Friday, March 15, 2013

GNB: Checking equipment before using them

It would be a good idea to check if the equipment you are deploying is in working order before you really need it.

This photo is from Herkhimer, NY during the search for a man who killed 4 people a few days ago. It is not clear which department these LEOs are from, but one thing that stuck out is the fact that the EO Tech on the rifle is positioned backwards.

It is hard to know how the EO Tech was installed backwards, but if someone checked their equipment prior to its deployment, it probably would have been caught and corrected.

This is something that should be done for a lot of things. Automobiles need preventive maintenance, guns need to be cleaned and lubed, and that allows flawless use. Most of the times devices work well, so we neglect to check if it works or not, but Mr. Murphy likes to chime in at the very moment we need it.

Applying redundancy is a way to counter Mr. Murphy, but it is even better to actually check if the equipment is in proper condition.