Monday, February 1, 2016

Things I missed at the SHOT Show

SHOT show is the place where most of the industry gathers, and it is extremely difficult for one entity to cover everything. So here are some things I missed but seems to be interesting

1. Kyle Lamb and Sig Sauer Academy - Kyle Lamb of the Viking Tactics will be working with SIG Sauer as a consultant. This will be quite an opportunity for SIG Sauer Academy as Kyle Lamb has vast experience in use of firearms in operations.

2. Lena Miculek to shoot for SIG - Lena is daughter of Jerry Miculek and although all three of the family were sponsered by Smith & Wesson, Lena is now joining Sig Sauer's team.

3. SIG MCX Lower Receiver Adapter - This adapter allows AR users to use SIG's MCX upper. Soldier Systems Daily has more on it. It is unclear when the release date is going to be.

All three things are related to SIG Sauer, and it is no coincidence that SIG Sauer is really trying to make a difference. SIG had the largest and the most swankiest booth this year and they are really trying. It is hard to see if that will payoff, but the company is certainly making some serious moves.