Tuesday, February 7, 2017

ATF looking at reducing regulations

Washington Post reported that Associate Deputy Director (Chief Operating Officer) Ronald B. Turk authored a white paper recommending changes and reduction of firearm regulations.


Here's the list or recommendations compiled by JF, via Soldier Systems Daily

1. New Federal Firearms Licensees (FFL) Dealing Exclusively at Gun Shows (or internet)
2. Creating a better process to approve pending requests for AP Ammo from manufacturers
3. Importing Surplus Firearms from Foreign Countries
4. Variances for SOTs to transfer Post-1986 machine guns without Demo Letters
5. Stabilizing Brace, creating a more consistent ruling
6. Commission a study on “Sporting Purposes” to comply with modern needs
7. Create a database of previous ATF rulings
8. “Legalizing” Silencers, citing expense of regulation. Change definition on “Silencer Parts”
9. Interstate Sale of Firearms at Gun shows
10. Destructive Devices, distinguishing between launcher and munitions
11 & 12. Demand letters to FFLs involving guns used in crimes
13. Changing requirement of FFL recording keeping from 20 years to indefinite
14. Allowing greater use of NICS by FFLs
15. Requiring ATF director to be confirmed by Senate
16. Reviewing a long list of Regs for Removal/Amendment

You can see the PDF file from SSD article