Monday, March 23, 2015

Safety should be everyone's priority

London Bridge Action Shooters of Lake Havasu City, AZ at the Lake Havasu City Sportsman Club became the center of competition shooting world this weekend with this video going viral on Sunday morning.

Appreantly RO was not aware of someone down range, and neither was the shooter or anyone else for that matter. It can be a bit difficult to see through solid walls but a little safety check before the shooter is allowed to make ready could have saved this close call.

Primary fault lies with the RO but there were other people around, and it would have been better if someone took a moment to care about what is going on. Also, the brass collector should have known better than to loiter around like that.

It takes just one mistake to have a tragedy and this could have been one. There were multiple things that did not go well here, and it once again reminds people that having situational awarenesss and strict adherence to safety procedures is important.