Wednesday, October 1, 2014

California anti-gun bills

Gov. Brown signed some anti-gun bills

AB-1014 (Gun Violence Restraining Order) - This allows judges to issue "gun violence restraining order" after "reasonable cause" presents gun owner could harms himself or someone else in "in the near future". Also allows confiscation of guns not secured beyond the reach of the person such as in locked gun case.

This violated due process and is expected to go to court.

SB-199 (All BB Guns must be brightly colored) - any toy gun(airsofts) must be colored in bright colors. While not directly a real firearm issue, this is bound to be abused since some firearms have different colors.

Gov. Brown vetoed SB-808 (Ghost Guns) which would have mandated individual makers of any firearms at home obtain serial numbers from California Department of Justice