Thursday, January 24, 2013

2013 SHOT show afterthoughts

This year was a bit different from many years before.

First, less number of innovative or new guns.

When I say innovative or new guns, I don't mean change in caliber or new grip or design. I want to see new models or something that many people haven't thought of. Some years ago, it was ambidextrous ARs, various parts that changed manual of arms for older guns, KRISS Vector, new CCW pistol market has been looking for.

There were some this year, starting with Arsenal 2011 and Strike One. Arsenal 2011 is more of a novelty item especially with its price, and Strike One seems to be the new interesting gun. Springfield XDs 9mm was a nice surprise. This is technically a new caliber for that model, but it brought a new option to single-stack slim 9mm subcompact market.

Fostech Arms AK is also innovative, though the cost maybe prohibitive.

An underdog company I hope to do well is Walther. After years of hardship, they seem to have a viable product, PPQ M2 and PPX. PPX got ridiculed for its looks, but the gun worked well. 'Function over form' fits PPX very well. Unfortunately, PPQ and PPQ M2 do not have interchangeable magazines, so that is a down side.

Overall, it was a little bit of downer compared to previous years. A friend told me a lot of people were asking around if there were any new exciting products. This down turn probably had to do with looming AWB and regulation talks.

Political factor

On Wednesday, there was press conference from the White house that people were glued to. My group watched it from hotel, and I heard that many on the floor were watching it too. With such things going on, it would have been very difficult for a company to come up with a new product.

There were words that a few companies decided not to show their new products since they are already busy keeping up with orders for existing products. They figured they could not take in more orders on top of existing orders, so they decided not to introduce new products.

Hopefully such new products will show up next year and reignite the enthusiasm of years before.

This year there was a detour, and hopefully something about it will be posted here too.