Saturday, December 23, 2017

Honor Guard drop problem

The Firearm Rack uploaded a video showing a drop test done with Honor Guard by Honor Defense. Similar to SIG P320 test, dropping at a certain angle would cause accidental discharge or dead trigger.

In return Honor Defense posted this in the Youtube video comment

Honor Defense has always complied with industry testing standards. Our products passed the ANSI/SAAMI Z299-1996 requirements for Abusive Mishandling, which includes a Drop Test and Jar-Off Test. These tests were conducted internally and by an independent facility approved by the State of California. Any firearm can discharge when dropped. Like any user of a firearm, users of Honor Defense’s products must handle firearms in a safe manner. No one should attempt to perform a drop test outside of a professionally-controlled environment. We have recently viewed this video in which a person creates an accidental discharge and we are investigating. Honor Defense remains committed to providing the most comfortable, accurate, safe, and 100% USA firearms.

From: The Firearm Rack via