Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Other parts of the SHOT Show

Sometimes it is more interesting to see things not related to the show itself

Benchmade brought out their service desks on the floor. Need your Benchmade sharpened or fixed? Here it is.

Colt is getting their act together and the name itself sparks some interest even if it is just another version of 1911 or AR15. You can see Ken Hackathorn and Larry Vickers on the far left, Jim Scoutten of Shooting USA on right

Probably the biggest gun in the show - Dillon Aero's guns

Doug Koenig and Jerry Miculek at S&W booth

Doug Koenig and Max Michel demonstrating

FireWire - a new type of skewer. Not sure if I want to eat straight from it but who knows.

Geissele had shirt that gets in to the spirit

Instructor Zero at the Media day

Magnus Samuelsson. It was a good idea not to challenge him for a round of arm wrestling

4 Perazzis - take a guess on price


Pink airsoft guns. Not the first time we see it, not the last.

Here's someone who can decorate their scooter. The rear had a sticker that read 'I accelerate for zombies'

Wolf Ammo had...wolf