Saturday, December 7, 2019

Japanese Self Defense Forces gets new firearms

Japanese Ministry of Defense announced they chose HOWA 5.56 rifle to replace Type 89 rifles.

Also, H&K SFP9(known as VP9 in US) will be the standard issue pistol.

For rifles, the contenders were HK 416 and FN SCAR-L, and for pistols Beretta APX and Glock 17.

No words on production date, but considering it took years to replace Type 89, it will be a long time for HOWA 5.56 to be issued to everyone.

This is a drawing supposedly to be that of HOWA 5.56

Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Dan Wesson DWX

Product page:

Dan Wesson is coming out with a mix of 1911 and a CZ. Dan Wesson DWX features a single trigger like a 1911, slide like a 1911, safety like a 1911, but uses CZ grip contour and magazine.

Comes in 9mm with 19 round capacity.

MSRP is $1,799


From: Dan Wesson

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

S&T Motiv's new rifle STC-16

S&T Motiv(formerly Known as Daewoo) is the company in charge of South Korea's standard issue rifles. Recently some information came out regarding a new rifle that looks like an AR variant.

Looking at the video, it seems to have ambidextrous features for safety selector, magazine release, and bolt release. It's unclear how the new bolt release systems works as a bolt lock or not, but unlike a lot of AR, it is located right in front of the trigger guard.

Gas systems seems to be a short-stroke gas system.

Some parts are reusing K1 and K2 rifles parts, such as magazine release and selector lever.

Supposedly it uses 1:7 twist barrel in 12 to 16 inches

Instead of updating the K1/K2 like with K2C1 and K2C , it's a possible change from nearly 40 years of K1/K2 design. It's unknown what prompted this change, but it will be interesting how this develops from here.

From: Bemil and Weapon Outfitters

Next Generation Squad Weapon candidates

NGSW has been gathering interest and the photographs of candidates are now showing up. The photographs of candidates from General Dynamics and Textron was recently published on Soldier Systems Daily

General Dynamics Ordnance And Tactical Systems

Textron Systems

Sig Sauer

From: Soldier Systems Daily

Swedish K

LAV shoots the Egyptian licensed version in this video, which is essentially the same.

This gun was well-regarded and had uses outside of US Special Forces during the Vietnam War as some helicopter pilots carried it. There was a story called 'The Curse of Swedish K' from a long time ago.

The gun also made an appearance in movie 'Godfather'

From: Vickers Tactical

Hyde/Marlin M2

Ian shoots the unfortunate gun that didn't get its chance to perform.

Shooting video

From: Forgotten Weapons

CIA's Deer Gun

This was another attempt at making cheaply made firearm for resistance in enemy territory, just like the Liberator pistols. The difference was that this was in 9mm(Liberator was .45 ACP) and is made of cast steal(Liberator was stamped steal)

From: Forgotten Weapons

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Mle 1866 Chassepot

Ian shoots the famous paper cartridge rifle. You can see how long it takes before the blot has hard time loading next round

From: Forgotten Weapons

The Assault Weapon Ban - 15 Years Later

InRange TV goes over the Assault Weapon Ban.

The video covers the history and the period setup until about 12:20. Then the competition video is shown and a bit more commentary about the AWB starting 19:35

During the AWB, price of standard capacity magazines were high. SIG P226 or Gock 17 magazine would go for nearly $100.

From: InRange TV

Thursday, August 1, 2019

Belgian GP35

Ian shows some of changes early High Powers went through when they were adopted by Belgians

From: Forgotten Weapons

Dan Wesson Tactical Compact Pistol

Dan Wesson announced this pistol in 2018 and now it is available on market

It features alloy frame with rail, U-notch rear sight and brass bead front sight. It is in .45 ACP(8 rounds) or 9mm Parabellum(9 rounds).

MSRP is around $1,700


From: Dan Wesson

Ukrainian IPI Vulcan (Malyuk) rifles

The Firearm Blog has pictures of the bullpup rifles used by Ukraine Special Forces.

From: The Firearm Blog

BCM Gunfighter Stocks

Here's a quick run down of different models

From: Vickers Tactical

TangoDown Aimpoint ACRO Mount for Glock MOS

TangoDown came out with the mount for Aimpoint ACRO. This is only for Glock MOS models.

