Tuesday, April 14, 2015

SilencerCo Summit

SilencerCo worked with Rifle Dynamics(Jim Fuller) to come up with this package with AK and silencer. This rifle includes "a custom recoil spring and gas tube to minimize back pressure and cyclic rate increase, as well as a barrel with perfectly cut concentric threads to ensure proper and secure mounting."

Link: http://www.silencerco.com/summit


Specs are:
Black Omega w/ ASR Fast Attach Mount and Flat Front Cap
14.5″ Barrel w/ Pinned ASR Trifecta Flash Hider
Matching Serial Numbers
Hand Crafted Collector’s Edition Reclaimed Wood Crate
One 30-Round Magazine
Matte Black Finish on Rifle and Suppressor
Ultimak Railed Gas Tube for Optic
US-Made Barrel w/ Black Nitride Finish
US-Made Receiver
Triangle Skeleton Side-Folding Stock

There will be other calibers available later, including .300 BLK, but quantity is limited to 25 of each configuration.

Price is $3499

From: Silencer Co