Wednesday, October 14, 2015

CZ 805 gets update - CZ 806 Bren 2

Czech website reported that CZ(Česká Zbrojovka) made improvements to the CZ 805 rifle. 2 in Bren 2 shows that it is a carbine. 1 is for standard rifle, 3 is for DMR version.

According to translations from The Firearm Blog, the rifle was tested by the Czech soldiers in Afghanistan. Problems identified were,

  • uncomfortable cheek pad, 
  • bad grip and safety lever design
  • no bolt lock to the rear after the last round
  • difficult to clean

Some of changes made were,

  • magazine well that will take AR magazines instead of proprietary magazines(that was interchangeable with G36). It is also now a one-piece lower instead of 805's two piece(trigger group and magazine well)
  • ambidextrous magazine release
  • slimmer profile, less weight(shaved 0.5kg off)
  • charging handle doesn't move when fired
  • easier ways to clean
  • bolt locking back on the last round
  • three choices for amount of gas to operate the guide rod from the previous two
  • better buttstock with cheek weld
  • pistol grip has changable backstrap
  • no more 2-round burst
  • bolt release on the left hand side like M16 and another one in front of trigger

Most of the improvements were also readily noticeable when GNB got its first look at the rifle, as well as other people.

You can see more photos from Altair

From: via The Firearm Blog