Sunday, March 8, 2015

2015 IDPA S&W Indoor Nationals result

Bob Vogel once again took the top spot at IDPA S&W Indoor Nationals

Other winners are,
ESP: Nils Jonasson
CDP: Glenn Shelby
Ladies: Randi Rogers
Senior: Mark Redl
ESR: Jerry Miculek
SSR: Joe Linskey
High Junior: Mason Lane


1: On The Fence, the Calm Before The Storm
2: Munchkin Land Gone a Little Wrong
3: Bad Dreams in the Poppy Field
4: The Enchanted Forest
5. Evil Enchanted forrest
6. Get out of my house
7: Get off my lawn
8: Home Invasion
9: Attacked by Bears
10: Save your Spouse!
11: A Good Day, Ice Fishing, Goes Bad
13: Cubical Craze
14: Carry the fallen

From: IDPA