Monday, April 1, 2013

S&W and Glock to work together on a new pistol

Glock has been dominating polymer framed pistol market for decades and now they will work with Smith & Wesson in a joint project to develop a new pistol.

In recent years, S&W M&P has been chipping away Glock's market share, which lead to uncomfortable relationship. However, both companies decided to join their strong points together and produce a product that could thwart further competition from H&K and FN, as well as Springfield Armory. 

It has been rumored that at least two of the three aforementioned competitors are working on a new polymer pistol, which gave birth to this strategic alliance. Both companies hope to combine Glock's efficient streamlined production know-how with S&W's marketing research and design capability to develop a new pistol.

A possible prototype was shown by tactical instructor Rick Taylor, and a photo of the pistol has been obtained by GNB.

No news on actual production, but hopefully we will have some idea when next April Fools Day comes around. April fools!

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