Sunday, January 20, 2013

and other small things

KNS Precision Inc. has rail mounts for Go Pro cameras
Battlecomp compensator worked really well during media day shoot
Tracking point system is there to help with aiming at long distances. Once you lock on to the target and get distance, you can move your reticle on to the target. It is made for a specific rifle at this point. The package is about $22,000 and comes with everything and 200 rounds of ammo specifically for the system.

Action Target has Rimfire plate rack just in time
Birchwood Casey has The Jack which heals itself and can be connected to make a larger target.

Some holsters that I came across. First is Deep Conceal
followed by Pistol Wear
Hogue has new handgun bag coming out
Promag has Archangle AK stock as well as one for Mosin Nagants

The Gun Tool seems to be a nifty tool