Thursday, January 19, 2012


Surefire came out with many new lights, starting with UDR Dominator. It emits 2000 lumens, and will sell for $1370. Instead of batteries, it is a rechargable light. It will be availabe sometime this year.

UBR Invictus emits 800 lumens and is also a rechargable light. It will go for around $595.

UNR Commander is another 800 lumen tactical light with rechargable battery. It will go for $595 also.

R1 Lawman emits 700 lumens, and will go for $455

X400-gn emits 250 lumens and has green laser attached to it. The basic model will go for around $199.

M500LT is a 700 lumen light, made for rifles.

SF Ryder suppressors are made for .22lr rifles and handguns and are really compact. It will go for $439

Last but not the least, 2211 wristlight packs 220 lumens. It is still in development stages and Surefire is working on various settings at this time, so there are no words on when this would be available. It is certainly an interesting product, and there is a version that is more like a watch.
P2X Fury is a 500 lumen tactical light. It can run 1.5 hours on high, 45 hours on low(15 lumens) MSRP will be $155.
SAL is a hands free angle-headlight. It emits 500 lumens

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