Saturday, July 2, 2016

CA adds more restriction on firearms

California Governor Jerry Brown signed 6 laws on Friday, while vetoing 7.

AB 1135 - bans sale and transfer of "Bulllet Button" firearms and will reclassify as assault weapons per the definition of California law. This goes in to effect on Jan. 1, 2017. It is unclear if the California assault weapon registry will be reopened or a new registry will be created.

SB 880 - same as AB 1135

AB 1511 - prohibits loan of firearms longer than 3 days. Currently, it is 30 days.

AB 1695 - 10 year felony for falsely reporting a firearm stolen or lost.

SB 1235 - Ammo sales records to be kept as well as online purchases must be condicted through a licensed vendor. No private ammo sales. Starts Jan. 1, 2018. Cannot bring more than 50 rounds in to the state unless exempted.

SB 1446 - bans magazine that can take more than 10 rounds. California already has the law, but grandfathered magazines will be banned as well under the new law. Retired police officers are exempt, as well as guns for which there are no 10 round magazines available.