Price: $28.95


From: Tango Down

FAL Gas System Adjustment

Ian shares tips on how to adjust FAL gas system.

From: InRange TV

Abercrombie & Fitch Luger

Ian visited Brad Simpson from Simpson Ltd. and goes over the details that makes this pistol different from others

From: Forgotten Weapons

Thursday, July 18, 2019

Larry Vickers' Delta Force Colt 723 Carbine

Larry Vickers' Delta Force Colt 723 Carbine

Ian and Larry go over carbine Larry used while he was in Delta Force. Most of the points were covered in Vickers Tactical video sometime ago, but this video goes in to more details

From: Forgotten Weapons, Vickers Tactical Inc

Blackhawk Level 2 Compact(L2C)Holster

Blackhawk added one more holster to their T-Series Holster lineup with L2C holsters. It features

  • Same locking/release mechanism as other T-Series holster
  • RMR-compatible
  • Low profile design
  • Quick Dual Release attachment method to easily attach to and remove from belt
  • Available for Glock 17 and SIG P320 for now.


It's priced at $64.95, much more competitive than other holsters in the lineup.

From: Blackhawk

SilencerCo's Non NFA Maxim 9 pistol

Soldier Systems Daily has article on SilencerCo's non NFA version of Maxim 9 pistol. It still retains its proprietary design, but allows use of detachable suppressor

From: Soldier Systems Daily

Comp-Tac holsters for SIG P320 X Compact

Comp-Tac released 4 holster models for carrying SIG P320X Compact.

MTAC($80.99) (IWB)

eV2 ($57.00) (AIWB)

International ($67.99)(OWB) - not Level 2 version

Warrior (OWB)
This is a pancake style holster. You can click the Soldier Systems Daily link to see the photo.

From: Soldier Systems Daily

Polymer 80 SIG P320 frame preview

Polymer 80 is working on their version of SIG P320 frame. You can see the CAD design

From: Soldier Systems Daily

Monday, July 15, 2019

Glock P9M

LAV shows this rare version that has quite a few maritime changes.

From: Vickers Tactical

H&K P7M7

Ian shares this really rare version of H&K P7 pistol. There were only a small number made.

From: Forgotten Weapons

FirstSpear TV - Indoor Breaching

FirstSpear has been making some awesome videos and the latest one is about breaching various obstacles.

From: FirstSpear TV

Monday, July 8, 2019

MILKOR M32 and M32A1

Ian goes over history and functions of this grenade launcher that can fire 6 rounds.

Some of the guns are now on market for (supposedly) $15,000 from MILKOR

From: Forgotten Weapons, Soldier Systems Daily


This gun has delayed-blowback/short-recoil operating system even though it looks like an AR. The magazines are H&K UMP magazines.

It features 8.5" barrel and comes with two 25-round magazines.

From: Soldier Systems Daily

Friday, July 5, 2019


H&K's Mk 23 has been called "offensive" pistol, and the real estate needed for it is quite close to that. It's almost as big as Desert Eagle.

This video goes in to the various stages it went through until the final version came out.

From: Forgotten Weapons

BFM Drill

Ken Hackathorn shows a drill that combined three famous drills - Bill drill, FAST drill, and Mozambique

You can do this using three targets as well.

From: Wilson Combat

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

AAI 2nd Gen SPIW Flechette Rifles

Ian looks at the rare prototype built for SPIW project.

From: Forgotten Weapons

The Brownells BRN-Proto

Chris Bartocci goes over the reproduction version, but the video contains some details on history as well as updates the actual gun has

From: Small Arms Solutions

Household items as cover

Paul Harrell decided to shoot some appliances and items to see if they are any good. He uses handgun, rifle, and shotgun.

From: Paul Harrell

Aimpoint ACRO P-1

Larry Vickers shows features of Aimpoint ACRO

From: Vickers Tactical Inc

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Smith & Beecham Prototype Polymer High Power

Ian shows a South African attempt to reduce weight for Hi-power.

It really didn't give much advantage and chances of production was very small.

