Thursday, January 25, 2018

SHOT Show round up 2


This rifle is only for LE/MIL, but hopefuly there will be civilian/pistol version as well

Chris Bartocci goes over some new parts from Seekins Precision (6:04), Kalashnikov (8:40), Core Rifle Systems(16:03), PTR (17:00), and M+M Industries(18:08)

Core Rifle Systems also came out with a 9mm PCC rifle with ambi magazine release called CORE15 9mm PCC

Colt Night Cobra .38

Colt is getting back in to revolver game and this time it's with a .38 revolver. It is DAO(Double Action Only) with 2 inch barrel. MSRP is $899

Crimson Trace

Crimson Trace is now part of a conglomerate that holds S&W but they manufacture products for other firearms as well.

FB Radom's BOR rifle is not ready for civilian sale, but hopefully will be

Franchi Momentum

Franchi is movig in to bolt rifle field

Ghost Gunner 2.0

This machine is expanding its inventory with Polymer 80 lowers and 9mm AR jigs

Recover Tactical is known for their grip picatinny rail extension for 1911s and Beretta 92s. This year, they came out with slide charging handles and magazine extension for Glock 43


Serbu is updating their really inexpensive single shot .22 pistol to something more marketable. It will be around $100 according to the video in the article

SureFire Stiletto

This light looks like a knife. But it emits 700 lumens at price just over $100

ZRODelta Genesis Z9

Here is another metal Glock copy that is hitting the market. It offers more modularity than the most Glock copy frames on market

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