Wednesday, January 25, 2017


SureFire came out with various lights as always.

XC2 included laser as part of the package

XH15 is the news economical weapon light. It costs only $150 or so with 350 lumen output good for 1 hour and 15 minutes. The design might be a a bit of off putting for SureFire aficionados, but with the weapon light being competitive and call for more economical lights increasing, SureFire is not stepping away from the competition.

Another interesting item is the HD1-R holster a.k.a. "Masterfire". This holster allows user to choose whether the light should be activated or not when it comes out of a holster using the switch on the holster.

The holster also has a lock feature, just below the switch that can retain the handgun. The design also allows guns with suppressors on it to be mounted.

It also has a Level 3 retention with thumb lock on the other side.

This holster works with XH15, XH35, XH 55G, X400U, X300UH lights.


SureFire Institute came out with a lower receiver made out of high-strength polymer. It is about 1 lbs lighter than the traditional AR lowers. It was developed with E3 Arms, and users can engage safety no matter what the condition of the gun is.