Thursday, November 2, 2017

Korean Glock Copy

The Firearm Blog posted some photos form PK Design Lab.

PK Design Lab is the company founded by Paul Kim, who was the VP of engineering at SureFire. Kim has left the company some years ago and works on various projects. He was involved in Lionheart pistol, an updated version of Daewoo DP-51 pistol.

It seems like he is now involved with the Korean Glock Copy. As of current, a lot of patents for Glock has expired and there are some remaining patents, but most of the gun can be built without problem now.

Looking closely at the photos, the first thing that stands up is the modularity of the pistol. The main part/chasis is the part that deals with all the internals. Just like SIG P320, that's the part that will be important for function. The photo shows that, and it is also reminiscent of STI 2011 set up.

This would allow modularity for armorers to fit the gun for whatever the different needs are.

Main recoil spring is that of a double spring variety. It is not sure why such design would be preferred, as H&K abandoned the design after USP. But to each to his own.

The slide is something that some Glock aficionados would be familiar with. It is the Lonewolf Slide.

The slide is actually manufactured by Dasan USA, whose parent company is a South Korean company. This company has been making them for a long time, and perhaps is the easiest after market slide to get. Dasan has been making some other parts as well, including Thales F90 parts, the new service rifle for Australian Defence Forces.

The TFB article asks if someone will import this. The question is is it made in South Korea. South Korea has very strict gun laws and personal ownership of pistol is very difficult to the point that it is impossible. Perhaps someone wants to enter the US pistol market with this.

Another possibility is that it maybe something they are trying to sell to South Korean military. This appeared at ADEX exhibition in Seoul Air Show. Daewoo pistol is now showing its age and perhaps there might be some rumblings about a new pistol.