Tuesday, August 23, 2016

FN SCAR 17S recall

FN America is issuing mandatory recall of SCAR 17S with serial numbers from HC52427 to HC52926. A bolt didn't meet internal hardness specifications and could result in catastrophic failure.

Product: FN SCAR 17S
Model: FN SCAR 17S FDE
Color: Flat Dark Earth
Product # 98541 (Commercial; 20-rd); 98641 (Commercial; 10-rd); 98552 (LE; 20-rd)
Product Serial Numbers: HC52427 through HC52926
Location of Manufacturer: Herstal, Belgium

You can contact FN America's customer service by calling 1-855-536-4872, ext.145 or email fnscar17srecall@fnamerica.com

From: Guns.com