From: Forgotten Weapons

Handgun point shooting tip

LAV shares point shooting tip for handguns.

From: Vickers Tactical

Sunday, June 9, 2019

PM63 Rak

This polish SMG had some interesting design in it. Supposedly some of the guns were used in covert operations and on international market, they were relatively cheap due to large numbers available.

From: Forgotten Weapons

Handgun point shooting tip

LAV shares point shooting tip for handguns.

From: Vickers Tactical Inc

ARC WML Enhanced Switches by PHLster

PHLster released this aftermarket switch for Surefire X300 WML. There are some who need bigger buttons and this product allows such modification.

It comes in 3 sets with 2 sizes so buyer can see what they want and not.

Price is $24.99 for now.

From: PHLster via Soldier Systems Daily

Surefire Optimized Bolt Carrier

Chris Bartocci looks at the AR bolt carrier group that has some changes from the traditional AR BCG and compares with LMT as well

From: Small Arms Solutions

Thursday, May 30, 2019

HK21 Modular Machine Gun

Ian shoots some rounds through this quite portable MG

From: Forgotten Weapons

Carbine Point Shooting

LAV shows a technique that can be used if you have no night time tools on your rifle.

As LAV stresses, work on this during day time and refining at night time is critical

From: Vickers Tactical

Gun Guys - DON'T Do This To Your Guns

Bill Wilson and Ken Hackthorn talks about what not to do as a gun owner

From: Wilson Combat

The Eugene Stoner Stories

Inistitute of Military Technology uploaded a video about Eugene Stoner.

From: Inistitute of Military Technolog

Vickers Tactical Slide Stop For G43X & 48

TangoDown released Vickers Tactical Slide Stop for G43X and G48. This version addresses the increase in slide mass. This version is not for Glock 43.

Price: $19.95

From: Vickers Tactical

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

John Wick 3 related videos

John Wick 3 is now in theaters and the relatd videos are appearing online.

Halle Berry trained with Keeanu Reeves and Taran Butler for John Wick 3.

MrGunsnGear shows the guns used in the movie John Wick 3

From: Taran Tactical Innovations, MrGunsnGear

Egyptian Military Industries

The Firearm Blog has a post from Marawan Maklad, an Egyptian working in firearms industry

From: The Firearm Blog

Sunday, May 12, 2019

Knight's Light Assault Machine Gun

Ian got to shoot some rounds in this gun, which derives a lot from ideas of Stoner 63.

Wait until the end to see how easy recoil it is.

Here is the Inrange TV's coverage from SHOT Show

From: Forgotten Weapons, InRange TV

Beretta MX4 Storm

This is the select-fire version of Beretta's CX9 carbine. There are some slight difference.

From: Vickers Tactical Inc

3 Second Standards Drill

Ken Hackathorn demonstrates this simple drill to see if the shooter has a good fundamental

From: Wilson Combat

FN 509 vs Water

MrGunsnGear tests how FN 509 performs when submerged in water, and compares with a Glock 17.

Lesson to take away is the fact that any submerged pistol needs to be drained out. The video was a quick video so it's not 100% scientific and should be anecdotal.

From: MrGunsnGear

Thursday, May 2, 2019

Pre-order for Chassepot to FAMAS

Forgotten Weapon's Ian has been working on a book on French rifles and the book "Chassepot to FAMAS" is now up for pre-order on Kickstarter

The Kickstarter campaign is already past the goal, but you can get in right now. The campaign goes until 5/31/2019

Mini 14 videos

Small Arms Solutions and Paul Harrell both made a video about the rifle. Chris Bartocci(Small Arms Solution) is an AR guy so you can guess his opinion from the title of video.

Small Arms Solution

Paul Harrell

Paul Harrell's video is a comparison video with M16A1 clone. It's 50 minutes long.

From: Small Arms Solutions, Paul Harrell

Finnish Defense Force adopts RK 62M rifle

Soldier Systems Daily reports that Finnish Defense Force is now issuing the rifle upgrade project that started in 2015.

Most notable changes are use of Picatinny rail, Magpul stock, new safety lever, new sling, as well as other features.

