Thursday, January 22, 2015

SIG Sauer

MCX carbine is the 5.56 carbine SIG is coming up with this year and the aesthetics is something people are talking about. Shown here with SIG's new scope and suppressor, you can see some interesting features. The sotkc is skeletonized and can fold to left.

Upper is monolithic. Also, the hand guard is actually a bit like sheet metal with KeyMod featured in it. The bottom part can be very easily pulled out by pushing the front takedown pin out. There is some skepticism on how well this could hold against harsher use, but it is somet ingenious idea.

Here is the photo of bag where you can carry a lot of what you need and more.

MPX is the 9mm carbine people are waiting for and pistol version can be seen here with the new SIG red dot sight.

SIG Sauer has been making their way in to suppressor market and has been picking up former AAC developers. Here's the result. This suppressor has a latch. First, you torque the suppressor a little(clokwise from shooter's point-of-view) and when it hits a nub, rotate it back a little, push the lever down and rotate out the suppressor clockwise.

You also get this nifty muzzle to mount it on

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