Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Modern Day Marine 2016 from SSD

Soldier Systems Daily is covering the Modern Day Marine 2016 and there are some interesting tidbits

1. FN's collaboration with Hodge Defense System
FN is coming out with a version of Hodge Defense System's AU Mod-2. Two variants are Gan II and Gen II Pro. They won't have Hodge Defense's Aluminum Lithium components, but comes in variety of barrel lengths. Expect commercial version to debut at SHOT Show

2. CSASS with Geissele M-LOK rail
H&K won the CSASS selection, and instead of HK version of the KeyMod, they are sporting M-LOK on Geisselle rail.

3. Magpul DAKA pouch for suppressors
Magpul made a DAKA ouch version that is good for carrying suppressors. It's not for warm suppressors, just the cool ones.

5. 5.11 HEXGRID carrier
5.11 is getting in to plate carrier market with hexagonal cut item. This allows wearer to place pouches in diagonal way

From: Soldier Systems Daily