From: Soldier Systems Daily

Sunday, April 28, 2019

Trijicon SRO

Trijicon came out with a new red dot sight for pistol

Compared to their current RMR, SRO offers several updates
-wider field of view
-easier battery change through top
-3 year battery life
-brightness lock-in mode to secure manually adjusted brightness or use lock-out mode to use auto brightness adjusting.
-3 dot sizes: 1 MOA, 2.5 MOA, 5 MOA

SRO has same footprint as RMR, but has bigger window. However, Trijicon notes Glock MOS, Springfield Armory OSP require new plate for installation.


From: Trijicon

Wilson Combat EDC X9L

Wilson Combat released the longer slide version of their EDC X9

Price $2995


From: Wilson Combat

The Origins of Wilson Combat

Wilson Combat uploaded the video as part of their Gun Guys series, but this time Ken Hackathorn decided to interview Bill Wilson.

There are some interesting things to pick-out in the video as well as a short history on how Wilson Combat got started.

From: Wilson Combat

Finnish m/44 Prototype 9mm Pistol

This pistol was designed to meet war demands, but ended up being a bit too late for service.

From: Forgotten Weapons

Monday, April 22, 2019

S&W 3566

This pistol was designed specifically for getting an edge in USPSA/IPSC games.

From: Forgotten Weapons

Brownells BRN-180S

Brownells added pre-order for shorter barrel version of their upcoming BRN-180 called BRN-180S. It has 10.5 inch long barrel instead of 16 inch.

It is available for pre-order at

Price: $799

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Beretta APX Carry

Beretta released this compact size pistol that is supposed to be the sibling of its full size APX pistol

MrGunsnGear has review of the pistol, and makes some comparison with G43

From: The Firearm Blog, MrGunsnGear

Carcano Needlefire Rifle Conversion

Here is Italy's attempt to update their muzzle loading rifles with newer techonology, the needle fire.

From: Forgotten Weapons

New Ruger PC9 Carbien variants

Ruger released more variants of PC9 carbine. This time some comes with M-LOK barrel shroud, or with threaded barrels.

Price ranges from $649-729

From: Ruger

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

BlackHawk T-series holster

Blackhawk is releasing a new holster line called T-series. It features a new retention system where your shooting hand thumb activated release as you are acquiring the master grip.

Currently, it is only available for Glock 17/19/34 sizes with no weaponlight or RMR, but there are more variations and models planned for release

Price: $129.95(LD2), $149.95


Ruger Security-9 compact

Ruger added a compact version to its Security-9 series.

It holds 10 rounds, but you can use the 15 round magazine from its fullsize version as well.

Price: $379

Glock is the new CBP pistol

Customs and Border Patrol announced they chose Glock as their new sidearm. They are carrying H&K P2000 in .40 S&W now, but expected to transition to 9mm Glocks by 2021.

The choices are Glock 26, Glock 19 and Glock 47. Glock 47 appears to be a combination of 19X/45 frame with 19L slide(17 slide for 19 frame)

Edit: According to Soldier Systems Daily, the selection was a close one, but with Glock getting slight edge over SIG in Operator Test and more edge with price.

From: Soldier Systems Daily


Ian shows this semi-auto rifle used by Soviets, and eventually lead to SVT-40

From: Forgotten Weapons

UK's firearm law

The Firearm Blog has a post about current firearm law in the UK

From: The Firearm Blog

Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Colt Infantry Automatic Rifle

Chris Bartocci goes over Colt's submission for IAR. IAR program was awarded to H&K with designation M27

From: Small Arms Solutions

AI L115A3/Arctic Warfare Magnum

Ian goes over the current issue sniper rifle for UK Forces

There was Arctic Warfare(L118A2) which came before this

From: Forgotten Weapons

Tango Down Glock Magazine tool

Tango Down released tool for those who want to easily disassemble Glock magazine. Glock magazines have tabs on each side which makes baseplate removal a challenge.


From: Tango Down

US Army selects B&T APC9 K

US Army was looking for a Sub Compact Weapon, and decided to go with B&T APC9 K. Other competitors were, Global Ordnance, Shield Arms, Angstadt Arms, Sig Sauer, and Trident Rifles

The contract purchases 350 rifles with option to buy 100 more

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

The Devil Drill

Larry Vickers demonstrates a drill also known as 666 Drill.

