Saturday, January 18, 2014

Other things

Concealed Carrie is CCW purses made for and by females.

Christie's products has an AR magazine loader.

First-light USA

Hogue gun case

KIOAK game face gear

Sarsilmaz, a Turkish company debuted their AR. It is ok, but at the same time there are domestic producers who can do just as well. It will be interesting how they will make inroads in to the market.

Mako defense has FAB GL-mag buttstock that can carry extra magazine in stock...

...and OMC-magazine. Five 10 round magazines.

Blue Force Gear's Terry

and milspec monkey riding him

Source: Point and shoot media

Who says real canines can't come in?

Maybe it was for this?

Band of Brothers veteran Al Mampre was s guest, as well as MOH recipient Dakota Meyers.

Funker Tactical

Tribute to Mikhail Kalashnikov

PWS's cutaway