Monday, March 16, 2015

US Army looking for commercial improvement for M4A1

According to the Soldier Systems Daily, US Army is looking for a way to improve M4A1, named M4A1-Plus(M4A1+)

It is looking for a system that will perform better than the current issue rifle instead of looking for individual components. Furthremore it is being sought from commercial off-the-shelf parts.

Some of the noticable points are

  • Free-float rail system with low-profile gas block in Coyote color
  • Improved back-up sights
  • Improved flash suppressor
  • Improved charging handle - ambidextrous with extended latch
  • Enhanced trigger - single stage, no slack, with consistent 4-5 lbs pull.

You can read the details from Soldier Systems Daily

From: Soldier Systems Daily