From: Wilson Combat

Rifle sling storage trick

Warrior Pet Society shares his tip on how to deal with your sling when you store your rifle

From: Warrior Poet Society

Israeli Light-Barrel FAL

Ian goes over some characteristics of Israeli FAL that was built using parts kit and assembled by DS Arms

From: Forgotten Weapons

Geissele Automatics 6.5 CM SASS

Soldier Systems Daily has article regarding Geissele built sniper rifle.

From: Soldier Systems Daily

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Whitney Wolverine

This pistol had futuristic look. This gun was reintroduced a decade or two ago, but didn't do well. A walk down the memory lane might reveal some toy guns that shaped like this.

From: Forgotten Weapons

AK muzzle devices

The Firearm Blog has a nice article on various AK muzzle devices

From: The Firearm Blog

Saturday, March 16, 2019

Walther Model 3

This pistol was the third attempt from Walther to get in to pistol market

From: Forgotten Weapons

North Korean Type 58

LAV posted a video of this rifle.

From: Vickers Tactical

Streamlight TLR-VIR II

Soldier Systems Daily has a post about Streamlight's entry to MHS Pistol Aiming Light

From: Soldier Systems Daily

Thursday, March 7, 2019


Soldier Systems Daily is covering EnforceTac and H&K revealed their optics ready version of the VP9/SFP9

SD designation is for suppressors and OR is for optics. From casual observation, it seems like the dovetail for rear sight is different and the plate for Delta Point is part of rear sight.

From: Soldier Systems Daily

Colt M13 Aircrewman

Ina goes over this rare revolver that tried to be as light as possible but came at a price

From: Forgotten Weapons

Saturday, March 2, 2019

BCM Quality Control

LAV visits BCM factory and views their QC for important operating parts.

From: Vickers Tactical Inc

Benelli B76

Ian goes over the lesser known pistol from the famed shotgun manufacturer.

This pistol was reviewed by LifeSizePotato in 2016 as well. LifeSizePotato has 4 variants shown

The MP3 version was tested along with other guns by The Firearm Blog as well.

From: Forgotten Weapons, LifeSizePotato, The Firearm Blog

Cheap target stand idea

The Firearm Blog has a really cheap way to make a target stand.

From: The Firearm Blog

Thursday, February 28, 2019

Parker Hale M85

This rifle was the contender for British Sniper Rifle selection, which AI ultimately won

From: Forgotten Weapons

TangoDown BG-AKOE Battlegrip

TangoDown released this AK grip without the storage compartment

Price: $18.45

From: Tango Down

M231 Firing Port Weapon

Soldier Systems Daily has a post about this rifle originally developed for defending M2 Bradley in the side or back.

From: Soldier Systems Daily

Winchester .38 Special recall notice

Winchester is issuing recall for 130 Grain Full Metal Jacket .38 Special ammunitions. The symbol is USA38SPVP which can be located just above the product UPC code on the back.

Lot numbers affected by recall are KF21, KL30, and KM52. Lot numbers are located inside the right tuck flaps.

There is possibility of double charged powder

For more information, you can go to their website

From:Winchester via The Firearmb Blog

2019 Knight's Armament catalog

Kinight's Armament posted their 2019 catalog on their website

Saturday, February 23, 2019

Stechkin APS

LAV shoots this rare pistol. It's interesting to hear a tid bit of history from LAV

From: Vickers Tactical Inc

Speed vs. Accuracy

Ken Hackathorn and Bill Wilson talk about the issue.

From: Wilson Combat

Wednesday, February 20, 2019


Ian goes over this modern sniper rifle from AI

From: Forgotten Weapons


Ahoy posted a video regarding the SMG. He had some nice videos and this was the latest after nearly a one year hiatus.

From: Ahoy

India buys sniper rifles

India is buying a lot of rifles for their military. This time it is sniper rifles to replace their aging SVD Dragunov rifles.

