Tuesday, February 9, 2016

On Travis Haley's ND controversy

Last week, a video surfaced showing Travis Haley having a negligent discharge. It made quite a talk. The videos were taken down as Panteao Production claimed copyrights, but the controversy kept on, surviving on other formats.

On Monday, Panteao Productions uploaded the video with more of before and after footage.

Jump to 1:40 for the ND.

According to the Panteao Productions, the video was used for 'in-house training purpose.' It was uploaded to Youtube as an unlisted video, not meant to be shared in public. One of instructors shared this with public.

In the video, Haley discusses problems with safety method used by Russians and how it is prone to ND, which this video shows.

There has been accusations over this video. It seems like Travis Haley thought this video was maliciously released by Panteao Productions to slander him, ever since his comment about his Magpul video somehow implied that his Panteao Productions video was going to be outdated as well. Panteao Productions eventually discontinued Travis Haley's videos.

This incident should be used as an example of what to beware and importance of everyone being a safety conscious participant as well as having some discretion.

First, for the demonstration, a loaded firearm was not necessary. It could have been cleared and used with no chambered rounds. It is unknown if the production required having a loaded gun, but it would have been better if it was unloaded.

Second, someone should have mentioned somethig about safety protocol. Forgetting to put hearing protection on is not going ot kill someone, but it is far better to have it on. Unfortuantely all people at the site got complacent and didn't think about it.

Third, the video should not have been posted on the internet. What goes on in the internet stays there a long time and someone will see it sooner or later. Panteao Production placed it on the internet which evidently is not a good idea.

Fourth, sharing it with others was not professional. There are times when doing just because you can is not a good idea. Having a bit of discretion would be a good practice.

This controversy will blow over after sometime, but hopefully something can be learned from this incident. Something like this can happen on range for anyone. If you see someone being unsafe, nicely letting the person know could potentially prevent incidents.(This doesn't mean you have to be a safety Nazi) When someone calls you out for violating the four basic rules of firearm safety, give yourself a quick check and see if something is off.