Thursday, January 22, 2015


P2X Fury with Intellibeam is the new product that adjusts its brightness depending on the distance. There is a small tube-like sensor in the lens. This is a rather intelligent dsign to counter problems with high lumens causing flooding in close quarters environment.

Titan Plus is a small light you can put on your key ring. And it emits whopping 300 lumens. Its brother Titan emits 125 lumens and only runs 30 minutes on high, but can be a great alternative too. Price is at $59.95.

XC1 is the newest weapon mounted light from Surefire and is competing with some other products aleady on the market aimed at reducing weight and volume. It is way lighter than X200, 300 or 400, and seems like a great addition to pistols. It uses push buttons like X-series, but to have it on constant on, you have to push the toggle switch on side.

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