According to The Firearm Blog, India will purchase Victrix Minerva Tactical Scorpio TGT in .338 Lapua Magnum as well as Barrett M95 in .50 BMG, for a total of 6000 rifles.

From: The Firearm Blog

Strike Industries Glock Trigger recall

Strike Industries issued a recall for their Improved Flat Trigger.

SI says there was a safety concern. Those who send the trigger back must fill out information found on

Those who send in will get $70 in-store credit per trigger.

Civilian Marksmanship Program finance and performance report reports about GAO's look into the CMP's finance.

Some interesting points:

  • Between 2008 and 2017, CMP sold 304,233 rifles and got transfers of 279,032 rifles from the Army.
  • 35% of inventory is unserviceable and unsellable drill rifles.
  • Out of 8000 M1911s transferred, 39 were deemed highly valuable while 145 were considered unsellable.
  • Annual expense for 2017 was $15.1 million dollars


Monday, February 18, 2019

2 inch gun slow motion

The Slow Mo Guys decided to give a shot at this miniature gun.

Shooting 2:21
Soda can 3:54, 5:24, 5:50
LEGO 6:25, 7:12, 7:44
Hammer falling 9:30
Barrell 9:59

From: The Slow Mo Guys

Saturday, February 16, 2019


LAV shows this bullpup from Croatia that apeared in Iraq as well.

From: Vickers Tactical

Thought on narrowing down guns

Firearm Rack has a good article that discusses on consolidating your shooting tools.

It's a bit long read, but makes some good argument on focusing on a small number of firearms and practicing with it to become more proficient rather than trying many different things.

From: Firearm Rack

Friday, February 15, 2019

H&K VP9 Slide conversion kit available

H&K brought in the slide conversion kit for VP9 pistol. It has slide, barrel, and recoil spring so user can just install it on their VP9 like they would after cleaning the gun

Price: $449

From: H&K

Grip Pod Shorty Version

The famous Grip Pod has deploy-able legs. The creator is now coming up with a shorter version and will be on market in summer

From: Soldier Systems Daily

Monday, February 11, 2019

India to buy Caracal 5.56 carbines

India is reportedly buying 5.56 rifles from Caracal to replace its issued rifle as well. Recently, it was reported that India is to purchase SIG 716 rifle as well

From: The Firearm Blog

Russia's new military pistol

Russia is adopting a new military pistol called Udav. It is chambered in 9x21mm Gryuza which is capable of going through steel plates using 7N28/29 bullet.

It has ambidextrous features and seems to come with laser aiming device.


Sunday, February 10, 2019

Beretta 38A

LAV made a video about this Italian carbine.

From: Vickers Tactical Inc

Chinese CS/LS2

Ian shoots this 9x19mm SMG from china and shares his opinion. You can guess what it is just from the video title

From: Forgotten Weapons

Holosun 507c Pistol Red Dot Sight

Warrior Poet Society gave a quick, to-the-point review of the pistol red dot sight

From: Warrior Poet Society

Thursday, February 7, 2019

Colt CK901

This rifle was made by Colt for Yemen and uses 7.62x39mm (AK round).

There has been similar works with Knight's Armament many years ago.

From: Forgotten Weapons

Sunday, February 3, 2019

India to buy SIG Sauer rifles

India is supposedly buying SIG716-G2 rifles to replace some of their infamous INSAS rifles. reports the deal is for 73,000 rifles for $97 million.


Sunday, January 27, 2019

H&K G41

This rifle was attempt by H&K to come up with something that has features from M16 incorporated in to H&K's rifle.

You can see a major problem with this gun.

From: Forgotten Weapons

Saturday, January 26, 2019


B&T has their APC9 under evaluation for US Army's Sub Compact Weapon system.

From: Soldier Systems Daily

SIG SL MAG & optic

SIG has been working on machineguns for military and the new gun uses 338 Norma Mag. Soldier Systems Daily did a good article on the gun. SIG also came out with a new optic that has various features integrated in to it.

