten Weapons