Monday, August 7, 2017

It's buyer's market

In a recent study, estimated gun sales of July 2017 went down by 26% compared to the previous year. However the year 2016 was more of abnormality since many were worried about the Presidential election and was buying to hedge the chance that Clinton would have won.

Now that the chance of restrictive firearms law is lessened, the sales declined. In response, manufacturers are also giving out rebates and slashing prices. Manufacturers probably were worried about the election and had plans or increased manufacturing capacities. That created a lot more supply, and with less demand, the price fell.

Recently, Sturm, Ruger announced that it's second quarter sales dropped 22%.

Winchester Ammunition also had similar situation where their sales dipped 15% in the second quarter.

This means that if you are a buyer who has been looking in to buying a new gun, the time is right. It doesn't mean that the price will rise back up to pre-election level soon, but rather, the manufacturers will adjust their output level so it won't be this low.

Ammunition prices will be less likely to drop now with so many guns sold as well as impending ban on internet ammunition sales in California driving purchases up. Gun sales probably will not recover as fast as the ammunition sales, but the time is now if you want some good deals.