From: Soldier Systems Daily

SOTech Magpul D-60 drum pouch

SOTech has pouches for Magpul D-60 drum magazine you can put on your PALS webbing. They are also planning on the latest 7.62 version drum mag, D-50

From: Soldier Systems Daily

POLYMER80 .45 acp Frame

Polymer80 made building a 9mm pistol possible and now they introduced another caliber version. They are expanding their offerings including lower parts kit, complete firearm, and ammunition.

From: Brownells

VLTOR Modular Buffer System

VLTOR came out with a system that allows user to change buffer weight for your ARs. Instead of buying multiple uffer weights, you can just buy this kit.

From: InRange TV


This rail system has integrated bipod.

From: InRange TV

Wednesday, January 23, 2019


H&K is releasing VP9 Long Slide Kit. It will be available from their web-shop. No words on price, but it is expected to be out in the first quarter.

HK416 in

H&K also released .22lr version of their HK416 rifle. It is really similar but there are some cosmetic differences. It is made by Umarex.

Price is around $450

From: H&K


BRN-180 Upper Receiver

Brownells introduced a modern version of AR-180 that can be mated with an AR-15 lower.

Pre-order is now up and the price is $799

Brownells 4x RetroCarry Handle Optic

Brownells came out with the 4x optic that were seen in the old days. The optic was sourced from the original manufacturer in Japan, but with modern production materials.

Price is $299.99


This rifle mimics the first few AR-15s. It also comes with 25 round magazine.

Link to the magazine:

Price: $59.99(magazine)

From: Brownells

Aimpoint ACRO P-1 Optic

Soldier Systems Daily has a quick write-up about the optic. The article mentions what kind of testing the sight went through as well.

InRange TV has a video regarding the optic.

ACRO seems to be well priced at $660 and has features that improves over current RMR and Delta Point Pros.

From: Soldier Systems Daily and InRange TV

Saturday, January 19, 2019

Czech URNA

LAV interviewed Czech's anti-terror team URNA

At the end(around 7:00), you can see weapons URNA uses.

From: Vickers Tactical

Church Security Qualification Drill

Ken Hackathorn shows the Church Security Qualification Drill.

It is a simple drill to evaluate and there can be potentials to modify this drill to incorporate target ID.

From: Wilson Combat

H&K P7 families

Ian goes over this iconic pistol design from H&K

The squeeze cocking patent was present in 1920s(or 30s) already so it's not something new under the sun, but H&K's use was probably the most well-known version.

From: Forgotten Weapons

Steiner DRS 1X

This reflex sight is called Defendu Reflex Sight, and has several reticles. The basic is the 2 MOA dot, or 2 MOA dot and stadia lines, or 2 MOA dot and stadia lines with bigger 13 MOA dot for CQB distance.

It takes 2 AA batteries, but only needs 1 in a pinch. Run time is 2000+ hours with two batteries

Price: $749.99

From: Steiner via The Firearm Blog

The truth about suppressors

NSSF made an infographic on suppressors

From: NSSF via The Firearm Blog

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Glock 19X vs 45

MrGunsnGear goes over the question. Which one to get?

A recommendation is to know what you need and see which one best fits the need. Maritime spring cup is nice, but the actual need to use it would be very limited if not rare for most buyers.

From: MrGunsnGear

Magpul - PMAG D-50 LR/SR

Magpul released their drum magazine for 7.62x51/.308 Winchester. It holds 50 rounds and works just like D-60

Price: $149.95

From: Magpul


Chris Bartocci goes over this lesser known rifle from Spain.

Ian and Karl gave a shot at building their own using parts kit as well and they ran into some issues as well.

From: Small Arms Solutions

Crimson Trace Laser Saddle

Crimson Trace released laser sight for Mossberg 500, 590, and 590 Shockwave shotguns.

LS-250 uses red laser, LS-250G uses green laser, price at $169 and $219 respectively.

The sight can be used by either hand.

This is for 12 ga. model, not for 20 ga. or .410

From: Crimson Trace

Sunday, January 13, 2019

Stechkin APS

Ian looks at the machine pistol designed by Soviets.

Be sure to watch until the end of this shooting video

From:Forgotten Weapons

Saturday, January 12, 2019

H&K 53

LAV shows this shortened versino of G3 for 5.56mm.

From: Vickers Tactical Inc

Safety Manipulation and Recoil Control Drill

Mike Seeklander shows a drill designed to work on recoil management

From: Wilson Combat

1918 BAR

Karl and Ian show an accessory that was made for BAR users to shoot from hip more easily.

From: InRangeTV

Magpul DAKA Can

Magpul is now selling their container which was originally designed to come with their eyewears.

It's made out of polymer and has a positive friction locking lid that snaps tightly closed, and the interior has foams to protect items inside.

Price: $19.95

From: Magpul

Thursday, January 10, 2019

Blowback Action explained

Ian has been making "How does it work" series and this time he explains the blowback mechanism.

From: Forgotten Weapons

Magpul PMAG 27 GL9-Glock

Magpul launched 27 round magazine for Glock. The length was requirement for competition(170mm). Glock's OEM version has 24 round capacity

Price: $19.95

FightLite MXR

This firearm allows easy change of barrels for different calibers including .22lr, 9mm, 10mm, .45acp, FN 5.7 x 28mm, and .357 SIG.

Magazine well can be changed out as well to accommodate Glock, Sig, Beretta, CZ, S&W and other magazines as well.

According to TFB article, MSRP will be $799

From: The Firearm Blog

Walther CCP M2 .380 ACP

Walther is expanding their CCP M2 line with .380 ACP version. The MSRP is expected to be around $400.

From: The Firearm Blog

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Fabryka Broni MSBS GROT Rifle

Frag Out! Magazine has a video showing how a Polish MSBS rifle can be assembled and disassembled.

Soldier Systems Daily also has links to the Frag Out! Magazine article as well

From: Frag Out! via Soldier Systems Daily

SIG MPX Copperhead

This is the ultra-compact version of SIG's MPX rifle. It utilizes gas piston system while firing 9mm Luger. The overall length is 14.5 inches with barrel length of 3.5 inches, making it really compact.

FN 509 Midsize

FNH USA is releasing a midsize version of its 509 pistol.

It has a 4-inch barrel and carries 15 rounds. You can use FN 509 magazine, although it will stick out a bit.

Price: $649


Dutch-Made AR10

Ian looks at the changes made to variants of AR-10 over years

From: Forgotten Weapons

Saturday, January 5, 2019


LAV goes over the upgraded version of FN FNC.

From: Vickers Tactical Inc


FN's attempt to make 5.56mm rifle started with this rifle that eventually lead to FNC

From: Forgotten Weapons

RCS pre-order for new Glock Slimline pistols

Glock recently announced G43X and G48. Raven Concealment Systems is taking pre-orders for their Perun, Morrigan and Vanguard 2 line

Pre-order starts Jun. 11th

Perun for Glock 48 is $39.99

The Triple package of all three is $99.99, $30 less than purchased individually.

Note: A post in SSD says current G43 holsters will also accommodate G43X

From: Raven Concealment Systems via Soldier Systems Daily

Mossberg MC1sc

Mossberg is known for shotguns, but now they are getting in to small pistol market as well. The gun can take in Glock 43 magazine.

The pistol features slightly different take down design than the Glock's

From: Mossberg

Thursday, January 3, 2019

Developing training drills

Bill Wilson and Ken Hackathorn discuss ideas regarding drills and why it is needed.

From: Wilson Combat

Comprehensive Handgun Proficiency drill

Bill Wilson came up with a new drill that incorporates lateral shooting on the move.

In the description at the end the distance between target is supposed to be 12 yards, but in the video it looks a bit shorter than that.

From: Wilson Combat

Wednesday, January 2, 2019


Ian looks at the rifle designed by Czechs that got robbed of its development due to the fall of Iron Curtain.

From: Forgotten Weapons

ZEV O.Z-9 pistol

ZEV Technologies announced a new pistol that utilizes modular frame but looks similar to a Glock. It uses Glock magazines.

MSRP is $1679

From: ZEV Technologies

Walther Q5 Match Steel Frame

Walther is coming out with the steel frame version of its pistol that better suits competition shooting purpose.

The weight increased by about 1 lbs. but it will help with reducing felt recoil.

The MSRP is expected to be around $1399.99

From: Walther